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  1. Exercise makes me feel good and fights off depression. I agree with those who have said basically, "It's all about the food and changing our behavior." Exercise compliments the transition.
  2. The first month, December, I ate my daily 29 points plus the 49 weekly. I LOVE THE NEW PROGRAM.....never hungry, but did not lose a pound. I made a few mistakes, as we all did, counting points (the points for popcorn were incorrect in the materials). My leader suggested I cut back to 35 weekly points. My total loss for the three months has been about 4 pounds. I should mention that I am 63 so that has to be factured in. I am making much better choices....sometimes do not use the daily oils and dairy but most days I do. I am kind of disappointed in my progress, but I will not GIVE UP. I will just keep tweaking until I get it right. Also I exercise 5 - 6 days a week for about 30 minutes with The Firm and other videos.
  3. Thank you for the encouragement, Luanne! I went to my meeting tonight and lost .2 of a pound. I spoke with my Leader and she said to cut down on the WPAs, maybe not this week for Christmas, but after. Actually, I am going to try to cut down this week to about 40 WPAs. I sat next to a much younger woman who also has not lost in three weeks, but she is having trouble getting in her 29 point daily target. Wow. What a pair we make!
  4. Actually, lunch today was eaten out in a restaurant. I usually do not have chips with lunch, and the veggie wrap was the best I could order at the time. But I do believe you are correct about being "carb heavy". The original WW program only allowed two breads a day; no cereal, potatoes, rice, etc. We lost great on it, but it was very difficult to stay on long term. Yes, I am "holding my own", but I am over goal and really want to lose. I must admit that since beginning "Points Plus" I have had no cravings for sugar and have passed up all the Xmas junk at the office and everywhere else for that matter. I just don't want it anymore. I will not give up.....I just need to tweak this a bit until I get it right! Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. I will make the changes and report back in a couple of weeks.
  5. Luanne: I lost very slowly on Momentum (I am 63 years old) and I really don't know how differently I am eating on Points Plus except to say that I am eating much better, following the guidelines better, having the 2 t. of oil a day, which I didn't really do that often before. Kris: Here is what I ate today: Breakfast 2 cups coffee with 2 T Half and Half = 2 points 1 cup Kashi cereal = 4 points 1/2 cup 1% milk = 2 points Handful of cherries = 0 points Lunch Tortilla wrap = 4 points Veggie burger = 4 points 6 Tortilla chips- 2 points Handful of grapes = 0 points Dinner 4 oz. white meat chicken = 4 points 1 cup mashed potatoes = 6 points Veggie with 2 t. oil = 2 points Glass of white wine = 4 points Total: 34 points (includes 5 WPAs)
  6. First, let me say that I love the new program! Never felt so satisfied and only eat about three servings of fruit a day. I have followed the program implicitly, have not used any AP points but have used all 49 WPAs. My weight has stayed the same for three weeks, even went up the first week. I have been on every WW program that WW has ever had, and this is the first one that I have not lost weight with, at least so far. My daily points are 29, so I can't go lower than that. Should I cut way down on the WPAs? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Hi Luanne,


    Did not mean to offend you with my comment, "No one ever got fat eating fruit." I know that I could only eat just so much fruit as it is a whole food and satisfies. Now....Doritos, that's a party in my mouth. Those foods are designed by sensory analysts to make us eat more. I could never have one or two Doritos....


    All the best to you in your weight journey. There is no finish line......

  8. I have been on every program WW ever had since 1970, and I think this is THE BEST! It's only been three days for me, but I can honestly say that I am not hungry and especially not hungry between meals. I know that I was not making the best choices with my points, and it has stalled my weight loss many times over the years. I really don't care if it is a "head trick"; it's working for me. I feel rejuvenated and excited for the first time in a long time......just as if it was 1970 all over again. I also do not think it is complicated as some have said. All it takes is sitting down and reading the materials and adjusting to new point values. Thanks WW! It was just what I needed
  9. Bought it; love it. Think it is definitely worth the 34.95....an early Christmas present to myself.
  10. Let's face it......no one ever got fat eating fruit.
  11. I am very enthused and excited about the new program. Will just take a short while to learn the new points counts for the things that we eat all the time.
  12. The Boca Chicken patties are terrific, but 3 points. There is no chicken in them, and they are not fried; yet they taste like fried chicken. My whole family loves them.
  13. Statistics indicate that only 5% of people who lose weight keep it off for five years. YOU WILL BE ONE OF THEM!
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