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  1. I hit my 100# weight loss this week. It's taken many years of yo yo dieting, but I did it. I am soooo happy! Woot.
  2. I've been making this for about 7 years. Making it again tonight with broccoli and rice. LOVE IT!
  3. I have been making this for 8 years now. Still love it!
  4. Hello. I have cut out white flour from my diet (finally), but don't really care for whole wheat flour. Has anyone tried ALMOND flour or any other nut flour? How is it, besides expensive? Thanks.
  5. Hello all. I heard WW has a low-glycemic plan. Is that true? Even after maintaining an 60 lb weight loss (I still have over 100 to go!), I just found out last week that I am diabetic (ACK!!!). My A1C was 7.2, with normal being 7.0 or less. My blood glucose isn't too out of whack, but am diabetic nonetheless. I need to watch very carefully my carb intake, and should follow a low glycemic diet. Can I still follow WW?
  6. I'll have to look for it. I love onion soup! Great tip, too!
  7. This sounds like a red light food for me. I best stay away from them. LOL
  8. Kayleigh6

    Kashi Cookie

    I'm still waiting to get mine in the mail......
  9. Not avoiding social functions with old friends/family members (that I haven't seen in a while, due to not wanting them to see how big I was). THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!
  10. Yep, if you make 12 muffins/cupcakes/cookies, they are 4 points each. Yikes! I'm glad I double checked the calculations.
  11. I see my mistake. I made 12 instead of 24. (thanks Stephanie )
  12. Maybe I did something wrong? I calculated 4 points each.
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