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  1. I agree on the caramel - it is not all that good. My favorite is the German Chocolate Cake flavor, and the Praline is also good, but you have to get the amount just right - a little goes a long way. I like it best mixed with the Vanilla flavor. They have always shipped my orders very quickly, and they are packed to withstand just about anything!
  2. DaVinci makes some great flavors that I seldom find in any store - I have ordered from their online site several times and got great service. I especially recommend the German Chocolate Cake flavor! I have just reordered some, and also decided to try the Praline flavor. It's much cheaper though if you can find it at TJMax or Marshalls.
  3. Welcome! Many here are doing WW without attending meetings. It sounds like you are off to a good start Since you are doing Core, you'll definitely want to check out the Core forum - lots of good support, advice, and recipes there!
  4. Yes, I count them the same as on Flex. If it's not Core, and the WW points slider calculates it's zero, then it's zero.
  5. It seemed to me when I looked at them that they were overpriced. I have even thought about getting a hunting or fishing vest and putting my own weights into the pockets - but the seams would have to be strong to hold up under the weight. (I have plenty of one and two pound weights from the ankle weights that have pockets.) Someone who has a hunting-type vest around the house, with lots of pockets, could maybe try it and see how it works.
  6. I don't have a weighted vest, but I've considered getting one because they are being recommended for people with osteopenia/osteoporosis as a way of strengthening the bones of the spine and hips. One thing that has me reluctant to get one is that I am thinking it would be hot and uncomfortable - maybe not? My bone situation is such that I need to really ramp up my weight-bearing exercises - the latest research shows it takes a heavy weight load to have an affect on bone density. I am doing a lot of my walking with a ten-pound belt wrapped over a 5-pound soft weight (this works well because the belt is too big for me, and the soft weight underneath makes it fit better). (I also walk some with a weighted back-pack.) I've found that I can wear the weighted belt while doing stuff around the house and yard - not sure I'd do that with the vest. I do think adding these weights helps to step up my metabolism!
  7. You're very smart to do this, in my opinion! I'm betting that going to meetings will be just the "booster shot" that you need!
  8. What you use your points for in the morning is just as important (or more important) than the number of points you use. Be sure you get some protein and some healthy oil at breakfast - it will help you to make better choices the rest of the day.
  9. Not only do I believe that you will lose better and feel better when you get in those two oil servings every day, but you will do best if you get at least a half teaspoon of oil with your breakfast! And I say a big AMEN to what RainyBabie posted - CORE makes it all so much easier!!!
  10. A lot of what is on Lynn's list - but more specifically on some things - I buy canola and olive oil that have Omega-3 added; I buy rolled oats and bulgar in bulk - there are some canned fruits I like that are in jars, canned in juice or with Splenda (one is Kroger brand apricots, one is Dole peaches); I try never to run out of canned black beans, canned spinach, canned corn, and canned tomato products because I can have my veggies in a hurry if I have to; dried beans and blackeye peas; FF yogurt (LOTS) and FF sour cream; soy cheese (cheddar and pepper jack flavors); canned Alaska red salmon; Mrs. Dash salt-free blends; FF ice cream; bison/buffalo; chicken breasts. Lots of fruit and vegetables - fresh, frozen, canned.
  11. I have been buying some of my grains online in large quantities, and even with the shipping, I can save money. I bought 25 pounds of bulgur, 25 pounds of rolled oats, plus a small bag of five-grain cereal and a small bag of black bean flour (which would not be Core). Including the shipping, my cost per pound for the whole order came to $1.13 per pound. This was from Bob's Red Mill. I like their products, but I can't buy it that cheap in the regular bags at my local stores. I had been buying rolled oats from a large farmer's market for about .99 per pound, but have to add sales tax and drive in heavy traffic for 40 miles - buying online is a better deal.
  12. It's my understanding that couscous is not whole wheat unless it says so on the container. I have seen several brands that do not specify WW. The brand (whole wheat) I bought most recently is by Rice Select (they have a web site, riceselect.com) and I found it at Publix. It was a bit pricey, and I'm going to try to find some somewhere that will be cheaper!
  13. If there is anything in them that is not Core, then they are not Core.
  14. You are correct that if you have brown rice or WW pasta for lunch, you could not have a potato for dinner unless you count points for it. WW couscous is not considered a pasta (but don't ask me why:) ) Hot whole grain cereals are not limited to once a day like the cold cereals.
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