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  1. http://www.slide.com/r/fwqQwag_5z8Izw-cPsgDouWD7z1TmfXx?previous_view=lt_embedded_url Thats the link. Hopefully it works!
  2. you look lovely! Such a motivation. I tear up when I read these success stories! I cant wait to have my time to shine :-)
  3. Like others have said, I cant eat something I really dont like. I dont care how nutritious it may be, if it doesnt taste good I think--automatic upset stomach. I am sensitive to smells and forget it if it tastes "strange" lol. But kudos to you for trying new things..As for me, I'll stick with my basic veggies- asparagus, peas, carrots and brocolli.
  4. Dont feel bad..I felt the same way this morning until I realized that I have a support grp here on BCB. We are all in the same boat and even though we're all at different stages at our weight loss we must celebrate and be proud of what we have done so far. There are ppl who never even try..Keep your head up! :-)
  5. I dont know if i'm too late but after surfing and searching this site, I want to be a part of this..FOR GOOD! I've been on WW since January 15th, 09 and I have lost 21lbs total;however, these days I've been slacking off. I havent gained any weight back but I still feel unhappy. I dont know why..I'm doing this by myself so I am seeking someone, anyone who will help me feel like I am a part of the BB Family. You guys all seem great and I will admit that i do have a long way to go but if its possible I'd like to join a group or any type of support system that fills this void. I'm still tryin to figure this thing out so please bare with me..thank you :-) -Jen
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