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  1. I made this Tuesday night and it was SOOO good. DH loved it also. Definately a keeper--Thank you ! Laura
  2. Laura 9234

    angelfood cake

    Hi there! I have some leftover as well. I will probably have some w/strawberries and FF Cool Whip~which is also leftover. The angel food cake I bought is 3 points per slice (nice size slices). I also like it plain or drizzled w/ some lt. Hershey's syrup which is 1 point. Laura
  3. Thank you very much . DH doesn't like them so I really don't make them for myself too often. My mom and sister are coming for Easter dinner and I thought I'll make some artichokes so they can eat them with me! Laura
  4. Hi buddies- Anyone have any recipes for artichokes? I am planning to make them for Easter and want something diiferent~maybe stuffed? Any help would be appreciated Laura
  5. Hi Carla- I have also used my GF for the same thing. I thought they turned out great too. I love veggies and was looking for a change from the usual steamed. Laura
  6. Hi Tinka- I have never tried bulgar. I am going to buy some today so I can try this recipe. How many points did you come up with per serving? Laura
  7. Hello Does any buddy have any recipes for italian turkey sausage. I can't seem to find any recipes to make with this anywhere. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance! Laura
  8. Thank you for the ideas. I just need to experiment on it. Chicken and grilled vegs so far is wonderful.
  9. Hi- I received a George Foreman grill for Christmas and was wondering if there are any good recipes out there? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi-Does anyone have any recipes for Escarole Soup? Thanks in advance Laura
  11. Hi- I was just wondering if anyone has a OP recipe to make sweet potatoes with marshmellows on top. My grandmother made them every Christmas and I really want to make them but am unsure of the points. Thank you in advance!! Laura
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