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  1. I have to agree with lady's and say if you use it with success, I would not give it up.
  2. Anyone around to post what they are eating and how they are today? Yesterday was oats, eggs, coffee, chicken, mixed veggies, mixed grain, and split peas. So far today has just been coffee and skim milk. Breakfast will probably be what we call an oatmeal egg cup. I am excited to restart, but also nervous. I have not been able to find anything that I can stick with that also works. Anyone else around?
  3. Black bean burgers are off the list??? Uhhhh, why?
  4. Oh, there is a sticky up at the top. Of course, I just bought black bean burgers...why oh why would they be out??? Hmmm, And canned chicken? And all pork? I thought pork was a lean meat?
  5. I hope it is not THAT different from Core. I know avocados and olives are out. Also, I think the one a day grain is out, and now it is to satisfaction? Also, now lite breads are in. Wonder what else I am missing.
  6. Great job! I am happy to see you still posting here!
  7. Hi. I think I am going to try this again. I had success with Core several years ago and have been struggling for a while and have been trying other methods to no or limited success. The best part of this, for me, was losing the obsession with measuring, and with being ale to eat to satisfaction. So far today, I had milk in my coffee, oatmeal, eggs, and a banana. I do it get enough veggies or water in, I know that for sure. Dinner will be baked chicken with oil drizzled over it, broccoli, and some sort of grain. If I manage to stick to this program, I would love some new buddies to work it with.
  8. This is absolutely the only plan that has worked for me - but, it worked 5 years ago. I havenot been able to get back intot he groove since then. Anyone having success? Anyone working the program?
  9. I did Core in 2005 (wow, that was a long time ago!) and did very well. Even though I only lost an average of a pound a week, I lost steadily and met my goal in due time. I have never done as well losing weight as I did with Core. I do not do well with the weighing and measuring and points counting fir every single thing. I am two days back into the "old Core" and feeling good, but I need to set my sights on doing well for 3 weeks, then another 3 weeks, and so on.
  10. I haven't lost weight ever as well as I did on the original Core. And I can't seem to even get back into that. I didn't save any of my old food journals. But I recall a lot of oatmeal, yogurt, popcorn, lean meat and fruit and veggies. I never got into the whole ffsf pudding craze, but I sure did enjoy the Core brownies on occasion. I NEED to make some lifetime changes, and I especially need to see results in the next two months.... Anyone still have the feeling like thy are doing good old Core but with the new guidelines? CW 144 - Healthy weight 130...Holy cow, that is already 15 to lose,a nd I should really be closer to 120 since I am only 5'2". Right now I just need to break 140 and stay there so I can get the 130's going down.
  11. Frozen fruit is not free??? Haven't weighed in yet, but re-re-starting today. Back to the "whole, healthy, not too carby, higher protein, drink herbal tea" plan.
  12. I am here. Looking to re-re-re-re-start on Monday. I love this thread when I keep up with it. You are a great bunch of supporters. Sory for the MIA.
  13. Mickee - I wrote a response about the Jazzercise, and now it is not here....I wonder if you can still get the coupon? I had one to use online and I got a discount. jazzercise is fun - it is a dancing and marching and kicking. It is lovely - but there are alternate moves that they teach you for when you have to be more low key. I hope if you try it that you will like it. There are all ages and sizes of women in the classes. I have to get motivated to go tomorrow since I have so much to do here that I don't really feel like going out for that. I am not diabetic, but UI definately have "something" with my blood sugar. What you said about testing helps, thanks.
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