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  1. I am really struggling. Why do I want to binge at 9pm. I feel sick after I do it, and come to think of it sick while I'm doing it. The food is giving me no happiness at all. So far today, so good. I've got to make it to bed time with no binging.
  2. I would have bet by this time - 1 year plus into the new program - the uncounted fruit thing would have gone by the wayside. But people really seem to be working the program without counting fruit. Of course, you don't have to any fruit at all if you don't want (I believe). The 5 a day can all be veggies
  3. I enjoy walking - it's good to get outside and exercise, not to mention earn some activity points. But it's 100 degrees outside today. No way was the human animal designed to exercise in this heat. I know, there are other options, but just felt like a moan.
  4. There ought to be a rule that if you have one tough weekend (Memorial Day) should not be followed by another tough weekend (Multiple Weddings). Here I am, two days into the week, and all of my WP are gone. I don't even use them all most weeks, but the thought of having them for my "insurance policy" really helps. The next 5 days will be treacherous. Excuse me while I go out and walk for 3 hours!!!
  5. Oh, the pain! We woke up to a refrigerator/freezer which had died and tried to take with it all of our food. I'm sad to report the Skinny Cows did not make it - brand new box, too! We had lots of fish, so the next two days are going to be "fish fiesta" at our house. I guess there is always a bright side. We had swordfish for breakfast, which was quite elegant, and tonight will be shrimp. The funny thing is, this is making me want to eat. You know, eat before it goes bad. Which is dumb, I know. The food is gone, and me wasting it inside of me is not any better than wasting it by throwing it down the disposal.
  6. Really well! I didn't have any alcohol, because it just makes me want to overeat right now. We went to a great restaurant, reknown for its 2 inch pork chops, and my husband and I split a portion! I weighed in today rather than my usual Monday meeting and I lost 2.8. There are so many "dangerous" days coming up in the next month, but this has really inspired me to stick to the program.
  7. Why don't we all find a island, where we can spend the next month eating fish, fresh fruit and veg, complex carbs and our smoothies. Wouldn't it be great - no worry about all of the minefield's of June, including weddings, rehearsal dinners for weddings, graduation barbecues, birthdays, vacation, etc.
  8. I was very nervous about the holiday weekend, off to see friends and having to face many a food challenge. But thanks to WW, everything went great! What is so wonderful about this program is that you actually can eat food, and eat the food you want - its just a matter of balance and portion control. What would this holiday have been like if I was on one of those flaky diets where you have to bring your special little freeze dried dinner with me? I probably would have ended up not socializing at all, or socializing and binging. Instead I had what I wanted - maybe not as much as I normally would have wanted, but what my body needed. I decided just to forego the alcohol all together. For some reason, lately its been causing me to overeat. Didn't really miss it though!
  9. I should just enjoy it, as we are traveling to be with friends. I just get nervous because there will be lots of alcohol around, and that can be a real "trigger" for me, causing me to eat too much. I've got a cooler full of fresh fruit and veg, and diet soda to help get me through the tough time. I swear, I could sometimes turn into a WW recluse, just so I could avoid temptation, but that is no way to live!
  10. I find the meetings can be really cheesy, the lecturer easily led off topic, with people in the class promoting really bad behavior like binge eating or "diet mentality" (you can't eat pizza and lose weight kind of thing which is totally contradictory to WW). That said, they really do hold me accountable. There is just something about knowing that weighing in on Monday that keeps me motivated. I've also found its a little bit like mining for diamonds - there is a lot of debris, but then someone just says something that clicks -my diamond! The good thing about WW is you can do the meetings for a limited amount of time, to see if they work for you - its not as though you have to sign a year long contact. Even though I don't know your situation, I'm also thinking it might be nice for a stay at home mom to have at least one time a week to get out without kids.
  11. I need a Buddy too. I've been doing WW off and on for many years. One time I lost as much as 55 pounds, but I always regain. I'm doing it slow right now, trying to really give myself some great new habits. Good luck on your journey!
  12. I hear this thrown about a lot. Does anyone know where it comes from? It sounds like one of those "urban legend" things. As much as I hate childhood obesity, I don't understand how such a projection can be made, since we don't know what diseases, medication, etc will be there is the 50, 60, 70 years it will take to "know" when today's children will die.
  13. LillieG


    If you are right, I've died and gone to heaven!
  14. LillieG


    There is a lot to like about Points Plus, but one thing I hate is the double points for alcohol. Oh for the days, when I shot of vodka was 2 small points. Now my glass of wine, my shot of liquor is all 4 points. But, I just realized tonight that 4 oz. of champaign is just 3 points. Bring on the bubbly!!!!
  15. Just finished episode 3. I don't know how parents can raise healthy kids these days - it just seems like everything is working against them. Good information in the documentary.
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