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  1. Awww, thank you so much Lisa! I really feel like this could be the break we were looking for! I will definitely pray to the Lord and I know if it is meant to be, He will make it so! On another note, I'm such an idiot! I've been stressing over two assignments that needed to be done by tonight. Well, I just checked my syllabus and realized that one of those assignments isn't due until October 5th! I just completed the other one which was an exam and I feel really good about it! My day seemed to have started out terribly but it's really turning around! Also, I've chosen to really dive into WW full force now. I've really messed up the past couple of months and have managed to gain 5 or 6 pounds back. I can either sit here and mope about it or stop the vicious cycle now. I know that if I keep recommitting myself, one of these times it's going to stick and I hope this is that time! I'm so disappointed in myself but I WILL TURN IT AROUND! Tanya, happy birthday to your husband! Sounds like he gets to do what he wants today and that always makes for a happy day! I strongly dislike birthday shopping for my boyfriend because he's the type of person that will let me know if he doesn't like what I got for him! Karen, I admire your drive. I know that if I were sore and tired from the gym, I would probably take a night off but one night would lead to months so keep at it and you'll see results in no time! Cressa, I'm so sorry your son is having a hard time. I hope you can get him to the doctor again. My mom used to have my siblings and I lay on a hot water bottle when we had earaches. It worked pretty good. Also, we would shoot hot air from the hair dryer into our ears. And lastly (and I do mean lastly), if there was a lot of pressure in our ears, my mom would take a lit cigarette and put in into our ear canal (filter side of course!) and it would relieve the pressure. My ear would literally smoke the cigarette. Of course, this was back in the day when having a cigarette around your child wasn't really a big deal. That's why it should be used as a last resort. Katy, sounds like you're having quite the busy day. I'm sorry your husband is still in pain and I hope it clears up soon. I haven't been fishing in years but I bet it was a lot of fun. Maybe if we end up moving to Austin, I'll be able to take my son fishing because there are actual bodies of water there! Sandy, your front door is going to be all glass??? Is it a storm door or your main door? Is it frosted glass? Jen, I admire your drive as well! I didn't catch what kind of surgery you had but I think it's awesome that you're still active afterwards. I think you're a good example for all of us. Esther, I hope you can catch up on your rest. I know how traveling can take a lot out of you. It usually takes me a couple of days to get back into my normal routine after a vacation. Where to next?
  2. Morning kids. I have a headache. Seems like that's the norm for me these days. I have two homework assignments to finish tonight before I'm free to enjoy Oktoberfest tomorrow so that makes me feel a bit cranky. I can't wait for this semester to be done and over with. Now for some good news... Boyfriend went to Austin on Sunday, and applied for a few jobs. On Wednesday, he received a call to have an interview Thursday morning. So, yesterday he had his interview and then they moved on to a two hour psychological evaluation. I thought for sure they were going to find out he's insane but I guess he hid it well. Anyway, he got a phone call this morning and he has a second interview scheduled for Monday! Seems like things may be looking up and we'll be packing up in no time! I can't wait! I'm giddy like a schoolgirl! Okay, I have to clean up the house before he gets home and then hit the books! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
  3. Just thought I'd stop in because it's so slow today. I don't have much to say. My head is POUNDING today so I might just sit here and try to doze off while my son watches cartoons. Parenting at its best! Haven't weighed myself in a while so I'll go do that. If my head explodes, I won't be back on today. Have a great evening!
  4. Good afternoon! Just a quick check in because I have to jump on the homework again. Rhonda, yes, I finished my algebra but it took me so much longer than I had anticipated. Drives me nuts! Went to sleep at 3. I have 2 more homework assignments to finish before Saturday...it's Oktoberfest!!! Actually, I'd like to get them done before Friday because my class reunion is this weekend and although I don't want to go to the "main event", I got wind of where they're all going to be Friday night. I wasn't exactly the most popular kid in school so it'll be nice to show them how much I don't care anymore. Actually, by me saying that, it seems like I care, doesn't it? Okay, okay...I just want to see who got fat! HAHAHAHAHA! Kidding!!! Okay, back to the books! Ugh!!! Oh yeah, so far, I've been OP today which is a BIG deal for me! YAY!
  5. Rhonda, do you have Facebook? We could chat about it rather than go back and forth on here!
  6. Technically it's still Saturday but no one will read this until tomorrow. Just thought I'd check in anyway. So the weather is getting FABULOUSLY mild here which makes it my favorite time of the year. I need to buy some autumn scents for my candle warmer because I love the smell of pumpkins and such this time of year. I've decided my son is going to be a pirate for Halloween this year because every time he sees one he says, "AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!" It's so adorable! All I need now is the costume...hmmmm... Boyfriend is flying to Austin in the morning to do some job hunting and we're both hoping he comes back with something...at least a lead! The idea of moving is so exciting! I can't wait! I'm giddy like a schoolgirl! Karen, coffee and tea sound good but can we throw in some cinnamon buns? Those are WW friendly, aren't they? Nancy, I hope you have a lot of fun at the beach and I hope the weather man is wrong! Tanya, you're brave for taking on so many kids! I remember having to watch my sister's 2 sons (one is 7 and pretty self-sufficient) and my son together while I was in California and I thought I'd go insane! WAAAAAYYYY too much energy and none of them were sharing any with me! Cressa, I'd like a recipe for Fiber One pancakes too! Pancakes are one of my favorite foods! What do you put on top of them though? Certainly couldn't be oodles of delicious syrup. (I'm craving Denny's now!) Lisa, what sort of things are there to do at the Greek festival? I'm not familiar with Greek activities or Greek food for that matter so I'm clueless! I did have baklava once and it was so sugary! Rhonda, sounds like you had a fun little sleepover with your friend. I haven't done that in years but it would be nice to! Those coffee/tea mug mats sound neat! I don't drink coffee but I sure love the smell of it! Oh, and you're definitely going to have to post pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes! My little buddy was a Frankenstein last year.
  7. Rhonda, I feel so gipped! I only got a full-size Scentsy Warmer, a Scentsy Car Candle, a Scentsy Bar and a Scentsy Room Spray! I can't believe you got a Plug-In! I'm so jealous! See why I feel like a launch party wouldn't have been too good? I would like to have one of everything to show so not only do I not have a Plug-In but I don't have a Travel Tin either. *sigh* Oh, if they sent you the 114 scents that they sent me, make sure you go into your work station and look up the discontinued list under Business Builders and take out the ones on that list. I didn't know about it and some of my customers picked scents that weren't being sold anymore so I was a little embarrassed. It says on that list that the scents are available while supplies last but none of them are available anymore...I went ahead and checked yesterday! I would hope they wouldn't have sent you the discontinued ones but I was just letting you know in case they did. I totally agree with you about the October Warmer! I think it's so awesome and it's PERFECT for Fall! I like to decorate my house for each season so it'll fit right in! I really want to smell the Honey Pear Cider scent that comes out next month...sounds yummy! I have a wish list for myself but I'm not going to order any until I generate some good income. Cucumber Lime and Cranberry Spice are a couple of my favorites. Mmmmm! Oh, and I printed out 2 flyers using the templates to include with my catalogs and I stuck all of them into a little plastic resealable bag to make what I think looks like a professional little packet. I distributed 100 catalogs yesterday so all I can do now is wait. I have 100 more catalogs ready to go but I want to see if my distribution method is successful before I try it again or put any more money into this. I'm hoping that some of the people who received a catalog will give it a chance and look through the products. I hate to sound like a salesperson but I know that once they try a Scentsy, they'll be hooked! I love them! At any rate, I really do hope this goes well for you! It's really exciting when you start getting orders! Good luck to you!
  8. Hey everybody! It's very early Friday morning so I thought I'd start the thread for the day! Didn't get on yesterday...I was executing "Operation Catalog Distribution"! We'll see if it's successful and yields any purchases! Cross your fingers! I did make three sales yesterday and my sponsor said I'm doing really well. When I calculate my commission, it doesn't amount to what I've put into this so far but I'm hoping to at least break even soon. Which brings me to... Rhonda! Did you have your launch party??? How did it go?! I never had a launch party because I wasn't too sure how to do it and because I don't have the money to buy one of everything to show. It's pretty frustrating but I'm trying to promote myself in other ways. I hope that you're really successful with this whole thing because Scentsys are AWESOME products! I've had 3 customers get ahold of me out of the blue to tell me how much they love their stuff so that made me feel good about selling it! Esther, did you say you had to be in the car for 12 hours?! Ugh... I hope you find ways to occupy your time so the trip goes faster! Karen, so glad you joined a gym! I wish I was able to do that because we have a new gym but they charge entirely too much! I believe it's $80/month! Maybe once we move to Austin and get back on our feet I'll be able to find a reasonably priced gym. Lisa, good luck with the 5k! I'm with you, I would walk it because I absolutely HATE running. Even if I were thin, I wouldn't run! Katy, I hope you enjoy yourself in Texas! A little trip is always fun! Nancy, I'm with you as far as getting a cat and "taking care" of your other animal issues. You shouldn't have to compromise your property if you don't want to. As far as the mouse? I would have been one of those girls that screamed and jumped up on a chair. I don't know why...I just don't like things that scurry! So I'm still making crappy food choices and I'm very disappointed in myself. I get really motivated when I've eaten too much and I feel big and fat but as soon as my stomach's growling again, I make a dumb choice. ARGH! I'd love to know why it's so hard to be disciplined. Even though the food tastes good, it's still not satisfying and just makes me feel bad about myself afterwards. Okay, enough whining...today is a new day!!! That's it from my neck of the woods! Gotta go get some homework done and then hit the sack! Have a wonderful day chickadees!
  9. Good morning ladies. Yes, it was another late night. Suddenly I've become a serious night owl even though I don't want to be. No, I haven't been to sleep yet. I might have to start taking Tylenol PM or something because this is getting ridiculous! I'm not going to mention my sleep (or lack thereof) again after this since I seem to get scolded for it! Last night was bad because I had a horrendous cramp and I still do! I tossed and turned for a couple of hours and then I decided to go in the living room to read some accounting. I thought SURELY that would put me to sleep but no such luck. I guess I'm just going to be cranky today. Karen, thanks for the coffee and tea! I don't drink coffee although I wish I did. I made tea the other day with stale teabags...it was DISGUSTING!!! Hopefully yours is much better. Katy, sounds like you have a busy morning. I wish it would cool down here in the Southwest but it was pretty uncomfortable yesterday. We stopped using our cooler because every time we turned it on, it smelled like the Pacific Ocean. If none of you have been there, it can be pretty sickening. I don't know if any of you are familiar with swamp coolers but they're HORRIBLE! Anyway Katy, your menu looks delish! I'm jealous! Tanya, glad work is back to normal for you! I'm with you as far as the water goes! I don't know why I don't drink more of it...I actually like water! I haven't tried the WW red velvet bars...what don't you like about them? Well chickadees, I may just have to take a little snooze...my eyes are finally feeling like anvils. I can't wait until Thanksgiving so I can get a break from school and possibly get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! So close, yet so far away.
  10. Awww Lisa...I'll give you a hug! You posted while I was posting so I missed you! I know absolutely NOTHING about blood sugars and what is normal and what happens when they're not normal so I don't have a clue what you're going through but I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time. I'm with you as far as pulling the covers over my head and going back to sleep! If anyone needs me, that's where I'll be! Oh wait...post office first...
  11. Good morning ladies. Katy, I'm not quite sure what shingles actually are but I hope it can be taken care of soon so everyone in your home is feeling better. Christie, I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I will pray for her as well and hope things get better in your neck of the woods as well. Karen, do you get caffeine withdrawals? That happens to my mom so I hope you feel better. Coffee makes me jittery and woozy so I don't touch the stuff. It would definitely help to curb my appetite though! Cressa, I love Rosanne and I remember that episode! Glad you're in a good mood today...especially since it's Monday! I got a whole 2 hours of sleep last night. I tried to go to bed at midnight which is actually a decent hour considering how late I've been getting to sleep lately. My body wouldn't let me go to sleep so I got up at 3 and took a shower and then I read a chapter in one of my textbooks. I finally dozed off at 6 and someone's @!%$ rooster started crowing around 8!!! I don't exactly live in a farm area so I don't know why someone owns a rooster! Ugh... I have to run to the post office and then I'm going to attempt to go to sleep again. Hopefully by the time I wake up, I'll be in a better mood. If not, I'm stealing the rooster tonight under cover of darkness and I'll be dining on poultry for breakfast!
  12. Good morning children. I thought I'd start the thread since I'm awake. Yes, it's incredibly early in the morning again...story of my life. So, as I was typing the date today, it just gave me a weird feeling. They say that everyone can remember where they were when they heard the news of the terrorist attacks. For me, it happened in the late 6 a.m./early 7 a.m. hours here in New Mexico but I didn't find out about it until 3 in the afternoon! At the time I was working the night shift at an assisted living facility so I slept during the day. To me, it still seams surreal. One of the flight attendants from the airplane that hit the second tower lived in my town when he was off duty. I had classes in high school with his son. Strange how something like that can hit so close to home. My eldest sister is in the Air Force and would sometimes work at the Pentagon back then. That was one of the scariest times of my life because no one from my family could get ahold of her after it all happened. Luckily, she wasn't working there that day. Just thought I'd take a moment to say something about it and remember the innocent who were lost that day since it's so tragically historic. So, I've decided to take everyone's advice and get to the store for some delicious frozen veggies! I don't know why I never thought of that before! So, that's what I plan to do for part of my day today. Since I didn't achieve my weight loss goals earlier this year, I am going to personally challenge myself to lose at least half of the remaining weight I need to lose before the year is up. That's a tall order but I know I can do it if I just learn to tell myself NO!!! A lot of the quotes you guys post in your signatures are so helpful to me so I thank you all for those! Hmmm, I have a question...what ever happened to Amanda??? Did I miss out on something when I was on vacation last month? She was here before I left and gone when I came back. Anyone know what happened to her? I guess I'll get to bed now. I have so much more to do tonight so I think a good night's sleep will make it easier for me. Since it's now pushing 4 a.m., I don't know if I can consider it a good night's sleep anymore but 6 hours would be FABULOUS! I'll try to get on later today! If I don't make it back, I hope you all have a really great weekend!
  13. Hi girls, just popping in because I have to be at my mom's house in a few! I thought I was going to get a good night's sleep last night but only got about 3 hours. Needless to say, I'm such a slug today. What's the point of going to school when it's killing me? Argh! I can't slow down though because it seems like I have tons of assignments due every week. I have to keep my eye on the prize!!! Food choices? Well...okay, I'm a big, fat failure lately. After reading the post Karen shared with us this morning, I really want to smack myself. All it takes is some motivation! I'm pretty sure my fridge isn't stocked with motivation so I need to find it elsewhere!!! I wish I had a garden like a lot of you girls but it's not possible. Because money is so tight right now, grocery shopping doesn't happen very often and when I buy vegetables, first of all they're too expensive and second of all, they disappear quickly. I don't know where the happy medium is. Ugh...I guess I'll sit here on the pity pot and think about everything. If no one got back on last night, I said that if any of you would like to add me to your Facebook, I'm under Lindsay Strothman Mitchem. If not, then Hehehehehe! Just kidding!
  14. Hey girls, I was just thinking, I don't have any of you on my Facebook. If you want to add me, I'm under Lindsay Strothman Mitchem. Just wanted to throw that in! Gotta run!
  15. Awww Rhonda! If the girls are interested in Scentsy and want to buy from you instead of me, I won't have any hard feelings. I know they've known you much longer than they have me. Since I've just gotten my Shooting Star achievement (I think that's what it's called), I think I should be a consultant for at least the next 6 months. If I had the $200 to buy the 10 Warmers they offer, I'd buy them in a heartbeat but it's just not in the budget right now unfortunately. I figured I could give them away as gifts throughout the year. Anyway, if you have any tips for promoting your Scentsy business in your community and would care to share with me, please do! The problem with me renting a space at fairs and craft shows is that my sponsor is kind of a vulture and she's already all over those things like a dead carcass. So, I have to find other ways to beat the competition! Man, that sounds evil. Like I said, I've posted on Craigslist in the General For Sale section (some people say it works for them but it hasn't done anything for me) and I've also posted on a few local sites. I don't want to do any parties because I don't like situations where I'm in the spotlight...it puts too much pressure on me and I'm usually VERY BAD with first impressions. My mom took catalogs and all of the testers to her office and is passing out catalogs at the local doctor's offices in town to put in their waiting rooms and my sister is passing out my catalogs in Los Angeles (which hasn't yielded anything believe it or not!). I know there are 10 other Consultants in my town and there are only 4 in my sister's area of Los Angeles so I thought the odds were in my favor but apparently not. I know a couple of nurses that will be passing out my catalogs in the hospital here and as soon as I get my newest shipment of catalogs in the mail, I'm going to be distributing them like crazy around here. I figure, if nothing happens after I do all of that, it wasn't meant to be. If we finally get to make our move to Austin within the next few months, I'm going to bombard that city with my catalogs too! I hope you're having much better luck than I am. Taking your testers to your craft shows will really help them sell themselves! This whole process can be a little discouraging but I'm hoping things really pick up once I get all of my catalogs out. Oh, I also printed off 125 flyers to distribute using one of the Scentsy templates. I figured that I'll post them wherever I'm allowed to. I would say that out of the 200 catalogs I plan on dropping all over town, surely I'll get SOME kind of response. I guess we'll see. Thank you for telling me though, that was sweet of you. I know we all like to have a few extra bucks in our pockets!
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