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  1. My first day. I had steel cut oats with soymilk,blueberries,peaches and cinnamon that I did in the slowcooker yest. L-brown rice,topped with beans,tomatoes,red pepper,green onions and red thai curry paste,I added a little soymilk at the end for creaminess D-potato,fresh corn,raw veggies,salsa snacks will be fruit and maybe soymilk. I have enough oats and beans for several more meals and I will freeze portions if I want something different. I have never been able to find adzuki beans,Maybe they are called another name in Canada? I am getting lots of great meal ideas here.Thanks!
  2. Hi, I hope you don't mind me joining in,I could use the accountability right now. I weighed in today and I am back on sft after a few months hiatus due to illness and holidays.I gained 4 pounds from my lowest weight. I cooked steel cut oats,a bean dish and brown rice yest. so I am ready to go. am going produce shopping shortly and then for a walk,it may be on the tm because it is chilly here and looks like rain. Have a healthy day everyone. Debbie
  3. The best thing about weight watchers,whether sft or points,is that every buddy can personalize it to their own needs,restrictions,or lifestyle. Weight watchers has realized over the years that one food plan can't work for everyone but everyone can work Weight Watchers.When my mother did WW many years ago they told you what to eat at each meal, no substitutions. I love the fact that we can choose to be vegetarian,vegan,low carb or any lifestyle we want within the parameters of the program. Debbie:bcb_bigsm
  4. Hi, Everyone, I have been reading through this thread with great interest. I had a bout of irritable bowel syndrome recently and got it under control by eliminating many of the things that Dr. McDougall also says are bad for us. I was worried that my new restrictions wouldn`t work with sft because the ibs diet don`t allow a lot of the sft foods and the allowed foods are not all sft. Since I now have everything back to normal and have slowly added back in most of the sft foods,and just got back from holidays with no tummy troubles I am ready to jump back in with both feet.I have been reading the mcdougall website with interest as well. I would like to join you in vegan sft, it is just the structure I need to get back on track. I was wondering if everyone is still following the sft restrictions of no flour,and potatoes,pasta,rice only once each day(sorry about the punctuation,I got a new laptop yest. and haven't figured out how to use some of the buttons, I've never used a laptop before,lol) I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 10 years but went back to eating meat because I didn't feel healthy(maybe because I was eating too much meatless junk food) I signed up for 3 more months of WW online and my weigh in is tomorrow so I am ready to continue my journey to better health and a healthy BMI. So count me in. Thanks, Debbie
  5. I have frozen milk and it defrosts just fine. Liquids expand when frozen so make sure there is enough room in the jug for this. If you don't use milk very fast, why not freeze in 2 containers and defrost one at a time. If you have say, 7 days left 'til the expiry date, write on the jug with a magic marker "use in 7 days" Hope this helps.
  6. Name: Debbie Where: Prince George,B.C,Canada Married: 24 years next month Kids: 3, ages 23,7 and 5 Occupation: SAHM Hobbies: lately, message boards.Walking,reading WW history:I lost 50 pounds 14 years ago on the old exchanges program.I kept it off for several years while still attendinf meetings and doing the monthly weigh-ins. I got pregnant with DS and got back to goal just in time to get preg. with DD.I have been going to meetings on and off for 5 years and tried various other diets.I joined WW online in March and found it to be a better fit for me.I found with the points I was eating too much low point junk food so I switched to sft.I love sft and this is something I will do for the rest of my life.
  7. Frozen Coffee Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube tray. Put 6 coffee cubes in blender. Add 1 cup skim milk. Add 1 pkt.FF,SF hot chocolate and/or 2 tbs toranis SF vanilla syrup and splenda depending how sweet you like it. Blend on highest speed until all the coffee cubes are crushed. Pour into a large glass and enjoy. I like my coffee unsweetened so I just use the milk and coffee cubes but it is also delicious with the additions.
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