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  1. I never found it to slow me down and I lost all my weight drinking 2-3 cans a day. I do the same thing on maitenance.
  2. Well i'm just about to hit 5 years, with a loss of 56 pounds. I started getting slightly careless, and now i'm working on getting rid of 3 pounds that crept up on me - but that's the point of WW, learning how to not let things get out of control. I would give it a month at the very minimum, and really give the lifestyle a chance - it's not just about counting points, its about changing your entire mindset and relationship with food. Which is the difference between a diet and a way of life.
  3. This is the best core recipe I have made to date! It will definetley beome a staple for me. One thing I did was add a bag of frozen mixed veggies to the mixture, and I upped the sour cream to 1 cup to accomodate for the extra ingredients. Really good, and really filling. Way better than generic boxed hamburger helper!
  4. Trader Joes makes a lite popcorn that comes already popped in a bag - the ingredients are air popped popcorn, canoa oil and salt. Do you guys think that this would be considered to be core? I'm assuming so, since both air popped popcorn and canoa oil are both core ingredients. There were no perservatives or anything additional listed. any thoughts?
  5. Oh my gosh I don't know why I didn't think of this before - In Southern California there is a small fast food chain called Topz - they mostly deal with turkey burgers/veggie burgers/grilled chicken/lean meat They have three ideal core choices - the gardenburger, the grilled chicken sandwich, and the garden salad w/ grilled chicken (which looks amazing and it's what I'm having for lunch) you still need to count the non core parts of the salad - it has walnuts and cheese - but this place is very doable, core wise. And of course you need to count the points for or eliminate the buns. Their chicken is grilled fresh in canola oil, none of that mcchicken artifiicial crap here. I can't believe I didn't think of this place sooner, a big ole duh me!!! If you live in the Los Angeles area I would definetly suggest checking it out....http://www.topz.com
  6. Were there any specific paramaters regarding oatmeal on core? I saw a recipe for chocolate oatmeal on the Weight Watchers boards that I'd like to try but I really skimmed over the whole oatmeal portion of the program. Also, does it matter what brand I buy? It needs to be the box of unprepared oats, right? Like those tubs of Quaker? The only oatmeal I've ever bought in my life has been the instant crud so I'm not sure what I need to buy.
  7. Oh geez - t he first ingredient on the Ronzoni box is "enriched semolina" = does that mean that this is the wrong pasta? And if it is, who makes the correct type of whole wheat pasta? I hate wasting my money (grumble grumble grumble...)
  8. That's what I'm eating right now as a side dish with my meal, and I really like it - the texture is slightly heavier than regular pasta, but I'm eating it without sauce and I'm very much enjoying it.
  9. My guess is yes, since the getting started book said that all soy meats were core food - but it's not listed in the food companion. Anyone care to take a guess? Also, Chicken of the Sea tuna isn't listed in the food companion, but Starkist tuna that is in spring water, and is exactly the same as Chicken of the Sea is core - is there any reason why I shouldn't consider COTS to be a core food as well? Still learning my way through this proces....I'm amazed at how not hungry I am!
  10. So by all means, QuilterInVA, continue to knock those of us who are not switching to core, are perfectly content on flex and have been successful in losing weight, keeping it off, and finding a program that works for us. Because none of this is about Core program people knocking the flex points program....really. That whole idea is just some crazy thing in my head.
  11. So does this mean that I can go by the milligrams that are on the labels of the food I eat? I don't add salt to anything, ever. I don't even like the taste of salt. I know I can't really control the sodium levels when I eat out for the most part, other than in avoiding high fat foods. But if I for the most part keep my sodium levels based on the labels at about 2,000 (which will allow for estimations), will that be sufficient in controlling my sodium intake? Also, will upping the amount of water I drink have an effect on this as well? I've been severely lacking in getting my minimum amount of water into my body, which is also something that I am trying to correct.
  12. I'm trying to pay more attention to the amount of sodium I take in through my food...and I'm absolutely amazed by how high it is, basically because I eat so much processed food. I've read a bunch of the articles that have been posted regarding sodium and health, but I'm still beyond confused. Is there a reccomended number that we should be aiming to stick to? I'm trying to keep it as low as 1000 grams a day, but I'm finding it exceedingly difficult, there seems to be sodium in pretty much everything that I eat - even bread! Geez, who knew? If anyone has any guidance as to what I should be aiming for, it would be much appreciated.
  13. I really don't know - I had it at a bar, it was in a normal sized drink glass, and I only drank half of it. From your cacluations it couldn't have been more than 2 points since I didn't drink the whole thing. Assiming they made it the way you just described.
  14. I've searched the internet but I can't seem to find the answer to this question.... I had half an amaretto sour with my dinner tongiht, does anyone happen to know what the points for this drink would be? It wasn't on Dottie's alchol list and my searches are coming up empty. TIA!
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