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  1. Hi Buddies! I just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I had my surgery on Friday and got out of the hospital yesterday. I decided to stay at my mom's for the weekend so I don't have the kids bugging me, even though DH is home to help. They did end up removing a whole ovary and half of the remaining one in addition to the cysts, but it was all done laparoscopically and they didn't have to open me up so that is good. I'll check back in next week. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!
  2. Good Morning All! Not a lot going on here. My surgery has been set for the 12th. I have to go into the hospital on Wed and do all my pre-admittance paper & bloodwork, fun fun! Yesterday was my birthday but we didn't do anything.. we are waiting til we get our tax refund and after my surgery then we are going out to dinner with my brother and SIL on the 20th. Weigh in is Friday, I feel pretty good about it even though it's that TOM. Hope everyone is having a good day!
  3. Morning Buddies! Had my weigh in this morning. I had gained 2 lbs a couple wks ago (I was sure it was a lot more!) and I didn't weigh last week so I am unsure of how much I actually gained but I weighed this am and I am BACK down 1.1 and back under 140. So yay me! I knew I was down at least a little because I was weighed at the Drs office yesterday and last week. Not much else going on here. I'm sure it will be anything but quiet here this weekend.. unless of course I leave and go to my mom's!
  4. Thanks ladies. I will def. let you know when it's scheduled. I'm not really surprised because she said that's probably what she would want to do at my first appt. The only thing I really worry about is having to repeat the process if/when the cysts return, which is very likely. I can't afford a bunch of surgeries.. yuck.
  5. I am back from my appt. We are going to go ahead with the surgery. They are going to start with laproscopic but because there are 3 (not 2 like previously thought) large dermoids if they can't do what they need to then they'll open me up. There's also a chance they may need to take the whole ovary. They are also not exactly sure where the cysts are because the CT showed 2 on the left and 1 on the right and the u/s showed all 3 on the left and they couldn't see the right so they'll know more once they get in there. Not sure yet when it will be, the scheduler is going to call me next week with a date but will most likely be on a Friday and I will spend the night in the hospital. If they need to open me up, then a longer hosp stay and recovery time.
  6. I don't have much of a plan today either. Right now I'm just waiting for DH to get home so we can leave for my Dr appt. After I get back I'll figure the rest of the day out. Probably folding laundry and whatnot.
  7. I LOVE shoe shopping! I'm a nut that way. Sailor- I know what you mean about the heels/flats. When I was shopping for strappy sandals for a summer wedding, it was pretty much either or. I ended up with 4 inch stiletto sandals LOL. I love heels though, having short stubby legs. Lynn- OUCH! It's probably good you weren't there to see it lol. How did he cut himself? As for me, Not much going on. I am going to get on the Wii Fit and do a little light exercise. My abdomen isn't sore anymore so I'm going to get back in the game a little. I haven't been walking DS #5 to school because of the rain and b/c DS #4 has a mild case of Chicken Pox. I have to figure out something for myself for dinner tonight, we don't do formal family dinners on Tuesdays.
  8. Happy Birthday Carol, hope it's fabulous!!
  9. Sue- I had a pelvic ultrasound today too. Mine was for ovarian cysts. I nearly burst, they had to stop halfway thru the 2nd partto let me potty again b/c my bladder filled back up so fast lol. I get my results on Thurs. Just wanted to say good luck with yours!
  10. Good morning everyone! It's raining (again!) here. I'm really done with this rain lol. My ultrasound is this afternoon so I am a bit anxious, not looking forward to the 3-16 oz water bottles I have to drink beforehand and not being able to pee! I think I am going to make Loaded 'Baked' Potato Soup today.. it's definitely a soup day. Linda- I'll be doing the same as you this morning. It's pretty pointless to do anything on the weekend when everyone is home and with all the rain everyone is stuck inside. Sheri- great job on your loss!! Becky- free skating, how fun! Good for you for taking advantage of it while you can. Veronica- That Tuscan-Style Chicken sounds so good!
  11. Good Afternoon everyone! Not a lot going on here, it's raining (again!) so I am spending the day working, playing on facebook, and watching movies lol. My groceries arrived (yay!) so I had a nice and FILLING lunch of FF yogurt, apples, and core granola. I am being forced to hold off on major exercise until after I see the Dr next week
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