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  1. Thanks. I'm still learning all the ins and outs of this forum.
  2. I agree with Deborah. The new program forces me to think more carefully about my foods - I am definitely going for more "power foods" that keep me satisfied longer, and I like having the option to eat fruit and not use up my points. I think this new program is a little of both for WW - both a GREAT and HEALTHIER program, but also yes, a way to jumpstart their economy. It will be a little more difficult for people to use the program without the calculator - the old program was much easier to "pirate." LOL My only complaint is that the food companion books are in error (I found some errors that were not on the list of corrections that was circulating so I know there are MORE errors in the book.) The new points calculator is annoying in a way - I preferred my slider for ease of use in the store - I'm so used to looking for Fat, Fiber, and Calories on the labels that I have to struggle to ignore the calories and find the carbs/proteins...my eyes aren't what they used to be. I've lost 7 lbs so far - my 2nd week I didn't lose (just maintained) because I wasn't counting points for my fresh juice -which I now know better. I am not as hungry as I was on the old program - and I love having all these points to play with. I like this one so much that I threw out the old materials, (without thinking, duh, I could have sold it on eBay).
  3. Thanks for the tip. My husband has this problem - and he was able to find relief with Zim's Crack Cream. Nothing else would work. We never heard of this one - have to look into it. My dad used to use good old fashioned Bag Balm - smelled like turpentine. LOL. That didn't work for hubby, thank God! LOL
  4. I was surprised when I added 10 minutes of wimpy walking and it gave me 1 AP. I suspect the online calculator may be a little on the over generous side too, maybe at least in the low numbers to encourage us lazy slugs to do more since it's so "easy." I suppose if you had to walk 25 minutes to earn 1 point, nobody would bother....I'm certainly not going to use all of my APs.
  5. It was just a suggestion, relax, no harm meant. Sheesh.
  6. What would be cool is if each leader sets up a Facebook page - EVEN IF THEY NEVER USE FACEBOOK -or basically ANY free blog site like Wordpress.com, etc. and encourage all members to check the FB page or blog. Leaders could post on the blog (probably better than Facebook as there are anti FB people out there but most people I know are on the internet...lol). Another option is for everyone to go on an email group - leader could send 1 email to everyone in the group. Not foolproof but better than nothing and not a whole lot of effort on the part of the leader. It's time to go into the current century with this stuff.
  7. The old program will still work. The new program seems better to me as far as being able to snack on fruits and eat more filling food w/ a higher points allowance (but I think it's still pretty much based on COMMON SENSE. I had success with the old one when I did it faithfully. There is probably a ton of free info out there on the old program.
  8. OH NO never mind - I missed the part in the article about using the recipe builder. Oops!
  9. Thank you Luanne. So I assume that I would use the old points values for fresh juice? For instance, if I juice 4 carrots (or whatever it is to equal 1 serving, 1pts for cooked in the old system), a single stalk of celery (0points but maybe should be 1?), and 2 small apples (1pt each), I would count that as 4 points?
  10. Thanks all! I'm still OP, just not on the forum as much. Too many other things to do. Down another 2lbs, 7 lost, 95 left to go. LOL
  11. I know that under the new program, most fruits and vegetables are 0 points. I have a concern though about juicing - I don't want to go over my points. I know part of the factoring in points for fruits/veggies is the fiber content. Which is missing in juice. To make 1 glass of juice in the morning, I generally have 4 carrots, 2 apples, some celery and usually some other veggie like broccoli/beet/cabbage. How many servings does this constitute? I would count it as 2 veggies and 2 fruits but maybe I should count it as 1 of each? Also, since the fiber is missing from this, I feel like I *should* count some kind of points so that I dont' go over my points for the rest of the day - I would eat a lot of fruits and veggies throughout the day but I can't count them ALL as 0 points, can I...if I consume more than 5 official servings? I could easily eat 5 or 6 servings of fruit alone, plus another 2 or 3 of veggies, apart from the juice. Am I making sense?
  12. I like oatmeal. I also love Stonyfield Farms Fat Free French Vanilla Yogurt. It is the only fat free flavored yogurt I can find that does not have artificial sweeteners. Nothing ruins the taste of a good yogurt more than artificial sweetener. I'd rather have it plain. And I don't like it plain! LOL. Though I should try plain yogurt and some vanilla extract and some stevia and see how that turns out...
  13. Lost my first 5 lbs this week, my first full week. Did good, and thanks to some of the posts warning about overindulging on fruit, I made sure to watch it and not take advantage of the "free" food! I like the new program - seems like I'm not as hungry as I was on the FlexPoints program. I like feeling satisfied most of the time. Good job WW!
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