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  1. I just got a smoothie maker so I'm so excited to find all of these wonderful sounding ideas! Thanks everyone!!!
  2. Thanks for the microwave tip. I've been eating the Jenn-O turkey bacon for awhile but I've been baking it because I like bacon crunchy. Now I'm going to throw it in the microwave and try it your way..Thanks again!
  3. Thank you Dawn! Now I'm going to make the pancake. I'm glad you cleared up my confusion. Thanks again!!!
  4. Meisha I'm cooking impaired so I have a question. Do you use plain flour or self rising flour? I never know when to use which flour when recipes just say flour. I buy plain flour but it seems I'm always needing self rising flour.
  5. I'm finally getting around to making this cake. I need some advice...do you thaw the strawberries? I did and now they are in juice and not sure what to do with the juice. HELP!!! I want this to turn out good but not sure if I'm doing this right or not.
  6. I found a recipe in one of WW cookbooks that I have been taking for lunch. Bag of the broccoli slaw and a can of tuna or some frozen or fresh shrimp or some imitation crab meat, mixed with the slaw and add reduced fat mayo 2 tbles and 2 tbles of cider vinegar and a chopped tomato. I added lemon pepper and a tad of Splenda. It was so yummy and only the seafood and light mayo counts in the points AND it made two huge meals! I think the cookbook was something about 15 minute meals.
  7. Well now you've done it! First you throw those TJ cookies up to me and now you tempt me with this chicken recipe! I don't know how I've missed this recipe, I have every cookbook JoAnna Lund has out. I love her recipes, they are VERY WW friendly and also they are easy and quick and INEXPENSIVE!! Thanks for posting this one, it is one I will definitely be making soon!
  8. Hi Angelfire, The recipe I have is a box of one step Angel food cake mix and you put a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple in its own juice, stir and bake...that's it! It is awesome! Hope this is the recipe you were looking for, I think it is 3 points a serving but I can't remember if it is 12 servings...I think it is 12 servings.
  9. I've been looking for a chicken salad recipe, thanks for posting it. I'm just sick that here in Florida I can't find Duke's Low Fat Mayo, I can find the full fat version but not the low fat. I miss my Duke's!!! Winn Dixie's own brand of low fat mayo is the closest thing I've found, good price too at 98 cents a quart on sale. Needless to say when I find it on sale I stock up!! Sorry, I'm rambling this morning, too much coffee..hehe Thanks again!
  10. I finally got around to trying this recipe and loved it! This is a soup I'll definitely make over and over. The only problem I have is finding the soup mix. For some reason here in Florida it is difficult to find. I had my doubts as to this soup being filling but it was! I was very suprised. Next time I'm making a double batch. I used whole wheat pasta in mine and next time I'm going to use Boca crumbles in it. The first time I make something I like to make it by the recipe but next time I'm spreading my wings! Thanks for posting the recipe Christine!
  11. I finally got around to making this cake. I baked mine in a 13 X 9 pan and it was GREAT!!! I totally love this cake. It was moist and just sweet enough to fill my sweet tooth. I took it to work and everyone had a fit over it. I'm thinking about trying it with the cherry pie filling and maybe chocolate cake mix. I have a red velvet cake mix here, might throw the cherry pie filling in it. Anyway, thank you for posting it! A real winner!
  12. You have posted a lot of great sounding recipes, I can't wait to try them. I'm cooking impaired but these all seem easy enough that I am going to try them! Thank you so much for posting the recipes!!! Have a great one!
  13. Charski thank you so much for all the great information! I'm not much of a cook and I found some really useful information. I am going to pull this and tape it inside my kitchen cabinet. I appreciate you going to the trouble to post the info! Thanks again!
  14. I would like to try this recipe, does it really only take 1/2 cup rice krispies? And that amount covers the bottom of an 8x8 pan? I'm not good on the cooking thing so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the help. Later all
  15. Dawna I would be interested in how you make your version of Bisquick. If you wouldn't mind I would like to have the recipe. I always include my email address...well at least I think it is part of my signature line..if not it's CLWaterV2@aol.com Probably others would like the recipe also. Have you tried boca crumbles? They are very good. I used the another brand once..not the Morningstar ones, and overcooked it. LOL Needless to say it was awhile before I tried using it again! Thanks for your help Dawna.
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