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  1. I have an FR305. I have loved it. The only drawbacks on this unit are the bulkiness and the lack of water resistence. I have had it for about 3 years. If you are going to use it in the rain put it in a small snack sized ziplock bag (Mine got water inside when I got caught in a downpour on my bike...I put it on the dash of my vehicle to dry it out but there is still a residual stain on the readout). I use it on my bike with the cadence sensor accessory and the quick change wristband/handlebar adaptor and I use it to run. You can set up all kinds of heart rate and speed zones for running, cycling, and another activity. I really enjoy the virtual partner when I am running or riding for a time goal. Also, a cool feature is being able to download your workout info to Google Earth and you can click on any point on your route and it will show your stats. This is particularly fun when you plug a big race in. Good luck. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  2. shrimp cocktail is a great low point food. I eat a ton of it.
  3. I do strength training and have been using whey protein powder as a recovery drink. Does whey protein count as a dairy? Just wandering.
  4. Here is what I have done in the past to go from walking 30 minutes to running 30 minutes... Do each work out 3 times in a week before advancing to the next week unless it feels easy. Week 1...run 1 minute/walk 1 minute for 30 minutes Week 2...run 2 minutes/walk 1 minute for 30 minutes Week 3 3 1 Week 4 4 1 Week 5 5 1 Week 6 6 1 Week 7 7 1 Week 8 8 1 Week 9 9 1 Week 10 10 1 Week 11 11 1 Week 12 12 1 Week 13 13 1 Week 14 14 1 Week 15 15 1 Week 16 Run as far as you can beyond 15 minutes until you need to take a 1 minute walk break. The next time try to go farther than the time before until you can run 30 minutes straight. In weeks 3 through 15 the message didn't format properly. "Week 14 14 1" means "For week 14 run 14 minutes, walk 1 minute for 30 minutes."
  5. ...some guy like Roger Clemens will have to testify before congress in about 10 years denying their use of Tylenol as a performance enhancing drug. "Honest Congressman...I just had a headache. I know I took 27 of them per day for 5 years, but it was a really bad headache."
  6. I would say Bowflex would have good workouts available in the owners manual, their website, or other company literature.
  7. For the Garmin you input your age, weight, and maximum heart rate. It will be interesting to compare that figure compared to punching in the time spent in each HR rate zone into the point booster.
  8. I recently bought a Garmin 305 Heart Rate/GPS unit. This unit has a calories burned feature. Do you think this is more accurate in calculating AP's(take calories burned and divide by 100) than taking amount of time spent in each HR zone and transferring that into an AP calculator?
  9. There is a product out there called "Body Glide" that does the trick. You can get it at running stores and online at roadrunnersports.com I agree with the comment about cotton. I will never run in a natural fabric again. The technical fabrics are incredible. You'll still get sore nips with the technical fabrics but the moisture will wick away from the skin.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I injured it originally using a Cybex ab machine. I increased weight that day and wanted to grind out the last couple of reps of a set and I twisted a little bit and I just felt it go. Since then I have really been careful when I lift heavy objects or when I do ab exercises. I am a coach and we work with a local athletic trainer. I'll probably start with them and talk to my doc at my next appointment. Thanks, TCO
  11. I had inguinal and umbilical hernia sugery in 2003. Since then I have continued to run and exercise normally. I haven't had any problems with it, but sometimes it just kind of feels weaker than the rest of the abdominal area. Is there a set of ab exercises I can do to make sure I never have to do another hernia surgery. I was a human question mark for about 2 days after surgery and I really don't want to go there again.
  12. I am a hotwing fan. I have gone to grilling my hotwings then dipping them in my hotsauce mixture instead of deep frying them first. Not only is it healthier, but it gets some grilled flavor going also. My question is, "How do I figure points on a grilled chicken wing piece dipped in the margarine/hotsauce mixture?" It's hard to figure how much of the sauce sticks to each wing.
  13. Things are going well. I am down 13 lbs with my 3rd weigh in tomorrow. I am not experiencing the massive hunger I had when I did it a few years ago. The new way of calculating point needs has been a big help to me. On the old program my daily allotment was around 28 points + flex and activity. The new way I'm at 40. Those 12 points per day make WW much more workable.
  14. Monday morning started my comeback to a healthy lifestyle and lower weight. I lost 25 lbs and kept most of it off for 2 years on a prior stint with weight watchers about 4 years ago. After a period of not watching how much food/drink I put in my body, I am back on track. I'm looking forward to future discussions. Tall Cool One
  15. I'm still considering my options on restarting on WW. I will go from 28 points a day + flex points and AP to 40 on the way of figuring. I think that will be a much more doable amount of points. I am a school teacher and we start back next Monday. Monday is a teacher day complete with doughnuts in the morning and a fried chicken dinner for lunch. So, my wife and I are considering starting on WW next Tuesday. Like I mentioned before, we are trying to do everything right at this point except counting points according to the WW way of doing things. I will post when we become official and start posting on a more regular basis.
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