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  1. 4 point delicious smoothie!!! in blender:- 1 frozen banana one half frozen, or fresh papaya a few berries third cup of non fat yogurt half cup sugar free almond milk handful fresh spinach or kale whir up till blended, I like it frozen because it is a bit like ice cream, but as long as it is cold amazing how you DO NOT taste the veggies, yet they are calorie free and so healthy!
  2. Thanks everyone for your encouragement! You are also such an inspiration to me. I can see why the maintenance is a bit harder. I usually do pretty good, but as soon as the scale goes up a couple pounds I buckle down and eat lighter. I think I need to be accountable and get good advice from others. I don't do meetings or WW online, the reason being meetings are too far away and also my budget is just so tight. However I have encouraged many to go to meetings. I had a leader that told me because I did it at home without meetings, I am one of the reasons the company suffers. Very silly. If she only knew how many people I have encouraged to join. Consider yourselves lucky to have great meetings and leaders, as the one meeting here really was not for me. I will find another board to get advice, keep up the great work everyone and how great it feels to be slim and healthy!
  3. Aloha everyone, I have been "gone" for awhile, and missed many of you. I have some photos of my journey, starting in May 2009 and goal in January 2010. I hesitated to post them as I took the pictures in my "skivvies", they are the best photos I have and so hope they come up. They are no different than wearing a bathing suit so I decided to post them. First off...let me see if this works... My before and after! 44 pounds gone gone gone... I feel wonderful. It was a bit scary at first to get back to "regular" eating, but enough time has gone by and my weight is holding . I can actually eat quite a bit more that when I was on the "diet" phase,, though I am aware of what goes in my mouth. I used to really like my beer and this is one thing I have finally learned to let go. It was one of the big culprits on my weight gain. Anyway, WW rocks, this site rocks, and I wish all the success to all of you. Believe me, I was surprised that I did it, proud, and now able to enjoy food properly. Patty
  4. I am so proud of you too, you must be feeling like a million bucks despite anything else, you have your health and good looks too! I am so close to goal! Any tips would be appreciated on maintenance. I am active enough, and as I get close to it I have been making sure to add on and eat my WPA's, so as not to just start "grinding" more all at once. But this is your thread to rightfully be cheered on, I will start a thread somewhere else to get tips. Congratulations and keep it up!
  5. LillieG how I hope that you can get this ironed out. My feeling is, and this is because I have done this myself.. is that you eat out of some kind of frustration, or boredom, or even depression. This is something the WW program has really helped me with, and that is why I will follow it for life. Hoping and praying for a resolution for you, and I guess I should find that boot in the behind icon too, in a kind way....
  6. Great headline Blackbeard I was trying to analyze it before I read the posts. SO proud of you! You know, I had way less to lose, and knowing how wonderful I feel, you must be walking on air at times. Man, there is nothing like feeling healthy, looking great, and fitting into good looking clothes. Bless you over and over on this journey, such and inspiring one it is. You may never know how many people you have helped.
  7. well I keep seeing this thread is still up, so, I thought I would add to it. When I first posted it, I had lost 20 pounds, half of my goal. NOW!! Hallelujah, I have lost 29 !!! Wooo woooo let's party!!! And I finally went to my first meeting last week, it was great. Kind of wished I had gone when I first started so that my journey would have been "on the books" However, the main thing is that I know, what has transpired. The weight watchers program is changing my life is such an incredible way, and along with the loss is this new relationship to food. I wish all this and more for all of you too.
  8. Iluvcountry..welcome! This site has helped me so much. yes, losing weight is awesome when we need to, yet for me, the new eating habits and relationship to food is almost more important. I went to my first meeting this past week, and though I have been on WW for 4 months, I do wish I had gone sooner. You may want to check that out. Good luck and blessings on your journey to a healthier you!
  9. Wow! So beautiful, I rejoice with you. You had mentioned in your first post that you were feeling a bit down or not motivated. Just look in the mirror girl, and observe how much better you feel. You should be so proud and you are such a motivater!
  10. Thank you so much, and you are right I have been working very hard at this, and at the same time trying to eat right and really healthy. I will be going on a trip soon,,,I really want to stay OP but I hear horror stories about traveling and gaining. Any advice appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the friendship request. See you on the boards, Aloha, patty

  12. Hello Patty...My name is Nanci-jean or NJ. So nice that you stopped by our Canadian thread! I also have no children, unless you count my four-legged one, lol!

  13. I found this information, and it looks like they are about 3 points. Just a guess, that is for half a cup. The sugar content is quite low! http://www.thedailyplate.com/nutrition-calories/food/fiber-one/pancakes?which=sugars
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