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  1. Hello all!!! I would like to know the points value for Skirt Steak or Hanger Steak...both are used in fajitas...it's my fave of the steaks! can anyone help?
  2. Thanks Joanne and Cynthia! Let's all dance together!!!!! Yay for us! Wouldn't it be nice to add others to our dance? Let's send out some good vibes to all the waiting dancer girls Fawn
  3. Hey all..I want to share my excitement...I made Lifetime today and I am a happy, dancin all about "me" girl! Knowing that O would have made it this week, I celebrated in NYC yesterday in the audience of the view, bought a pair of "cheap everyone was wearing them" summer sequined summer slipper things. My friends and I all purchased the 6.99 things..sooo funny! But seriuosly tho, I have to thanks BCB to have helped me obtain this goal. That means everyone who shared their stories and situations. Recipes and questions. All have helped me tremendously Hugs Fawn !
  4. My step mom made this dish last week for a picnic and it was yummy. I really didn't care for lima beans, thought they were to mealy tasting etc. this is what she does 2 16 oz bags of frozen lima beans (I like the baby ones) 2 cans stewed tomatoes salt and pepper to taste be creative with seasonings of your liking cook the beans in salted water till tender. about 20-30 minute. you want them VERY tender. Drain them. spray a 2 qt. casserole dish with Pam. Put the beans into it then add the stewed tomatoes. toss it up and bake on low. 300 for about an hour.you may want to stir it occasionaly. 1/2 cup is 1 point. makes a bunch but it won't last long as a main dish with perhaps a piece of chicken. enjoy! Fawn
  5. that's weigh cool! Do a happy dance for yourself and have a great week! Fawn
  6. great going Mayflower. the fact that you realized that you needed to make a change before it became a bigger problem is significant! congrats! Fawn (i rewarded myself too... it feels good!)
  7. Today at approximatly 11:30 I made wwg goal..after 6 weeks of basically staying the same...I lost 1.6 for a total of 32.8... I am a happy dancin girl! I need to buy a little gift for myself... Fawn
  8. Sounds really good Carol..I'll try it maybe this weekend. I have mastercook so I'll try and figure out the points. Fawn
  9. terrific!!! and congrats! Fawn
  10. Jen and Sheryl, You guys are getting there too...ain't life grand? yeah we're all close and perhaps we'll all get there about the same time so we can whoop it up together! It's not a race though..I'll get there when I get there and so won't you! Thanks for the reply..I always look forward to them hugs to you all..you losers!!!!!
  11. Fawn


    Diana...we are all proud of you! Fawn
  12. Terrific..Jen! I know how you feel! I got my 25 magnet today and I feel great! It's time to keep on keeping on! Fawn
  13. Well I did it! I received my 25# magnet today and man oh man I am a happy girl! With that said, my next goal will be GOAL!!!! Only 6.8 more to go and I know that eventually..in the near future I'll post one that says "I've made it to goal" Thanks for letting me carry on! Fawn
  14. I made this for breakfast this morn..or at least I did the best I could with what I had. I used egg beaters instead (1 pt per 1/4 c one container has a cup) sprinkled with cinnamon and 1 t splenda and whisked 1 T ff cream cheese (1 T =1 pt) 2 slices lite oatmeal bread (1 pt) 1 t orange marmelade (0 pt) So I came up with 3 points per serving but..mmmm delicious! My DH said that this recipe was a keeper. I was able to make 4 servings. The above ingredients does not reflect additional servings! Thanks for sharing. Now I'll do the same! Fawn If you don't matter...you shatter
  15. Think I'll try this tomorrow morn. Thanks for sharing! Fawn
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