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  1. trish72

    5% goal!!!!

    I am doing the happy dance! After 5 weeks back, I have lost 16 lbs and achieved my first goal of losing 5% of my starting weight! And I have already lost another three pounds towards my next goal of 10%....only ten more pounds to go!!!!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome Fluffy! Feels good to back home!
  3. Definately a positive experience here! Down 9 lbs and feeling totally in control!!!!
  4. Yes Katie! It is me! How are you??? I am glad to see you!!!!



  5. Hey, Trish! My name is Katie, and I am wondering if we were part of the same group last summer, "The Shrinking Violets"?



  6. Cheffy, Great job of losing over 100 lbs!!!!!! You are doing great!!! One you are probally not eating enough...you should always eat your daily points (I also eat all my weekly points and about a half of my activity points)which may cause your body to think it is being deprived it is now trying to hang onto the weight as a survival instinct... You are probally going to need to shake things up.... Some suggestions: 1) Add more healthy oils to your diet. 2) Add some more variety to your menu. It is okay to eat a variety of foods, probally even healthier!!! And will keep you from feeling deprived! 3) Eat at least 31 pts a day and use your weekly point allowance!! (I'd double check and make sure you have your daily target figured correctly) 4) Alternate your points intake every day...Example (using 31 as your daily target, plus 35 activity points) Monday: 31 pts Tuesday: 46 pts Weds: 36 pts Thurs: 41 pts Friday:31 pts Sat: 36pts Sun: 31 pts) 5) Start exercising if you aren't allready...If you are it's time to bump it up a bit I'd recommend eating most of your AP's as well, but everyone losing weight differently you are going to have to see what works best for you!!!! Sometimes our bodies just need a break and you have lost a lot of weight in a relatively short amount of time!!! Hopefully some of this may help you start to lose again!!! Trish
  7. Dawn, 30 lbs in 12.5 weeks!!!! You should be proud of yourself instead of mad!!! You are doing great!!! I think it is very important for you to know how many points you should be eating everyday..it seems like you still aren't really for sure... To determine you daily points target: 1) Take the first two digits of what you weigh (For you 28 sicne you weigh 288) 2) Are you female? Add 2 pts Are you male? Add 4 pts (Now you are up to 30) 3) How old are you? 17-26....Add 4 pts 27-37....Add 3 pts 38-47...Add 2 pts 48-58..Add 1 pts Over 58...Add 0 pts ( 30 plus____=_____) 4) How Tall are you? Under 5'1"...Add 0 pts 5'1" to 5'10"..Add 1 pts 5'10 and up...Add 2 pts (Total of 3+____=_____) 5) How do you spend most of your workday? Sitting down (ex. office worker)...Add 0 pts Occassionally sitting, but mainly standing (ex sales person, mom)..Add 2 pts Walking most of the time (ex postal carrier).....Add 4pts Doing physically hard work (ex construction worker)...Add 6 pts (Total of 4+ ____=_____) 6) if you are nursing mom, Soley breastfeeding...Add 10 points Supplementing w/some solids or formula.....Add 5 points PLUS You get 35 flexpoints a week... PLUS you get your Weekly Activity points... With your Activity Points you don't have to eat them on the day you use them just within the week you earn them. So if you exercise late, you don't have to eat them that night! (I double checked this in the week 2 book just to be sure, AP's carry over day to day but not week to week) I let my body judge how much I need to eat and when....I usually eat 4 pts for breakfast (since I am not so hungry), around 8 for lunch and about 20 for dinner (4 pts for milk, 16 for dinner)..I use my Weekly Flex points for snacks (if I need them) or to spurge(birthdays, holidays, or something I have been really craving that is high in points) . I may use 15 Weekly points in one day, or none just depending on what my body is telling me and what is going on in my life. I have had days where I can barely reach my points target and other days where I am starving and used 20 flex points....You can also use points for things like peanut butter, nuts, full fat version of salad dressings if you are having trouble getting all your points in!! With that said you need to tell hunger from stress/emotion...Make sure you are really hungry before you head to the fridge!!! And try to celebrate those non-scale victories such as smaller pants and smaller measurements...If you really need the visuals trying taking progress pictures so you can "see" the difference or make up a chart to celebrate the days OP or how much exercise or a smaller size or losing an inch.... I know you are frustrated..I've been there done that...sometimes our bodies just need to take a break from losing for a while but eventually all your hard work will pay off if you just stay OP!!!! Hope this helps! Trish
  8. Congratulations on 8 years of celebrating the new you!!!!!!!! One day I will be there celebrating with you!! Trish
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