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  1. I find it difficult to run for long periods of time. What kind of programs did you do to become a runner? I know that I need to start running to get these last 15 lbs to go away for good? Any ideas? Lori
  2. Does anyone have any advice how I can slim these areas? I have been trying to lose these last 15 lbs for about a year now and nothing has happened. I have tried it all. I am just looking for some advice on slimming these areas. Does anyone else share this same problem?
  3. That is kind of funny to me. I just came back from visiting my niece and nephew in Florida and they showed me DDR. I tried it and loved it. My DH does have an Xbox and said he was going to buy one for me because it would be a great way to exercise. It is lots of fun and great exercise. Lori
  4. I have crunch burn and firm pilates and I like it. After the first day I was hurting but just like everything else it started not to do anything for me. If you really want a challenge you should try Taebo. Lori
  5. Try a core strengthening program and you will be hurting. I was doing a pilates workout plus abs and nothing hurt but as soon as I did the core program I was hurting. Lori
  6. My DH has recently purchased a Tivo and I am in love with it. I have been getting up at 5:30 every morning and am able to complete my exercise for the day before my DD wakes up. I have recently used the Tivo to record exercise programs on FitTV and I am so excited because I got to record 2 Core Strenth Training sessions by Cathe Friedrich. Wow does this kick your butt. This is exactly what I needed. Something that was difficult. Gilad has been kicking my butt with the strength training as well. Anyone else get their butt kicked by them? Lori
  7. I am 5'1" and weigh 135 lbs. I see myself differently than other people do. I still think that I am fat. I still think that another 15-20 lbs will cure this self image of myself but it will not. I will always think that I need to lose more. This is a real problem for me. I know that. I have wide shoulders and hips. My hips are 37", my waist is 29" and my bust is 34". I am far from being what I used to be. I have had one child and my hips grew with her. I have just lost lbs after a year of this huge plateau. I have changed my exercise program that seemed to work for me. I find that it is terrible to go clothes shopping. It takes me months in the summer to find a swim suit that is perfect. So yes, there are people out there that are just like you and feel the same way you do. I sometimes feel that I am the only one that has big hips or has problems losing weight or this all happens because I am so short. Hope this made you feel like you are not the only one. Lori
  8. If the burning is temporary and the itching goes away in a couple of hours I would say that your body is in need of oxygen. The burning in your legs is from lactic acid. This is why people who run should increase their carbohydrates. I get the burning at the beginning of every spring when I begin to run again. Try breathing in through the nose and out the mouth. Works for me. If it is something different than this then you should seek medical attention. Lori
  9. Thanks for the advice. I am so excited now. We have been shopping around and of course have been looking at the really good bikes. This will give us sometime to spend with each other. I am hoping I can lose some weight since my weight has stalled since the winter started. I can not wait to get outside. Thanks again. Lori
  10. I usually buy Purdue and that is 160 calories per serving and 8g of fat. I do not use it too much because I am not a huge meat eater anyway. Not sure what everyone else is using. Lori
  11. Spring is soon approaching and my DH and I have decided to purchase some bikes. I have recently hit a huge plateau and have tried it all without success. The only thing left is increasing my activity level. I live a very busy life and have decided recently that I need to drop these last 20 lbs. and hope that this will do it. Anyone else ride a bike for exercise and of course fun? Any suggestions? Thanks Lori
  12. I am not one for exercise videos either but due to the fact that I live in New England I have to do them in the winter. I recently just bought Burn and Firm Pilates for $9.44. It is great. It is not intense like Taebo but it does the job. Try that one. Good Luck!
  13. I really have to say that I am a very picky eater. I do not like to try new things because I am afraid of not liking them. My DH told me one day just to try it. The Laughing Cow cheese was on sale and I had a coupon, how much could I lose? Well go to find out I LOVE THIS CHEESE! I am not a big cheese fan but this one is so great! Everyone should try it.
  14. I love Tae-Bo. Haven't done it in a while but winter is coming and then it will become my favorite exercise once again. I am still waiting for the last 10 lbs to fall off and this usually does it.
  15. Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions. I am so glad it is not just me that can not find the time. My first certification will be done the first week of February so this will free up some more time for myself. My DD has been taking naps so that has made some free time available so that I can exercise. She is just in a weird stage. Thanks again Lori
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