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  1. Sounds crazy I really need to try this.
  2. Thanks CW but I am struggling a lot since there no meeting at my city anymore. As you know, I live in Mexico and my meeting was cancelled. (not enough people attending meetings ), so, there's no one that can explain to me the whole new program. So, I guess there no option for me but to continue on the old program. And by MYSELF! which makes it more difficut. But not impossible I know. Is there people in here that is still doing the old program???
  3. Hi Sarah, I have been away for soooo long too. I NEED to start WW again. I like the old plan better though. Welcome back!
  4. Thanks Trudie and Allison! I remmember you buddies! Well, I didn't make it to my meeting today. My mother couldn't come to take care of my little ones! Grrr! I'm so ready to learn all about the new program. Allison- yes I'm breastfeeding. But I'm also complementing with formula. I think I will need like 5-7 extra points? But in the new program... I'm lost! Trudie- I really admire you!! You have a great commintment in your weight journey! Congrats!!! You are still at 128 after all these months! Wow! Hang in there!
  5. I like this one although I don't know if someone posted it already: "MOTIVATION CAMES AND GOES BUT DETERMINATION IS WHAT GETS YOU TO GOAL".
  6. Hi everyone! I don't know if you remmember me. I'm Lily from Mexico. I used to be a very active member. I succesfully did the program and lost 20 lbs! (after my third baby) but then I got pg again! OMG! I have 28 to lose now. I'm t my heaviest and as you know I feel disgusting with myself. I look like a nasty pig! Lol! Tomorrow is my meeting. I'm ready to lose again but not quite sure if I'm going to lose! I will hardly try. Really. I am constantly under a lot of stress, ya know, housework, three little kids and a baby! And a hubby! Lol! Anyways! Jut wanted to say hello! I remember some of you. Shrinkingkaren, LillieG, of course all the moderators. My first language is Spanish so please be patient in trying to understand what I mean in each sentence! Thanks for listening. Wish me luck buddies!
  7. Hi hi hi hi hi!

    It is Teg from BabyCenter!

  8. So, let's make a list of those low-in-points products you cannot live without and where do you get them. (Walmart, Sams or other).
  9. Hi! I've been very busy with a newborn, as you know... I'm sad bc they STOP selling 94%ff popcorn and bread here in Chihuahua Mexico. I was wondering if you can tell me where can I find them in the USA. I get to go to El Paso Texas once and a while so if you can make some suggestions of what should I get at Watmart or Sams or anyother place I would REALLY apprecciate it! TIA
  10. Where do you get the 94% ff popcorn? I live in Mexico and there aren't many ff products in here! I get to go to El Paso, Tx. Often so if you tell me where you get all this (especially the 94%ff popcorn) I would really aprecciate it!
  11. Becky - I writting from my iPhone so I can't post pics from here but I will post as soon as my hubby lends me his laptop. Or I can email them (just give me the adress), and then someone else can post them. Sure!
  12. Thanks buddies! I have a question already... I went to my meeting yesterday. They said My target was 28 points. (bc I'm breastfeeding, as you know), and I asked: "if I go for a 45 min walk.. Do I add 2 points?" and the lady said: nope! Until 2 weeks later. And I thought: " why?" I asked her why and she said because you have so many points already so if you want to walk do it but don't count those as extra points. That didn't sound right to me. What do you think?
  13. Hi everybuddy! Remember me? I stop posting bc I got pregant with #4. Well my baby was born July 30th and he is such a precious little boy. We named him Rodrigo. :-) I started back on track today. I went to my meeting and am sooo excited since I'm given 5 more points since I'm nursing so, I'm happy. However, I might starting on the counting points way, you know it is easier to start with... Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi! I'm back! And... How much do I need to lose? ?!? Well.... 28 pounds!!!! I'm gonna cry! Thanks for listening.
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