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  1. Ok, I have discovered pudding. It is fat free but it has calories and 1 gram of fiber. If I count the fiber it shows up as one point. If I dont count the fiber the value is two. Which one should I choose. I have been counting two to keep from underestimating. I found some light chips that is like this too. What would you do? Thanks Kay:bcb_cool2
  2. kayb85

    In a Slump

    You know that sounds like a great idea. I think I will take my kids swimming its been nice and warm lately. Thank you for the compliment it really gave me a confidence boost I think that’s what I needed too:bcb_march
  3. kayb85

    In a Slump

    For the past week now i have been in a slump. I have given into the chocolate,candy and extra meat..and of course Im seeing it on the scale.I usualy work out 5 days on and 2 days off this week I just dont want to do it. I realy need the bug back in me before I regret it Please help bootcamp
  4. Hey! Sorry for the cheesy title but I couldnt think of anything else. I am looking to find a friend to share my WW experiences with and vice versa. I am a down to earth type of person and usually pretty up beat and positive(unless Im realy stressed). I have been using weight watchers for about 2 1/2 months now and so far lost 17lbs. I realy enjoy the program it has been a life style change for not only me but my family as well. Speaking of family I am happily married and have two children one is 21months and the other will be 6 in September. I am working on my minor in education and chemistry and majoring in Biology . I am realy bad at grammer so please dont laugh if I misspell anything..lol. Enough about me and more about you.. Buddy are you out there??
  5. kayb85


    CW. I just want to say Im sorry for being a drama queen. Theres alot going on and at the time I read it I took your responce as being negitive rather than taking it exactly as it was which was you trying to help me. Responding to others too quickly is a problem that I need to work on, expecially if I want to make friends. I will welcome any advice as long as it is offered. I will sign up for a meeting and see if it works out if I can convince my husband to let me. Thank you for being kind and offering great advice Sorry for being a drama queen...im human ( and a woman). Thank you every one for their advice on the ap's it has really helped. K
  6. kayb85


    You know I would love that but I just dont have the money like I did when I did it 5 years ago.My husbands hours have been cut from his job and we just had to sell one of our cars to make it financially. Not to put any one through a guilt trip but I thought that this site was to get straight up advise and support from those who have done weight watchers or are still doing it. Your right in the way that meetings would help..but my question wasnt realy anwered and quite frankly CW it seems to me like you dont realy like my threads or me which ever(not that you know me). You know I have tried to be active on this this website and i have gotten some realy good advice from some great people. and I thought that is what the sight was for. I wolnt ask for advice again if Its going to be a problem, CW. Just wanted a coupple of thoughts and opinons and a little support and maybe to gain a friend or two.
  7. kayb85


    Im recieving diffrent information about earing activity points from a few ladies that I met. One said that the activity points can be used on the day that you earn them but inorder to use those activity points you have to have used your entire 35 flex points.. so if exersize five days out of the week and I dont use all of my flex points then I dont eat my activity points I just keep eating out of my wpa's??? The other lady said that I could use my flex points and my activity points in the same day I just have to split my wpa's up by each day of the week (5 for each day) and eat those plus my activity points. Both of these sound funny to me.. I just dont know which one to do. I want to eat enough to make sure I keep my body's metabolism going but I dont want to over eat to slow my weight loss down. Right now Im earning 7 ap's a day but I only eat 5 and only if Im still hungry after that will I dip into my wpa's but Im usually not. I am only loosing 1.5 to 2lbs a week. Any ideas on what these two ladies had to say?? Which one am I suppose to be doing???:bcb_salutThanks in advance
  8. I had trouble with this too. If I feelt like I realy wanted to use the weekly point alowances then I would split them up 5 for each day of the week. Try to convince your self the weekend isnt special and make saturday and sunday your begining of the week I wasnt using my ap's on the days I worked out and I stayed the same weight for 2 weeks then I started adding them in and I started dropping the weight. Good luck
  9. LoL...yea I do at least 1 hr 30 min and then I do a 30 min stretch vido. I have two kids one is 22months and the other will be 6 in september. I am allso going to school full time. You know I changed from sitting in front of the tv for a coupple hours at night to working out. Its something I have realy come to love it puts me in a better mood , i get time away from kids..husband..homework..so on and so on. Your right I need a good schedule. I guess I just feel bad because I know there are some out there that work , go to school, take care of kids and find time to work out. I want to be able to do that, gosh darnit..I guess you cant have it all..thanks for the advice
  10. LoL..I understand. I have been inviting a few that seem to have been replying to my post. Thanks for the reply though. :)

  11. kayb85


    Well I just bought brand new Newbalance cross training shoes. I will use some inserts and see how that works. Thanks for the advice:bcb_grin
  12. CW

    Thanks for the invite but as a Moderator I don't have time to do all the Friend stuff.

    Just Post if you questions. The other Mods and I will be around to help.

  13. I only worked out for 3 days this past week. I had finals. Im having a realy hard time managing my time lately. I should be able to get in those two hours during the day for exersize. Theres no excuse. How does every one else do it and still get important things done? My body feels grose for not working out like I should have. I am ready to get back on the go..and the gym is closed on weekends... My neighbors giggle at me when I go jogging around the neighborhood and there is no room to exersize in my cluttered house..or maybe im just making excuses. For the last four weeks the gym has been my sanctuary. CANT WAIT UNTILL MONDAY K
  14. kayb85


    So I have been doing my exersize program for about 4 weeks now. The last time I worked out during cardio my ankles hurt really bad and then my knees started to hurt. I mean to the point I had to stop exersizing for the day. Any Ideas? Thanks In Advance
  15. Thank you for sharing that with us ! Your succsess brought tears to my eyes, because it shows me that it realy can be done and its not impossible. You look so
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