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  1. Okay, first let's decide if you want what you share with me to be public or private. If you don't want anyone else to see your food journals then you need to use the "private message" function. If you don't care if anyone else can see them then you can keep sending notes this way. Anyone who clicks on my profile will be able to read the notes you send me using the "visitor message" function. Using private messaging is really easy.

    Just click on my name and then click on the "contact info" tab. There is a prompt you can click on that says "send a private message to this user". When you do that, what you share is not seen by others.


    As for when you start sending me info, that's entirely up to you. You can start anytime you want to. I need to know what you want from me in return. Are you looking for feedback or do you just need to post it and know that someone is going to read it? I'm willing to give you whatever you need.


    Congrats on getting your lifetime (I know you are re-earning it, but doing it once deserves recognition, too). I hope to hit that someday myself. In the meantime - let's do this buddy! ;)

  2. I am so not a computer genius.....not sure what to do about my profile because I do not understand what things mean....I do have my lifetime which was done over 30 years ago...and never got back.....I would love if I could just be accountable to someone each day for what I eat.....I live in PA. I do go to meetings each week but I get so discouraged listening to people loosing 50 pounds in a few months when I have been going forever and just lost and regained the same 25. ( I lost 18 now) but was to 25 before Easter. I have 50 more to go according to their graphs. And at my age my body will be facing south...:^) When should I start listing my food? Should I wait until Monday? One problem is that I have a thin husband who love Chinese buffets.....I am very careful..no fried things but I think this is one thing that is hurting me....well thanks for listening and for stepping up to help me....

  3. How do I get a buddy? I am so lost on this thing....thanks....
  4. I have been a life time member since I was in my 20's and have never gotten back to goal....I lose and gain the same 25 pounds....I go to meetings every week but seem to go backwards.....and I watch everyone else loosing.....I need someone who will count my points with me each day.....thanks....Oh I have about 50+ pounds to go......help!!
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