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  1. Good Morning Buddies, I know I haven't been around in quite a while. Life has become quite a struggle for me. Just wanted to let everyone know that my sister's breast cancer that we thought she had beaten last year has returned. Her PET scan last week showed that it has spread to her brain, liver, lungs, and bones. They are not giving her much time to live. She is 56 years old. As for me. I am as of this morning 7 pounds over goal. I need to change my sig. Please keep my family in your prayers. I will return buddies. Sarah
  2. Morning all, Not feeling too chatty this morning. Sleep was not my friend last night. My sister has 5 large leisions on the brain and several smaller ones. They will start whole brain radiation today along with radiated some other spots also. Which can have some bad side effects, I am told. The doctor said it has been 20 months since she was originally diagnoised with breast caner and that it will keep coming back. There is no way of knowing where or when. There was no way to stop it. As you can only imagine I am totally devastated. I can't think of anything else. Work occupies my mind, but I'm not really sure how good of a job I'll be doing. One good thing is that I have excellent assistants. Thanks for being great buddies and understanding.
  3. Morning Buddies, I am back to work today. I won't have any students, but lots of semester ending paper work to do. It will keep my mind occupied which will be good. Thanks buddies for sending all the prayers my way. Yesterday I did nothing, but let the depression take over. I can't keep behaving that way. All my sister is doing is sleeping. I so want to talk to her. We have always been very close. She starts radiation today, but I don't know what kind. Sometimes the information on the internet just scares me more. I did get up and exercise for 30 minutes this morning. Back on track today. Thanks again buddies. You guys really are the greatest.
  4. Good Morning Buddies, Didin't sleep well last night. BIL called and said they had heard from the doctor. My worst fears are real. My sister has multiple brain tumors pressing on the brain. They will start doing radiation on Monday. I am crying as I write this. Can't think of anything else. The doctor prescribed steroids so hopefully that will make her feel better. Can't seem to get myself going this morning. Will come back and write more later.
  5. Good Morning all, I need to do some serious clutter reducing today. I still have some remaining Christmas items that got overlooked and my holiday wear to store for next year. I also hope to do some "simply filling" baking this afternoon. My BIL had to take my sister to the emergency room yesterday. She started vomiting again. They gave her and IV of fluids and more headache medicine. She was very dehydrated. She will go for her MRI today. I am trying very hard not to think the worst. Linda-Hope you get a good night sleep tonight. I'll check back later.
  6. Happy New Year everybuddy, I spent a quite New Years's Eve with friends. Today I am cooking greens, blackeyed peas, rice, and ham (no hog jowl). I need all the luck I can get. Is this just a southern tradition???? I am so worried about my sister. I can hardly think of anything else. Researching breast cancer that metasisizes to the brain on the internet has not been good for me. She seems to have all the symptoms. She goes for a MRI of the brain tomorrow and will see her oncologist on Tuesday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. My friend gave me the next book in the Twilight series, it is really easy reading and keeps my mind off things. Enjoy the day.
  7. Good Morning Buddies, I had a nice long post and lost it. Any way I'm off to take down all my Christmas Decorations. The challenge is getting everything in the correct box. Will take all day. Exercise first then I'll get started. Lynn-The bike ride sounds like so much fun. Wish I could join everyone. Quite a ways from Tennessee and the school year will be ending. Will check out your website and donate. Mickee-It's 32 here this morning. Biking with DD sounds like fun. Soda-The bassets would love it if I fed the squirrels. The neighbors wouldn't like it too much though. Too much barking. Enjoy the day buddies.
  8. Congratulations Bridget. I havd closely watched your struggle with the last 10 pounds, knowing that you could do it. You have been such an inspiration to me. I know you will keep it off and will be here when I finally lose my last 10. Congrats and Thanks again.
  9. Morning Buddies, I have been AWOL for too long. Weight has maintained which is good, but the eating has not been very healthy I have to admit. My mother has been with me, and my sister has been very sick. She had terrible headaches over the past 2 weeks. They are so bad she can't do anything with out being very sick. We are all so afraid that the breast cancer has returned. Her family doctor thinks that it is stress, but I have never seen her so sick. Even after chemo she wasn't this sick. Hopefully she can see her oncologist soon. I can hardly think of anything else. It is so hard not to think the worst. It is hard to imagine the reason, but my stalker knocked on my door Christmas morning. I am sure he knew I would not call the police while my mother was there. Glad my mother didn't hear him knocking and I could just pretend it was something else the dogs were barking at that morning. He has been endlessly calling my house from pay phone, because I can't blocked that number. I am so glad I haven't turned to food for comfort. It is a very hard battle for me though. The holiday season has made him stalk me more. I am sure part of the reason is the death of his brother, right before Thanksgiving, but I wish he would just leave me alone. Putting these 2 things in writing this morning has helped. I have been reading to keep my mind off things. I just finished Twilight and I can't decide if I will purchase the next 3. Has anyone here finished the series? Think I will go exercise. I'll be checking back in today. Glad to be back here. Make it a great day buddies. I want to get back on track with healthy eating and lose the next 8 pounds.
  10. Morning all, We just have some nice wet roads here this morning. Back to work for me. 2 1/2 more work days this year. I can do this for sure. It will be crazy today. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. Just a few odd and ins left. Nothing is wrapped though. I do a lot of gift bags. My favorite gift so far is the digital picture frame that I got my mom. She will LOVE it. Need to head toward the shower. Make it a great day buddies.
  11. I know exactly when my window of time is-right when I get home from work. If I can get through that I've got it made.
  12. Good Morning Buddies, Well the temp is right at 32 degrees, so the road in front of my house looks fine. It must not be in other places around me, because no one is having school . I am happy with that. I am suppose to get my hair cut and colored today at 3:00. Now I might be able to finish all my shopping before that. I got my 2 permanent crowns in yesterday. I am still having pain with one of them. Have taken too much Advil for awhile now. Hope I am not looking at a root canal. Bassets are driving me crazy. They don't know if they want to be in or out.
  13. Way to Go, Bridget. You are so close to your personal goal now. Congrats. You have worked so hard to get there and are a HUGE inspiration to me.
  14. Good Morning Everybuddy. I have 4 1/2 days of work this week. It might be 3 1/2 because they are predicting an ice storm tonight. I can do this. I really dread having food everywhere this week. I will not enter the teacher work room. I have started the new program Momentum. They gave us 2 weeks free with etools in our first week book. So I have been checking the points for my favorite core recipes. I am shocked at how many points are in many of them. I have been a little bit hungry, but not bad. Eating filling foods does make a different. I think it is what I need to get to my personal goal. I really like getting to bank my activity points. Need to get moving. Make it a great day buddies.
  15. Thanks for all the help buddies. I finally won one on ebay for $45 and no shipping.
  16. Yes, my sister is in Tennessee too. I do realize that shipping would be cheaper closer. Thanks.
  17. Mickee-I got your PM. I am wanting the Deluxe Kit which is selling for more. Thanks for trying.
  18. Good Morning Buddies, Boy I have been busy. It is that time of year isn't it. I went to my church's Christmas Program last night an it was awesome. I LOVE Christmas music. Our choir is huge and very talented. I am making major progress on my shopping. I hate to wrap, so gift bags are wonderful. I have decided to try Momentum. I want to lose the next 8 pounds and get to my personal goal. My leader did give me book 6 which in my opinion is core, but I am going to count points for a few weeks to get back in touch with serving size. I will go back to core for sure though. I am so afraid of gaining the next 2 weeks. I want to still be lifetime in January. They have a new program that if you stay at lifetime for an entire year you will get another charm for your key chain. My new goal. My goal for today is to get the slide show into the Digital Photo Frame that I bought for my mother yesterday. Wish me luck. I am not too computer savy. Will check back in later.
  19. Lots of people must have bought them to resale on ebay. If you are watching auctions closely to get the Deluxe Member kit they are going for around $50. I am not very good and always lose on the last bid. If you do a buy it now they are VERY expensive. I just really want one for my sister for Christmas and the WW center's in Tennessee don't have them. I would pay someone extra to purchase me one. PLEASE. Donna, do you like the cookbook?
  20. That is interesting Donna, my leader on Thursday said to count the points for the 2 tsp of oil. She was talking to a core group, that was interested in trying the new program. I am wondering why they changed the water rule to include any type of drink?
  21. I've seen pictures of the kit and the lunch bag is very cute.
  22. RW2L-Our WW center doesn't have the kits at all. They said no one in the Nashville or Chattanooga area did. They also have no idea when they will be getting them in. I do etools also and they won't let you shop because I go to meetings. You have to be an online member to shop with them. Not fair at all.
  23. My WW center does not have these yet and doesn't know when they will be getting them. I would love to have one for my sister for Christmas. WW Donna said they sold for $39 at her WW center. Is there anyone who would be willing to pick one one and mail it to me. I have a Pay Pal account or could write you a check. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
  24. The WW leader at my meeting today said she was a corbie and did the Momentum plan this week and lost 2 pounds. She didn't explain why too many questions about the new plan going on.
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