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  1. Good morning everyone.  Started week one on blue at home.  Happy to report I'm down six pounds!! Goals for the week journal everything.  If I want something account it in my points without guilt. I am doing 10% mini goals.  6 down 18 more pounds to go.

  2. I am looking for different fonts, font sizes and colors also. Is that possible? Also I see some of our signatures did not transfer well. Thanks, Tinka
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Jason for getting us going again!
  4. Great job Jason. I love all the changes. Definitely updated! It has been quite a while but this is great.
  5. This was fun. Thanks. I have bookmarked it. Tinka
  6. Thanks everyone for the welcome. BCB has been a daily part of my life for ten years. See you around. Tinka
  7. Denise! Have a very special day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Tinka
  8. Kimberly and everyone, Thanks! I am glad to serve and look forward to seeing "the inside" of BCB. I often hang out at 50+ but read here and there all over. Thanks, Tinka
  9. This is so good. Per serving: 35 calories 1.5 g fat 2 g carb 0 g fiber Very good and spreadable. Tinka
  10. Weigh yourself once a week at your WW meeting. Weighing yourself every day drives you crazy wondering why the number went up. Weight can fluctuate on a day to day basis. I do however wear the same clothing just about every week to weigh in.................... Tinka
  11. This is found at Costco and comes in a 14.5 oz plastic container. I love it! It says it is a blend of 21 organic ingredients from around the world. Fat free and low fat food can be rather bland and this is a way to spice things up with out adding salt. It is NOT hot spicy tasting though. I love the taste and have tried it on eggs and chicken breast and more. The only down side is that it does not have a 'shaker top', however the shaker top from a tall Mrs. Dash (salt free seasoning) fits it perfectly. My new favorite thing! Tinka ps. I did not notice the price..............
  12. Got the frozen cooked shrimp and can't wait to try this. I love shrimp and have hardly EVER had fried shrimp so I don't crave it. tinka
  13. Christi, To answer your question about dates..........they taste kind of sweet and they are chewy. Here are the stats on pitted dates. The brand name is Sun Date. I think they are a food that you either LOVE or HATE. Serving size: 5-6 dates (40g) calories: 120 Total fat: 0g Potassium: 240 mg Total carb: 31g Fiber: 3g Sugars: 29g Protein 1g
  14. I find that I can edit a post I made the same day, but not the next day or later. This is my one and only complaint...........and I can live with it!! Tinka
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