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  1. I just took spinning at our Y for 8 weeks and LOVED IT!!!! I have bad knees too...my right worse than my left, but I would wear a hinge brace on my right knee and I was fine. If it weren't for my kids up in the air schedules with baseball, I would have signed back up to do it again in a heartbeat.
  2. Well I popped in what was the first firm video I had that started me off on my tangent.....Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs. I really need to throw that into the rotation more often. I forgot how much I really like that one. I should have done C & S tonight but my body couldn't stand a TBC tonight even if I transplanted someone elses legs on. My workout last night was grueling! Jen
  3. I am in again this week. I have printed off this months FB's rotation calendar and am going to try to go with that and my spinning classes........I'll have to adjust my firm workouts though since I can't adjust what day my classes are.....and also because I do not have some of the tapes. SUNDAY- REST MONDAY- Total Sculpt Plus Abs TUESDAY- Spinning Class WEDNESDAY- Sculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs THURSDAY- Spinning Class FRIDAY- REST SATURDAY-Supercharged Sculpting 5 days pledged......1 to go!!!!! Jen
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids absolutely loved it..........they had no clue it was "point friendly" either! I will be making this again and again. Jen
  5. Good Morning Firmies! I hit my pledge last week and am gunning for it again this week! I have my eye on the targer with March starting this week! One month closer to my wedding and the honeymoon where a bathsuit will have to be worn! I WILL be the best that I can be by that time though. Alrighty.....I am pledging 5 workouts. Sometimes I have to double up on the workouts....with 5 kids, we are in constant motion around here! LOL SUNDAY- Elliptical 45 mins. MONDAY- REST TUESDAY- Spinning Class ...sick child at home....but did elliptical 35 mins! WEDNESDAY- Body Sculpt 45 mins THURSDAY- Spinning Class 60 mins FRIDAY- Complete Aerobics & Weight Training REST SATURDAY- Total Muscle Shaping 50 mins Happy Sweating! Jen
  6. Chiclet.............when I lost my weight before ( ) and was starting out with the firm videos, I would buy new weights as a reward for hitting 10 or 5 pound marks in my loss. Come to think of it.....I need to come up with a new reward system for my getting back to goal! hmmmmmmmm Jen
  7. Chiclet.......exactly what Joanne said! I restarted doing the Firm last month and started out low with my weights and I have upped my heavy to 10 pounds.......I have a hard time keeping that up sometimes, but when I notice that....AND YOU WILL KNOW.......I drop down to my 8's again.....but more and more lately, I am sticking to the 10's. When you challenge yourself you find your strentgh.....whether it be outer or inner! I have spinning class tonight and I both classes last week because of the bad weather.......this should prove interesting. LOL The instructor apparently has "issue" with my not ramping up the resistance level all the way to the top.....but unless he is going to pay my medical bills for my bad knee...sorry ain't happening. I think I know my limits pretty good and I don't look for an easy workout, so I take it as far as i know my body will let me with the resistance and keep up with the peddling. I hate to say this.....I am the oldest person in the class at 36 and the only overweight person in there. Jen
  8. I will probably jump back to the firm rotations once Baseball, Tball and softball start......I won't have time to get to the Y for classes at that point.....I'll be too busy running to every ball field! Jen
  9. I would like to jump in on here. I was here for a while last year, but my motivation and my program was not there yet.....but it is now! I have been firming again since Jan 1st. I have all of the BSS plus some add ons and a few older ones. I was following a firm rotation until I started my spinning classes, now it's just a "what do I feel like doing today" kind of thing. I am pledging 5 workouts. SUNDAY- Ultimate Calorie Blaster MONDAY- JF Buns AND JF Abs TUESDAY- Spinning Class WEDNESDAY- REST THURSDAY- Spinning Class FRIDAY- REST SATURDAY-Cardio Sculpt Blaster:bcb_smile 5 Pledged.......0 to go!!!! Jen
  10. You are right..........this site rocks! There are no requirements to join in on one of the threads......as a matter of fact that really is the key to learning and getting to know people around here. You said your goal is to lose 120 pounds...why not join in on the 100+ board? You didn't say how old you are but there are boards categorized by age group too. There are alot of people on here that call more than one board home.....it all depends on the personality and what your needs and wants are.....and how much time you spend on the internet! I know the board that I call home is awesome....we help keep each other motivated and accountable, provide good tips and recipes, laugh our heads off at each other and most of all, if we find someone that we know should be on the board, missing, we send out the search party for them........this is exactly what this place is about! Just find a home and jump on in. Also.....make sure that you read the faq's page too! Best of luck to you on your journey.................... Jen
  11. Hmmmmmmmmm is right. LOL I hope that eventually Nancy & co. will start to do videos.....So many of my favs are now with her. Jen
  12. Joanne, I did see that posting. I had joined FBC a couple of months ago....I don't post often, but like to look around for ideas...particularly different rotations. Do you honestly think though that Allie is staying at Firm? It just seems sooo many people have been leaving and there has got to be a big reason for such mass exodus. Jen
  13. Did you look at the list of who went with her!?!?!?! AWESOME! I wish I could take a trip down there! I will miss Allie though on The Firm! When I look at her in videos she is just soooo inspiring for me and so much fun. Jen
  14. I did it....... I do know a definate for next time though......wear my knee brace for the transitions to peddle backwards because oh man my knee hurts today...............along with what feels like a very chafed area! How the heck can you pad that area?! LOL Anyway, I loved it. I used to rollerblade ALOT and I guess the only thing I could compare this too was exhausted after rollerblading 10 miles....but I love a killer workout so I will definately be back next week! Jen
  15. Oh man...I have a few.... Complete Aerobics & Wt Training (BSS2) Body Sculpt (BSS1) Cardio Sculpt (BSS1) Jiggle Free Buns (add on for Transfirmer series) Super Charged Sculpting (Transfirmer series) Those are my TOP 5 Jen
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