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  1. i think its a great idea! I vote to go private!
  2. you started it under the main bcb buddies. you didnt go into the sub categories
  3. monday may 10- exercise - gym and zumba, plenty of water - did not journal tuesday may 11
  4. ok posting in here. im going to wait to post starting weight until i go to WW tomorrow so i have an accurate scale and WI at the same time every week. Tanya's 10 week challenge Goals: Week One: Set measurable and attainable individual goals 1. Journal daily 2. 30 mins of exercise 4 days a week (at least.) 3. work on getting 64 oz water daily
  5. Morning buddies. Quick check in. I stink at golf. Pretty achey today lol. Ill let hubby enjoy his golf don't think its my thing. Today hitting a few stores, gotta swap something I bought for dh. Then lunch with dh and ils. Marie and john are taking other car to go see her friend. Ill try to check back later.
  6. Morniing buddies. Beautiful here today. Sitting out back watching two ducks play in a puddle next door (from all rain yesterday?. ILs are cooking breakfast then I'm making my big golf debut hahaha. 9holes on a much cheaper course tha they've been playing but it should be fun. I've only ever done mini golf(which I had second best score theother day). Going to a show tonight too. Will b a fun day. Ill try to check back later.
  7. Katy so sorry for your loss. Morning buddies. Just getting going. Its raining here. The gang is on their way back, raining too hard. Gonna go hit a few shops and mil needs to go to costco. Will be a nice quiet low key day. No big plans. Tomorrow lots of plans. Will try to check in later.
  8. It was gorgeous today. Bout 62 or so. We did more shopping so came back n ate here. Guys were just getting back so we hung out for a bit then we went too play minigolf. I got two hole in ones! Had a blast. After that we went to dinner. Place we were going to was almost 2 hr wait so um no thanks. Ended up at a steakhhouse n brewery. Good food. We r now back home getting ready to watch usa hockey game for olympics. Got my comfy pants on. Gonna be an early night tonight (well whenever the game is done). Not sure what's planned for tomorrow yet. Tuesday I make my golf debut. Lol. We r going to a really cheapy course so I can try it out with them. Should b interesting. Ok game starting shortly. G'night buddies.
  9. Morning buddies. Having a good time. Went out last night. Had a blast. Only bad thing is u can still smoke in bars so my clothes and hair reeked of smoke. I'm showered and doing wash already. Heading to hit a few touristy shops and we r packing lunch (the girls) and gonna have lunch on the beach
  10. Morning buddies! Katy glad u made it there. Hope u get those kinks out. I know that feeling. Bonus points for SC. Woohoo I'm watching food network. Dh is still sleeping. Not sure what we r doing today yet. John n marie r off golfing with Fil already. Going out to the dueling piano bar tonight. Can't wait. That place is awesome.
  11. You ladies would b proud. I did go lay down! Needed that nap. Marie is still sleeeping so just playing things by ear:bcb_bigsm Rhonda sorry u r so sore. Wish they coud just wave that magic wand. Ester safe trip home. Bet u will b glad to sleep in your bed Sandy wow u were busy last night. Cressa less than two hrs left! Katy hope u made it down to see sc safely.
  12. I'm here! Not a bad flight. We r at the house now making breakfast. Thinking nap and the girls r going shopping guys r going golfing. Marie golfs but she said she's just too tired to golf. I'm on my second cup of tea lol. I willtry to check back often. I'm so glad to have a break.
  13. Morning buddies. We r on our way to boston. Going on about 1 1-2 hrs of sleep. Got done packing bout 11. I'm wiped out. John was late coming to get us so its gonna b a long ride toairport n still have to clear security. Nancy good luck today, make sure someone let's us know when u r out. Ok gonna try to focus on our ride. Ill check in later.
  14. i am officially logged out of my work computer and phone!! new light is installed in kitchen. woohoo!! heres a pic. ill get a better one after im done cleaning the mess he made putting it up off to pack trim around the window.
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