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  1. WOW...what a transformation...You look terrific!! You must feel wonderful too!! Robyn
  2. OOPS...guess that was your son!
  3. Carol...your hubby is right. The packets are much sweeter than the pourable splenda...the pourable splenda has a good amount of filler (that is not sweet) but allows you to use it measure to measure as a replacement for "regular" sugar in recipes. Robyn
  4. CAT... Made your "fried rice" leaving out the imitation crab and adding the carrots and snow peas. It was GREAT and very colorful! Served it with a broccoli/shrimp stirfry...YUM!! Thanks again! Robyn
  5. Found these a couple of days ago at the Super Walmart by me...and they are very good...good to have around for a slight chocolate (I'm a big DARK CHOC person)indulgence when TOM is lurking!! Robyn Char...you really DO have great patients!
  6. Oh CAT...this sounds yummy...and I've got all the ingredients...guess I know what we are having for dinner tonight!! Thanks for posting! Robyn
  7. Made this for dinner tonight and was it DELICIOUS!! Even DD (who DOES NOT eat soup)gobbled up a hearty bowl full! Told her it was Black Bean Chili and she never knew she was eating soup. This is a keeper...thanks for another great recipe Dawna! Robyn
  8. This sounds interesting...will be waiting for your review Char!!! Robyn
  9. Oooohhh...this sounds really good...gotta try this one! Thanks for posting! Robyn
  10. Weigh to go CAT!! Keep up the good work! Robyn
  11. OMG...forgot to Congratulate all the other May, 5 BCB milestones!!! CONGRATS to all of us!! Can you tell I'mm excited??!??! Robyn
  12. Wow...May 5th is turning out to be a great day for WW/BCB milestones. Check out all of today's posts here on BCB Achievements!! Today I made my 2nd 10%, received my 9th 5lb star and have my feet firmly planted in ONEDERLAND! I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and BCB!!! Thank you for being here and all the motivation and support!! It has made the journey easier and definitely alot more fun! It's great to read all your stories/pics and share all the great recipes!! I am one Happy Camper!! Robyn
  13. LadyIris

    I made GOAL

    Congratulations Bonnie!! Robyn
  14. Oh...so happy to see some of you made and enjoyed this recipe...it is one of my favorites! I like that idea of substituting some of the sugar with splenda...I'm going to try that next time! Also, a couple squirts of DaVinci SF French Vanilla might be a tasty addition. I have made this with 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and although it does not really change the point value, it does add a little fat. I leave them out...'cuz my family doesn't like the nuts. Robyn Haifley
  15. Gillie, I think you might end up with the edges overdone and the middle underdone :eek: if your tried to make this in one pan (i.e. a 9X13). They do have disposable (aluminum)loaf pans in most grocery stores baking/utensil sections for a fairly inexpensive price if you wanted to try that instead of buying glass or metal loaf pans. Let me know if your try the recipe and like it!! Robyn
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