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  1. Tanya, You two are such a cute couple...I love the dress.... Cherie
  2. Tanya, Reading your response made me realize who I forgot to mention...shame on me...I am a grandma as well...I have a 16 month old grandaughter...and I am expecting a new grandson in Sept. I have pets too...I inherited my brothers African Grey Congo Parrot...I lost my brother last June in a boating accident...So I have his parrot which he loved so much...His name is Ziggy...he talks all the time...he took some getting used too.... I also have a 6 month old miniature dachsund named "Harry"... he is a handful...but he entertains Ziggy. Do you work from home..... Cherie
  3. Good Morning Tanya, I normally just read and don't post...but decided to say Good Morning... I am a single (recently divorced) 41 yr old working mom from Indiana...I have five children.. three boys, two girls....my two youngest are still at home ages 15 and 16. I gained my weight as a result of my divorce...went thru the depressed can't live without him stage...I have picked myself up dusted myself off and decided that I and my children will be fine.. I am a Purchasing Agent for the Department of Correction for the State of Indiana...so I spend my days in prison ...so to speak...lol... Well I just thought I would introduce myself...I am on your Biggest loser Blue team as well.....Have a great day.... Cherie
  4. I agree!! I tried the Bolthouse Ranch Dressing last night...it is so good. And so much less calories and fat per serving...Finally a ranch dressing that actually taste like ranch that isn't buried in calories and fat.....
  5. The Blue Team SW = 176 GW = 163 ( For this challenge) Weigh in day = Saturday BL Challenge 6/1/09 Week 1 (6/1 - 6/7): 171.2 (- 4.8 LBS.) Week 2 (6/8 - 6/14): 169.2 (-2.0 lbs.) Week 3 (6/15 - 6/21): 167.4 (-1.8 lbs.) Week 4 (6/22 - 6/28): 167.2 (- .2 lbs.) Week 5 (6/29 - 7/5): Pass Week 6 (7/6 - 7/12): 166 (-1.2lbs.) Week 7 (7/13 - 7/19):165 (-1.0 lbs) Week 8 (7/20 - 7/26): Week 9 (7/27 - 8/2): Week 10 (8/3 - 8/9): Actual GW = 140
  6. Hello....yes I can post during the day and would be glad to help encourage you to your goal...I to am still learning how to use the site..but we will soon get the hang of it. I am 41 yrs old ..I have about 42 lbs to lose.. I am a working single mom...married for 22 yrs to my high school sweetheart and then he decided there was something better out there...I fell apart when he left and gained about 50 lbs...I have regained my life and my confidence and will lose this weight...

  7. Starting weight= 176lbs. sw=183 cw=176 gw=135
  8. Hi! I am just learning to use this site and I am a little confused... but be patient with me. I am 31 years old and have about 102 lbs to lose... I am struggling and know I need to get focused. I really need to get exercise. Can u post throughout the day and encourage each other?

  9. Hi Nikki, I'm Cherie from IN. I would be happy to be your buddy...I have about 40 lbs to go...the support from friends on here is really helpful and keeps you excited to see those pounds come off....
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