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  1. I know this is in the core recipe section but is this core?
  2. I was just debating about starting weight watchers again and saw this post. I have been making this salad for years. This is how I make it: Brown extra, extra lean ground beef. Drain. Poor in catalina dressing (1 whole small bottle). Mix lettuce, tomato, beef together. Crush up doritos and add to mixture. Add cheese and mix. Add a few dollops of sour cream and voila! It's so good. My sister just asked me to make this for her for Thanksgiving (she's weird) and we just had it for dinner this past Monday. YUM! Sorry to hijack but wanted to share.
  3. What an inspiration you are. God bless you and your family. I have so many damn excuses for not losing weight and your post really touched me. If you can do it after losing a child, I can do it.
  4. lol...tried that already. thanks.
  5. Hey all, Does anyone have that Dreamsicle Cake recipe? Also what bout that fudgy cake in the crockpot recipe as well?
  6. Hi, Just made this!! OMG it is so good!! I'm gonna try it with the pistachio pudding next!!
  7. Hi, It worked out great!! Boy was the salsa chicken good!!! Thanks for all the posts!!
  8. Hi, It worked out great!! Boy was the salsa chicken good!!! Thanks for all the posts!!
  9. Hi, Funny that you should ask. The crock pot is on for the first time right now!! I convinced my husband that we should use it, but he only wants to use it if we are home. So today is our trial run!!! I am cooking the salsa chicken. Hopefully it'll come out okay. I'll let you guys know.
  10. Hi, Thanks guys! I'm going to try a recipe or two this weekend, while I'm home, just to be safe. I'll let you know how it goes. Take care!!!
  11. Hi Guys, I got a crockpot and it's been sitting in my garage for over a year. I'm kinda scared to use it. Is there any risk with using one when no one is home? What if what you are making burns? Also, can you prepare everything the night before, put it in the crock stick it in the fridge and take it out in the morning? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, How much Diet soda should you use? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Are you guys pshychic or something? I also made this, this weekend. It was so awesome. My husband kept on saying there is no way this is good for you. It taste too good. Here's what I did, 49oz of 99% ff chicken broth(0 points for 1 cup) 14 oz of velveeta lite 3 bags of frozen cauliflower, carrots and broccolli approx 8 oz of diced tomatoes. I estimated 2 points only because I used more cheese, but it was probably closer to 1. I also pureed half of it, so that it wasn't so thick. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! I hope you all can make it soon. It is a very easy recipe.
  14. OMG!!! I just made this. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!! Try it!! Yum, yum, yum!!! I also substituted half of the ketchup for a 0 point ketchup I found on fatfreefoods.com. Good, good, good!!!
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