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  1. I drain the beans just because I like my soup a little bit thicker. I can't stand the taste of runny soup (i'm crazy i know)....in a nutshell, I like chili like soups and that's pretty much what you get if you drain the beans. Andrea
  2. It's 2 points for 1 cup....but it's VERY filling! Andrea
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know...I eat this all the time and I LOVE it! I dont' add the corn because I'm not a big corn fan, and instead of black beans I add Pinto Beans. But it's really good the original way too! Andrea
  4. Tammy....I think you might be overexercising....and I'm guilty of that too. Im at the gym pretty much every day of the week. However, I eat all of my Flex points and AP's each week. I just recommitted this past week, and even though it was TOM, I still lost. I think 1-2 days off per week might be a good thing. I've only been to the gym 3 times this week and still managed to loose. Try it and see what happens. If you are staying within your points, you should be fine. I've also noticed lately that if I give myself a couple of days off I tend to loose a little bit more than when I go everyday. Our bodies need rest so try it and see what happens. Let me know how things go for you!! Andrea
  5. are you doing cardio and lifting everyday? It's ok to do cardio everyday, but you want to lift every other day, unless you are doing a different body part each day. I would suggest that if you are doing an entire body lifting routine, go every other day. If you are going to the gym everyday and want to lift everyday, then split the body parts up (ie....monday do biceps and triceps, tuesday do back, wed do chest, thursday do shoulders and friday do legs). Also, did you put an inch on due to muscle? That's not a bad thing!!!!! That's actually a great thing! Hope this helps! Andrea PS...pm me if you need to, I'm a personal trainer if you need any more help.
  6. Does anybody know the points value for these? I tried looking on Dottie's site, but couldn't find anything......I'm gonna try the Godiva website, but thought I would try here too. Thanks! Andrea
  7. Thanks for all your help ladies! I'm going to stick with it....it's just frustrating to try so hard and not lose a thing. I know I don't want to put back on those 6 lbs that I have lost....at least that's better than nothing!!! Andrea
  8. Do you think that certain people are meant to weigh more than what is normal for their height, age, etc? I'm beginning to think that of myslef...I"ve been doing WW for 12 weeks and no matter how hard I try I CANNOT get below 169...I'm pretty active, I do cardio everyday and lift at least 3 times a week....I've been trying different point ranges just to see what happens....I'm supposed to be at 22 right now, but nothing is happening with that either. I would try not eating AP's and flex, but I don't want to get to maintenance and have to live off of like 22 points a day....I would starve!!!! Has anyone else experienced this before and believe they have a higher "set point" for their body? Or am I the only one out there???? Thanks guys!! Andrea
  9. Hey guys.....I need some help bad!!! I don't cook, and I have to create a snack for one of my classes, cook it, and bring it to class. That's not really the problem...the problem is....my snack can't contain more than 200 calories per serving and it has to be a good source of B12 and Zinc.....kinda crazy...this is for cellular class.....I know that both of these items are high in meat products...but I didn't know if you guys had any ideas of what I could make.....it can be hot or cold.....it would be easier if it was cold.....like shrimp or something....but I have to think of it like I was going to a party and bringing a snack. Any ideas? TIA!!! Andrea
  10. I agree with everything Jen said....I am a certified personal trainer and I think it's important to train your lower body. I only train my legs one day each week...but i take a step class and run the other days, so my legs are in very good shape...esp my calves. If nothing else, stick to lighter weights and higher reps! Hope this helps! Andrea
  11. If you didn't add the rice or bulgur....what do you think the points value would be then?
  12. I am having the same problem!!!! I need to lose about 10 to reach 10%......but they aren't budging!!! I"ve been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for the past two months! It's so frustrating!!!! Im not sure exactly what I'm going to do about it....I hate to not eat my flex......I don't want to half to maintain at a low points value....and I always eat my AP's.....maybe I should try not eating some of the flex..... andrea
  13. Should you WI before or after a cardio workout? The reason I'm asking is that I have two times I can WI....before or after my step class on saturdays.....you would think that you would weigh less after working out b/c you have been sweating....but at the same time, you could argue that you would weigh a little more b/c you've been working out and your muscles are warm, therefore they are retaining a little water from the lactic acid...what do you guys think? Thanks!! Andrea
  14. I'm a personal trainer, but I train through the YMCA...which charges $40 a session (1 hour). But it's different at each gym......I'm also studying to be a dietitian (nutritionist).....if you need help, let me know...i'd be happy to help!! (i have a BS in nutrition and I'm studying for my master's right now) Andrea
  15. Hey buddies, I have a question....I attend WI and meetings on Saturdays. However, I think that this next Saturday I will be out of town. I don't know if I can make it to a meeting earlier in the week, and if I do, that will put me off schedule and I wont be able to make it back to my Saturday meetings. If I skip the WI this next saturday and go the following saturday, do I have to pay the start-up fee again? What are the rules for this stuff? Thanks. Andrea
  16. Andrea Kay

    Cool Whip?

    I've had chocolate cool whip....well, it was the redi whip....but boy was it good!!!! I found it at walmart in the yogurt section....in the can. You should try it....it's great! Andrea
  17. Stacey, I'm not sure about Thomas Bagels, but the Atkins bagels are 3 points, and they are pretty big. However, I've seen other people post that the Thomas Bagles are 2 points....so you are still right. andrea
  18. I've seen several of you post about low carb bagels by Thomas. I was in the grocery store the other day and found some low carb bagels from Atkins. Now, I'm not an atkins advocate, but I decided to try them b/c I like bagels and haven't had one in forever. They are really good! They have 190 calories, 11 grams of fiber, and 4.5 grams of fat, which equals out to 3 points. And it's a pretty big bagel too. Looks like a normal bagel if you ask me. Has anybody else seen these before? If you haven't tried them (and love those bagels) you should! Andrea
  19. Sorry.....I was in a hurry when I typed that and totally forgot to list this stuff. Here's how to calculate activity points: Low Intensity (50-60% target heart rate) min exercised X weight(lbs) X 0.000232 = AP Moderate Intensity (60-75% THR) min exercised X weight X 0.000327= AP High Intensity (75-85% THR) min exercised X weight X 0.0008077= AP
  20. Michelle....we are actually on Fles points now. Which means that we get "target" points now. Now that you are at 149, you get 20 points a day. We also have 35 Flex Points to use each week. you can use them however you like....I am at 22 points, and I add 5 flex points to my 22 each day....making it 27 points a day. But you dont' have to use them, and you don't have to use them like I use them. With the AP's.....you earn them based on the amount of exercise and the intensity you do. Hope this helps. Andrea
  21. congratulations boombie!!! I know how exciting it is to see the scale go done while still being able to eat a lot of food! I had my first WI this past saturday and lost 1.8, which I was not expecting. I guess I was expecting a gain, although I stayed within my target, and ate AP's and flex. I was talking to a friend yesterday who said she lost 5.8 pounds her first week. I didn't ask how she did it, b/c she eventually said that she usually ended up with about 13-15 points left over each day..and she gets to eat 28 a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no way i could survive on 13 points a day. I exercise way too much for that to happen. I told her that she was going to have a hard time maintaining on that amount of food when she finally lost all her weight, and she said that she just wasn't hungry. I don't know if i believe her or not. Unless she's eating ALOT of zero point veggies and ALOT of the zero point soup. Which would eventually add up. who knows....i was happy with my 1.8 pound loss. anyway, i didnt mean to stray off the subject....just wanted to congratulate you!! Andrea
  22. Amber....are you saying that you don't like pizza? Because you could still have a piece of pizza and still eat a big salad. Just get pizza with less cheese and more veggies. I think one slice of thin crust veggie lovers pizza is like 4 points. Which isn't bad, and then you can have all the salad you want...as long as you dont overdo it on the dressing!! If you don't like pizza, maybe bring fruit or cut up vegetables. I like apples, oranges and pineapple. I also like protein bars...which are 3 to 4 points. Oatmeal in the packets is always good, and yogurt is great. There are a number of things you could do if you don't like pizza. Hope this helps!! andrea
  23. Andrea Kay

    Diet Coke Cake

    Mary Beth, it depends on the type of cake mix that you use. Most cake mixes are about 170-180 calories, so I think it is around three points per slice. But it's really good. Very moist. Andrea
  24. Hey guys....I posted this in the T20's board as well, so if you're reading it again..sorry!! I was just wondering if anyone ever experiences this? For the past week I've been hungry all the time...no matter what I eat. I just feel like I cant eat enough. I have been exercising pretty heavy a couple of days, but i"ve been eating all my AP's. I've also been eating my target points and some of my flex points each day. so i don't know what could be going on. any suggestions? Andrea
  25. Hey Susie.....I'm not really sure about the scales marketed under the WW name. I just bought one that had the WW logo on it, cause I liked the way it looked I always buy like that...guess it could get me into trouble on day....but it's been a great scale so far. But I would think that any scale would be ok. I've just recently started attending meetings, so now I'm going to have to see what i weigh at meetings vs what I weight at home, that way if i miss a meeting I can still WI at home.
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