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  1. Is it ok to exercise on an elliptical every day or do you need to rest every other day to let your muscles recooperate?
  2. Thanks for the response! I'm glad my wife is thinking healthy, I just wish she would have been gung-ho into WW. Everything she's buying is from health food stores and they're not cheap! I told her I would stick to plan as best I could but that I would probably eat some things that I considered healthy even though the plan didn't. The basics of the plan isn't much different from any other "healthy" food diet, gluten free, no refined sugars, no processed foods, things like that.
  3. My wife just got on this Genotype diet, it's a diet that goes along with your bloodtype. I've always believed in WW and it's always seemed to work for me, but now my wife is convinced that this Genotype diet is the healthiest way to go but it seems to be very restricted. I can't have any dairy, very few cheeses, certain fruit and veggies are considered "toxic" for me. Here's my question, instead of milk I'm drinking vanilla flavored rice milk. Some experts say milk is not healthy for you and some say it is. Which is it? Who do you believe?
  4. Is "no sugar added" the same as "unsweetened"? And if not, which is better?
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