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  1. Heya Ladies! Sorry about being MIA. Between family issues and work I haven't had a minute to spare it feels like. Today isn't much better at this point but I thought I'd better check in. I'm thinking of you all and I'll check back as soon as I can.
  2. My menu today: B blueberry smoothie hb egg mango L brown rice sushi sf jello D going to a friends house.. not sure what's on the menu. Possible snacks ff cottage cheese popcorn sf pudding ff yogurt I know, I know, need more veggies!
  3. I HATE Friday the 13th! Have I ever told y'all that? I've got my superstitions and that's one of them. Today has just reminded me of that. Scuffed my car on a pilar coming into the garage, I'm all by myself as support staff today (didn't know that until after I was here for an hour) and have been bombarded from the second I got here! Grrrrrr! So I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants..... Tanya, my prayers are with your little niece, keep us posted. Katy and Nancy, it's always good to have friends in the medical field to give us the skinny on things! Ms. Esther, a woman after my own heart! Wait up and I'll go shopping with you! Lisa, A big party for Ms. M eh... sounds like fun! Karen, having Kaison tonight! Yay for being a Grandmother! I don't have that pleasure as of yet and am not trying to rush the kids into it, but I am looking forward to it. Ms. Sandy, Way to go getting some Wii Wii time in! I remind myself that I love my dogs each and every day! LOL My Wii has told me that I was down 3 days in a row, my two week goal is .2 away from being met, I'm very excited. I took a 45 minute walk yesterday and then worked out on the Wii for 25 minutes and was just exhausted. I plan to stop by WW to be weighed tonight but I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep my membership. With my hours change at the begining of the year I have not found a meeting that I like and I'm paying $40 a month to be weighed. Okay, I've to get this posted and get back to it. I've been interupted 3 times already! I'll check back in today a few times, it should start quieting down any time now!
  4. Okay, coffee's cold, basket is 90% empty and I've made my appearence at the stand-up (morning meeting). I'm going to warm my coffee, actually, poor it out, get some fresh, catch up and I'll be back!
  5. Okay, too late. My phone is already ringing off the hook. Give me some time and it should calm down today. Because of the snow weather people are going to want to get out of here early. Which means that I may actually get some work done!!! Sorry ladies. I will check back in later.
  6. Mornin All! What a flippin misserable week it has been! I'm so ready for the weekend. I'm going to try to catch up before anyone catches me.. brb
  7. Wow! Y'all were Chatty Kathy's yesterday! See what I miss out on! First, Has anyone heard from Cressa. How is she doing? My worry is that Monster (depression) has gotten to her. Karen, I'm here with coffee in hand..lol The Wii is fun, it's great entertainment. You could have so much fun when the kids come over. When there is nothing going on.. doesn't happen often, but Troy and I will crack a beer and play bowling, wake boarding, whatever. I LOVE it. And I have a new Blackberry, the 8900 Curve. There was nothing wrong with the other one I just felt the urge to have a new phone. Now I'm thinking about ordering the MyTouch and trying it out, just curious. But you know what a junkie I am! Ms. Esther, Yay for you getting your walk in yesterday! This is even something that you can do on the Cruise ship, honestly, that's why I was thinking something easy.. that way you could join in as well. Sometimes Walmart can be pure entertainment! Nancy, I hope that the rain keeps people away for you today! But then again, sometimes being busy is the best way to make the day go by quickly. Walmart is CRAZY sometimes. Jess and I love to go at midnight and do our shopping. The worst that happens then is you have to jockey the stockers. Rhonda, I'm so excited for how much better you're going to feel after your surgery! Did you get the ball? Cat, it's nice to see you this morning! I'm glad that you stumbled upon this group! I have faith that someday the right person who wants to share your life with you will come along.. and he'll be wonderful! Lisa, busy busy busy! Tanya, Busy busy busy! I hope you get your phone to working. Katy, how are you today? Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday! Ms. Sandy, I do like the Wii Fit Plus. Yes it lags a bit but while it's doing that I walk in place just to keep myself going. Not sure what it is about the Wii but I do love it. I did get my Wii Wii in yesterday, 30 min of jogging, biking, hulla hooping and a few other things. It's my plan to do it again tonight after work. This morning I was awake at 4a.m., listening to Troy in the other room getting his stuff together for work. Then I layed and listened to the silence, which led me into pondering life, depression, choices, you know. It wasn't a bad moment for me, but not an AHA moment either. But I do feel good about today, I have my menu planned, my workout planned and life just feels good again. Okay ladies, I have 5 contracts on my desk that have to be taken care of this a.m. and a few other time sensitive things to get taken care of so I'll be spars, but I'll be around! Have a wonderful morning everyone!
  8. Hey there Buddies! I'm here, no need to send out that search party...lol Yesterday got busy fast and it didn't slow down until last night. Let me catch up and get some coffee, I'll brb.
  9. This is kind of humorous.. in a distorted kind of way! On the news this morning they were talking about type 1 diabetes, which runs in my family but I've never been tested, and a list of symptoms went up on the screen; Extreme thirst - yes lethargy - Yes Irritability - YES Extreme Hunger - YES Extreme Weight Loss - Yeah okay, I'm a hypochondriac!
  10. Welcome to the Lonely Lara show! Today my guests are Troy, talking with us about cleaning gutters (my hope for him to do today), Sadie the dog talking about discrimination from breed to breed and how the greyhounds won't let her play with their toys and call her fat. It'll be an exciting show today so stay with us! Going for more coffee and something to eat!
  11. Last night I finally unwrapped my new Wii Fit Plus and put it in for a workout. I truly enjoyed it. It has several most activities, will set up a workout specifically for what you want to achieve and it kicked my rear. I worked out for 35 minutes and was feeling it when I was done. I rode bikes, hula hooped, jogged, skateboarded, flew (by flapping my wings), road a segway.. it was a fun way to earn 2 ap's! I loved it. I was sad when the Wii told me that I gained though.. but not surprised. I have just gotten so used to giving in to my h2m disease that I'm really having a hard time breaking it. This is going to be something that I'm really going to have to put some effort towards.
  12. Katy, I'd have to agree with you on your take on the take on the biggest loser. I love seeing the transformation in the people but it's not a lifestyle that most people can live. Who has 4 hrs a day to workout much less 6-8! It is a contest and even the people that have been voted off are still working towards a prize otherwise they probably wouldn't be working this hard either. I was truly disappointed that Shay was voted off. Enjoy the parade and lunch out, sound like a wonderful way to spend the day!
  13. So how about a w/o challenge for us ladies? It sounds like this is something that several of us may benefit from. Challenge: 2 w/o points each day, can be earned all at one time or even in bits and pieces throughout the day. No restrictions to that. Each day we can post what we earned and how. This not only gives us a boost but by posting the different choices we've all made gives someone else incentive to get those 2pts as well. Deal?
  14. Sandy, my heart goes out to you hon. What a taxing day for you. It's easy to find yourself falling in a that hole of depression when you are seeing it all around you but the difference is that you are still living. Allowing that depression monster take control is essentially dying a little each day... Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! It's a quote from my favorite movie, Auntie Mame. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Nancy, that was a great breakdown of the past year, just look at what everyone has overcome. You'd think that wl would be an easy hurtle by comparison. Troy is so used to hearing me talk about all of you by name and that y'all were such a big part of my life that he said that it was weird to him when I wasn't talking about y'all. I'm so glad that I'm back. I'd imagine that you're off checking out your new walmart by now. Each time they open new ones they're nicer then the next.. have fun! Rhonda, Thank you. What a nice little surprise to wake up to. Sandy is right, it's like a virtual hug. I'm so proud of you for the choices that you've made and how you've allowed yourself to move away from the ciggis. You're doing great! Like I told Nancy, when seeing what hurtles we've all made it over this year you'd think that WL would be easy by comparison. Ms. Esther, My prayers goes out to Gerry's cousin and your family. Please keep us posted on how things go. Are you getting excited about your cruise? I'm excited for you! I missed it and didn't see you say where you two are going. Have fun in town today and we'll see you tonight. Karen, sorry you don't have a holiday today.. I'd share it with you! Want Troy to run over and poor you some snickerdoodle coffee? I have a feeling that no matter how hot a trainer is, I'd learn to hate him regardless!!! Tanya, did you get your new phone figured out? Cat, we're glad that you found our group, I'm excited to get to know you better. and being welcomed back by this group is exactly what I needed.. they are a wonderful bunch of gals! Ms. Katy, how are you feeling this morning?
  15. Good Morning Ladies! Gotta love federal holidays! I just rolled my rear out of bed and Troy brought me a cup of wonderful flavored coffee, snickerdoodle.. yum. Let me do some catching up and I'll be back!
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