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  1. Yesterday I did walk in the morning, but when evening came i felt stifled and a little bored in my apartment. That can lead down a bad path. So I put on my walking shoes and headed out to the evening air. It felt good, I stayed away from the fridge. After I came home and took a cool shower I was ready to simply relax and enjoy the evening.
  2. Hi Cheryl, , my gosh girlfriend, I have missed you. Thank you for letting me know where you are. I am browsing around trying to find a good fit. I will check it out. I think I might use the blog also. Weigh in was wonderful. Down 4.2. I know it is 1st week honeymoon period but whatever, it feels good to see the scale moving in the right direction. Now the real work begins. But so far, so good. It actually feels good to be taking control of my actions instead of being controlled by my emotions.
  3. Thanks ladies. This week has been going really well. I am making good choices, tracking and feeling motivated for the 1st time in awhile. I'm kind of excited for weigh in tomorrow
  4. Hello BCBer's. I have been missing for 3 or 4 years now. Last week I went back to WW and it felt like going home. After a long break I am ready to re-embrace the program and get control of my health and my weight. I made Lifetime in 2003 but really struggled to stay there. So much has changed in my personal life now this truly feels like a brand new start. In fact when I went back I told them "treat me like brand new". I have a new number, a new starting weight and I am ready rock it. See you around the boards, Have a great day,
  5. My go to food changes periodically. Right now its the zero point WW soup. For the last month or so I have been making it on Sundays to have for lunch most days of the week. I have to say though, I start each day with oatmeal
  6. Thanks for posting. That was fun to watch.
  7. I weigh in on Saturday morning and I mostly try to be consistant in my clothes. Right now I am weighing in in jeans and lightweight shirt. I figure if I wear jeans every week any loss is really me. During summertime tho I am in shorts or sundress, something lightweight. The hardest part is weigh in is not until 8:30 and I have to be moderate with my coffee. 2 cups and nothing after 7:15. And then of course breakfast is after also. And a sf vanilla latte!
  8. That was cool. Thanks for posting!
  9. Merry Christmas Buddies. This is the time to celebrate and enjoy the day. I am blessed to have a sister who is WW also and we are gathering at her house tonight. Yes, there will be foods outside of WW but we will also have veggie/fruit trays, sf jello dessert, salsa, I am going to make the deviled eggs w/ plain yogurt instead of mayo (this is an experiment), baked chicken tenders, sourdough bread. Apple cider for the drink. Today is the last day of my week and I have 29 dailys and 21 weeklys to use. Also I am going to take a walk and earn a few more AP this afternoon. I have plan, but I also plan to enjoy myself and my family. Tomorrow is easy for me. I am just home with my son and making tacos for Christmas dinner (our tradition). Celebrate your holiday in whatever tradition is in your house. Enjoy your family and loved ones, treat yourself well and have a blessed holiday.
  10. Wow, I can see how you would want to avoid that scale. Any chance you could weigh on it and then test on the one next to you? Just to see if that is real or an illusion. I do think WW calibrates their scales periodically ( I don't how often) but the floor its on can have alot to do with how it weighs. I would ask for a test drive.
  11. I want to give thanks also.....many of our are the same but bear repeating. 1. I have healthy food in my kitchen..that is a blessing so many do not have. 2. I love to walk and have a safe area to be in and strong legs to carry me. 3. I have a great support system, online and real life. 4. I have a job to support me affording my food and WW fees. I am grateful for this, especially these days. 5. My family accepts my WW variations for the holiday meals as normal now. 6. Our water is safe and clean. I turn on the faucet, there is as much as I want. 7. My meetings are always there for me. If I have been gone, no judgement, I am welcomed back. 8. I am grateful to have the points system during the holidays. Its a built in safety net for me. Thanks Lillie, for reminding to take a moment and sit in gratitude. May your holidays be full and joyful.
  12. Isn't it great that every day, every minute is a beginning? We are brand new over and over again. Thanks Quoteboy.
  13. I feel your pain. Good for you for recognizing the pitfalls and getting yourself out of the way. Stay strong.
  14. This sounds good. I am making it tonight.
  15. Sandylee

    Cola chicken

    Bumping this up. If you havn't tried it you are missing out. This is on the regular menu at our house.
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