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  1. Ever workout to videos? Maybe you would like these... http://www.collagevideo.com/exercise-videos/10-minute-solution-exercise-videos-24
  2. Received this in my email- thought you might like it... "I like to feel the squish of sand underfoot. To feel the dawn wind. To hear the birds. To learn my strengths and weaknesses To be out there. To switch off. To go to another place. To smell that summer has arrived. To clear my mind. To see the wood for the trees To stand outside myself for a bit. To do something simple, dull and repetitive. To give problems some perspective. To enjoy the freedom. To hear the quiet. To feel tired and worn out. To beat that part of me that wants to stop. To feel that feeling I get afterwards. Don't call me a runner. I just like to run."
  3. Here I am! I have been sick. Whoo Hoo Leesa! You did great! I feel like that will aways be a part of running- pushing yourself when you dont feel like going on- afterall- if not we might still be 'on the couch!' But you did it! Good for you!!!!!! X Solider- I 5K be PROUD! you are you and your sister is your sister- Be proud of what you are doing and who YOU are! You are runnign a 5K- You Go Girl!!!! I ran Saturday. FIrst time without podcast- to my own music and that part was great but I was not feeling great and ran about 2 miles- 20 minutes. MAybe I posted atfer that....Its all running together now....Monday night I stared sneezing non stop & I woke up with a head & chest cold. Tons of people here have the swine flew. But htis is JUST a cold! AND I am getting better! I have to work today anyway. I hope ot be well enough to run Thursday.
  4. Good for you XSolider! Way to get a good work out even if you did walk some- you attitude made me feel better becasue I walked some of my run this AM. I dont know if it was the humidity or the fact that I drank very little water yeaterday- or just that I am 43 and running at 5:30AM is hard sometimes (would rather have gone back to bed this morning!) BUT I didnt! I ran the first mile & 1/2 then walked one minute than ran for another 5 mins then walked the rest. Not the 2 1/2 I was hoping for- but much better than staying home in bed!!! Congrats on the steady waight loss too! I am the same again this week- so SLOW in coming off but I did not journal anything this week or count points (hangs head in shame) There were a few of us meeting informally weekly but that desolved. I REALLY wish I could find a local WW meeting. I am hoping Leesa got her 8 min runs in today!
  5. This is EXACTLY how I felt on week 5 - AND THEN I DID IT! Now I feel like I can do anything! I know you will do it- you will be fine! The break in day 2 actually felt long to me - You will be able to do it and you will be SO proud of yourself!!!!
  6. Leesa- Week 5 will be awesom- you will LOVE it! XSolider- way to go- I am really proud of you for doing your run. I am SO NOT a night person- no way I would have done it. About the dress- I was thinking at least you got to pick it out and it was not some crazy bridesmades dress your stuck with let alone wearing...lol- sounds like you will have a great time - and when the dress is too big take it to a resale and use the $$$ to get yourself something new. I did W7D1 this morning. Took a flashlight for my 5 min warm up walk up the dirt road since Dh mentiond rattle snakes are moving and it was still dark when I headed out. My pace was a little slower than last week (I was running 10 min mile- today about 12.5 mile) but I think the 2 days off makes a difference -I run Tues, Thurs, Sat. I did complete my 25 mins but it was slightly less than 2.5 miles because of my speed. I will pick up the pace Thursday. Have a great week everyone!
  7. GREAT run today! I loved it! I did not do the full 2.5 miles - but only because I ran our of road. (I was home) I took a new route and underestamated the length. I drove it in my car afterward and it was 2.1 miles to where I stopped running. The road I normally run is 2 miles this one was was only 1.6 (my drive is 1/2 mile dirt road I usually do not run- it is my warm up and cool down) - but anyway....(sorry rambling) I felt great the whole run and am definetly going ahead with week 7 Tuesday! Only 93% humidity and 70 degrees today- at 5:30AM anyway. I have to take DS to work at 7AM so I had to get going really early. I did drink tons of water yesterday incase that had something to do with my sluggish runs earlier. I am going to check out the shirts now...
  8. Way to go XSolider!!!!! A friend just semnt me a link to some 5Ks starting labor day- but I will wait till I am ready. It is much cooler this AM since it rained all day today- hope for the same tomorrow. Way to go Leesa too! "Endurance is the key for me" me too! If you find the t shirts - post a link. They may have had them made. Hoping to get new shoes Monday. I found a running store about 2 hours away.
  9. W6D2- not as bad as Tuesday's run- but still not great. I made it through the first 10 min run- totally ready forthe walk break then on the second 10 min run I ran 3 walked 2 ran another 4 and walked the last 1. I have lots of excuses. TOM came this morning. The humidity is 100% this morning (and I really think this was the main reason- it was just soooo hard to breath). I am going to do W6D3 as planed and if I cant do the 25 minutes I will do week 6 over again next week. There is a 80% chance of rain the next few days so maybe the humidity will be down by Saturday. XSolider- I wish DS would join the military- it would be a great choice for him since he has not much direction in his life and keeps floping around reguarding college. I know I drive him nuts and he does the same to me- we are WAY too much alike (except I am older and smarter :-)
  10. XSolider -I SO agree- just to be clear I am the mom in this situation. 23 Y0 son (who moved out at 18) is thinking free food, free maid, and free lodging and I am thinking GET OUT- get your own place and come see me for Sunday dinner!!! Good job Leesa! Glad you were able to jump right back in!
  11. Well- I ran W6D1 today- and thank God it was not a 20 min run. I did terrible!!!! It was a 5 min run. walk, 8 min run, walk then 5 min run - I did the first 5 run- about 6mins of the second run and about 3 of the last run. I did try and power walk what I did not run (my whole route is 3 miles) but not the same. I just did not have it in me this AM. I had a long night..... lets just say it is NOT good for adult children to move back home.... I plan to go on with W6D2 Thurs...just rest well and do a better job of keeping up with hydration. I did forget to add- I lost another pound - finally!!!
  12. thanks- we had a slight tropical storm (or what was left of it) through here- so no runnning this AM but will see if she wants to start Wed.
  13. I dont want to get behind becasue I feel if I do not run regularly I will not be able to comtinue to run- and I want to be a runner! See you did it! I honsetly have just felt like doing this every time so far- b\BUT I have had times wiht other Wos and as Leesa said -the key is to just do it! And you did it!!!! Way to push through!
  14. I am going into week 6 of C25K. I have a good friend who wants to jump in and do the program with me. She is 10 yrs younger and was very athletic in the past- though she has not ran in years. I did my first 20 minute run Saturday and don't want to slow down but I also want to encourage her (she has worked really hard and lost 80 lbs recently) Could I start the program over on alternate days with her (run week six- tues, thurs, Sat- and run week one with her Mon, Wed, Fri??? Is it OK to run every day?
  15. I have a goods friend who has it and her waist has gotten tiny!! Machines are not for me- but she loves it.
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