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  1. wwkatb

    emotional victory

    Dianna, Im so sorry about your seperations, but im happy you have begun to take care of yourself that will help you as you go through whatever lays ahead ,I too struggle with emotional eatinf , after loosing 150 pounds and keeping it off for a year and a half , i began eating when my dad was diagnosed with cancer he passed away may 31.with me having gained back over 50 pounds,all the eating i did , did not help one bit with what i was going through ,in fact it made it worse, it robed me of energy i despertatly neede and the good health i had been experiancing for the first time in years so please , please , please, dont let food do that to you .were here for you i went through it alot of others here have too ,but keep on taking care of your self. love yourself, kat
  2. wwkatb

    Reached my 10%!!!

  3. wowza Tiffany you look so pretty , it allways seems like folks look so mucch younger as they loose weight , ( not that youre youn self needs to look younger)you should be proud of yourself you have done wonderful, kat sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 (lowest weight i got to was 143) recomit weight 215.8 cw/208.8 next goal 196 that will mean i am back at 100 pounds lost
  4. wowza !!!you look so ,,,,good. congrats sw/296 lifetime acheived 8-8-03 NOW RETURNING TO GOAL CW/210.8
  5. im not sure but i think that they just tell you to wait till the third week because they dont want to overwhelm you while you are beginning to learn to follow the program, but im not sure i say if you are allready doing it and it is no prob keep it up.i ate all my ap from the very beginning from week one,i used them first before weekly points (35 extra) keep up the great job. sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 gained, now back op / weight 210.8
  6. wow that is awsome,ill be glad when im back to a 12, cool sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 regained some but back on tract current weight 215.8
  7. hey Rosa good for you gal. you should be so proud , keep up the awesom job kat sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 trying to get back to ww goal
  8. wwkatb


    wow hallie that is terriffic. way to work it soldier . kat sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 cw/199
  9. wow wow wow !!!!!!! that is so awsome congrats to you. kat
  10. congrats , you should be so proud of yourself .keep up the good habits you have made while maintaining,treat yourself to a non food treat you deserve it . kat sw/296 lifetime 8-8-03 cw?
  11. cool,,,breeze, that is very good.doesnrt it feel good to ake a goal and then acheive it?keep up the good job , kat sw/296 cw 193
  12. wow congrats im so happy for you !!!!you SHOULD be so proud that is alot of weight , enjoy your new health kat sw/296 cw/181
  13. yum i tried the cozy shack,tapioca pudding it is no sugar added (splenda) it is only 1 point and very satisfying.i add a packet of splenda to it but that is just me i like it sweet. i pack it in my lunch . it is so ,,, good fiber 4 calories 90 fat 3 - 1 point
  14. wwkatb


    g-r-e-a-t!!!! job. you should be so proud.i know you feel awsome. and you should ,,, kat sw/296 cw/146 150 pounds gone and not missed one bit lifetime as of 10-08-03
  15. wwkatb

    I made goal!!!

    wow wow wow !!!! you awsome litle gal ( that is texan for great job dear) im so happy for you ,,,, kat sw/296 cw/148.6 ( trying to get back to 146)
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