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  1. Ok ladies and gents question here...How many non vegetable zero point items do you allow yourself a day? For example...Condiments, dressings, spray butter, crystal light/propel drink packets, syrups, etc...you get my drift...Have any of your team leaders told you to limit this zero point non veggies items to a certain amount per day? I have never attended meetings but I had a friend that did and she said her team leader told her to limit these zero point servings to 5 per day. What are your thoughts? Should I be doing that? Is there a number you were told by WW or team leaders? Should you really count these zero point condiments that arent vegetables?...I am wondering this because even though they are zero I know after time things add up just like if you double a serving of something thats 2pts it not all the time is 4pts sometimes its 3 or 5 or whatever. So please any thoughts information about this is greatly appriciated! Thank you ahead!
  2. ok so let me see if i get this right say 5oz raw it would be actually 1.25 times the NI so this is how it would work... calories 110x1.25=137.5 fat 1x1.25=1.25 fiber 0 points equal 3pts ??? is that right with it being raw weight?? But then if I am eating only 3oz of that 5oz raw piece I am only eating 2pts worth?? does the 3oz have to be 3oz cooked or 3oz raw?? I was always under the impression you count the portion you are eating aka the cooked weight not the raw weight...
  3. Ok I just weighed a piece of raw chicken it totalled 5 oz...the way I did it earlier today raw was in the individual packages with all the juices. Thats why it weighed more raw but a chicken piece raw out of the package with no juice is 5oz but cooks out to be 3oz...how many points should I count that? 2 or 3? is that normal the different raw verse cooked?
  4. So plcm111195 do I count points for what the chicken is before cooked (raw) or do I count points from after its cooked?? I weighed a piece of it raw earlier today and I believe it was either 6 or 8oz raw but then after cooked my piece came out to only 3oz. Why so different? Is that normal? Do I count my portion that I am actually eating which is cooked or do I count the portion raw?
  5. I think after I do the measuring and everything for awhile I will be able to learn more of my hunger scale. I tend to go overboard so I need to learn when I am satisfied verse to late and being so over stuffed. Right now the measuring and counting is what I feel I need to do and that is why I am so confused at this chicken. I mean 1pt isnt that big of a deal but at the end of the day sometimes it is.
  6. Ok need help at figuring out how to point this...I always get the individually wrapped perdue chicken breasts now when i get the 6 pack from my local grocery the nutritional value is for 1 filet (4.8oz) 140 cals 1.5 fat 0 fiber which is 3 points now I just bought it in bulk at costco and the label states for 1 filet 4oz 110 cals 1 fat 0 fiber which is 2 points. Since there was a difference in the packages nutritional information even though its same company same product just in bulk not a package of 6 after I cooked the breast I weighed it and the breast came out to be 3oz. Now do I go by my usual 3pts since its really the same chicken breast packaged by the same company or do I go by the nutritional value of the perdue bulk bag from costco??? but i am also under the impression that each oz of chicken is 1 point? so since the breast weighed out to be 3 should it be 3pts? but even then the nutritional values on both packages are wrong because the 6 pack advirtises 4.8oz being only 3pts and the costco bulk perdue chicken individual wrapped advirtises 4oz for 2pts...What do I go by???
  7. Anyone ever scared to weigh themselves?? For about a week I have been on and off plan. Its like one day totally on next day not or all day on plan then night comes and soooooooooo off track. Finally two days ago today being the third it clicked to just stay OP. I am terrified to weigh myself scared of the damage I did. I dont want to know but I know I need to face it soon. How long should I wait to weigh??
  8. Starting at 180lbs it has been years of struggles, disappointments, insecurity, feelings of not being good enough, and all those other upsetting feelings you get when you feel you are not good enough or look the way you wish. Its been a long road...a difficult road...Starting as a child I have always been overweight. In elementary school I was always called fat always made to feel like the outcast because of me weight. Because of that I started to seperate myself from friends and any type of social life. It all continued while I went into high school. Yes I had my close tiny group of friends but other then that I felt I was not good enough to talk to many. I felt insecure and felt ashamed. I always felt like they were looking at me thinking fatty or saying ew even if they were smiling at me. My junior year is when my tragedy happened. My darling mother who is my best friend passed away. From that day on I vowed to myself I would become the person I wanted. I always wanted to skinny. Always wanted to be able to throw on cloths and not have to look in the mirror to make sure nothing was bulging out. I just wanted to be able to dress and go. I wanted to be that social girl who seemed to have no worrys who you looked at and wished you had the confidence they had. Yes through the years I have had my ups and downs. Down in weight back up in weight but finally I looked myself in the face in the mirror and told myself that no one is going to do this for me. If its truely what I want I need to recognize and understand that this isnt a diet its a lifestyle change. Its a change to make me healthy and to help me be where I want to be. I told myself I need to stop talking the walk and actually walk the walk and not look back. So I set myself at a goal of 110lbs and challenged myself to get there. As I said earlier its been a long hard roll facing daily struggles learning tricks and basically learning to say no and ok I had eough instead of always giving in "just this once" or feeling that I needed to finish my plate. I always felt I needed to finish everything while out never had the concept of wrapping to go and having tomorrow but you bet now more then ever I know how to!!! hahaha but ok after all my ramble which I am sorry for this is what I am getting at....Its been a long road a hard struggle a lot of truth faced by myself but after it all I have to say....It has payed off!!! This morning I stepped on the scale and I was a wonderful..........109.4lbs!!! I finally reached my goal! I feel amazing great wonderful. I am proud that I achieved this for myself and not anyone else. Now Its maintaining but I know I have the strength to do it because I learned what I can and cant do. Also I will have the support still of you guys. I still want to stay focused just because I reached my goal this does NOT mean I will slack or just throw it all away this time. I will not! and That is a promise to you BCBers and most of all myself! YAYYYY! It feels so great to achieve! Always taking a day at a time and continually learning...
  9. Ok so I know 1 eggwhite is 0pts and 3 eggwhites is 1pt..what about 2 eggwhites??? I have 2 eggs left in the carton and I would like them for breakfast but i dont know whether to count it as 1 or 0...I like to get protein in as much as I can and 1 eggwhite is not enough especially since I would like to make a veggie omelette...What would you count 2 eggwhites as??
  10. Ok my question is this...at 130 i ate a granola bar worth 4pts then at 430 again I had the same granola bar worth 4pts. Now I know when you double a serving of something you dont nec just double the points sometimes it could be more sometimes less...That whole 2+2 doesnt always equal 4 thing...In this case I ate a total of 8pts in granola bar but if I double all the values since I doubled the serving it comes out to be 7pts. My question really is this...do I double the serving and count the granola bars as 7pts or because i had one at 130 and the ther at 430 do I just count them as seperate and count it as 8pts?? Do I count them seperate because I didnt nec have double the serving in one sitting? Thanks so much! I have been totally OP I just dont want to mess up on a little thing like this...Thanks so much again...
  11. Ok this is my problem. I buy the perdue individual packed chicken breasts. When I go to the local grocery store and get the package with only like 4 or 6 individual breasts in it the point value on the package yeilds 3pts per breast but when I get the huge bag of the individual breasts from costco of the perdue singles the point value yeilds 2pts per breast. Which do I go by?? arent they the same thing??...Also on the bag from costco it says 4oz is a serving and there are 26 servings per bag. I weighed the breast this morning raw and in the package and it says its a little over 8oz of meat. Do you count raw ounces or cooked ounces when doing points?? and is the value on the bag for the raw value or when the chicken is cooked?!?!? ahhh so confused!!
  12. Well here I am day 6...Completely OP drinking lots of water exercising daily. I am feeling strong...Feeling positive...Feeling greattt. This week is way different then other times on the program. In the past I have cut myself short counting points for veggies where I didnt need to but did because I felt guilty and this time im not. Last time I would eat the same thing over and over again day after day. Same breakfast lunch and dinner and this time I am not. I promised myself I would switch it up and not be consistantly having the same thing. I told myself this time with the program I am going to take each rule and follow it for what it is and not make my and cut cornors. After all the program is designed the way it is because it works. If it didnt it wouldnt have so much success it does and people would not be succeeding. This time round on my day 6 like I said I am feeling strong and positive. I have today and tomorrow and my first full week is complete and I am looking forward to saying I did it. After each day OP I feel determined to do it again and each day of wanting to do it again I feel that it gets easier. Well here is the start to my day 6 accountability.... Morning Coffee w/ fat free creamer 1pt Breakfast Oatmeal 2pts Unsweetened applesauce 1pt 1/4c cottage cheese 1pt Snacks Apple 1pt Celery 0pts Cherries 1pt 1/2c blueberries and 1/2 strawberries 1pt Carrots 0pts Lunch Soup 2pts Salad 0pts Dinner Chicken 3pts Cauliflower and turnips 0pts Daily Target: 21pts Est usage: 13pts Left: 8pts Allowance: 23pts AP earned today: 1pt Weeks AP earned (include today): 8pts Weeks AP used: 7pts AP left: 1pt Water Will write in later how much I drank today
  13. Morning Coffee with fat free creamer 1pt Breakfast 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce 1pt 1/2 cup blue berries 1/2 cup strawberries 1pt *Sprinkled on a little truvia to sweeten up o cals so opts* Snack Small banana 1pt 100 cal pack of almonds 2pts Lunch Mix greens salad(0) w/ chicken breast (3) cut up small apple (1) 2tbs crumbled blue cheese (1pt) and 2tbs fat free cranberry balsamic dressing (0) 5pts Snacks Yogurt 2pts Junior frosty 4pts Kettle popcorn 1pt Fruit bar 1pt Daily target: 21pts Used: 19pts Left: 2pts Allowance: 24pts AP earned this week: 7pts AP used: 4pts AP left: 3pts (From todays exercise) I know I am suppose to use my AP earned before my allowance and the reason why my allowance is down and I still have APs is because last night I used all my APs and some of my allowance and today I earned the 3 APs I have shown now. Water 32 ounces plain 32 ounces w/ orange crystal light 32 ounces w/ a peach green tea crystal light packet 32 ounces plain Exercise 1 hour= 2 AP earned 30 minute slim in 6 workout= 1 AP earned
  14. Well I did not post my accountability yesterday but I will be truthful...I was TOTALLY OP!! I did great I have to sayyyy! Yay! Well for today this is my plan up until dinner... Morning Coffee with fat free creamer 1pt Breakfast Cereal w/ 1/2 cup milk 3pts 1 cup mixed blueberries and strawberries 1pt Lunch Crab meat with broc and turnips 2pts Snacks Apple 1pt Banana 1pt Cherries 1pt Pineapple 1pt Almonds 100 cal pack 2pts Carrots 0pts Pudding 2pts Yogurt 3pts Graham cracker 1pt Dinner Mix green salad 0pts Yogurt 3pts Water 32 ounces plain 32ounces propel packet in it 16 ounces plain 8 ounces plain Exercise 30 minutes total body= 1 activity point Daily Target: 21pts Used: 22pts Left: 0pts Allowance: 35pts Activity points earned: 4pts Activity points used: 3pts Activity points left for extra weekly intake: 1pts Today was a little rough a little more hungry then I would of hoped but I did stay in daily and weekly allowance. I was very stressed today and I am a stess and emotional eater. I acknowledge this and I am happy and feeling strong that I made as many good decisions to stay within my daily and weekly allowance and I did not just throw in the towel which a few times I thought of doing. A few times I thought to just eat and eat and not care but I kept reminding myself although WW is a diet in the end it really isnt its a lifestyle its a learning tool. I can not just throw in the towel and give up because of stress and emotion. I have to work through all situations and deal with each thing as it comes. I have to make the best choices and step back and listen to my body. Am I really hungry? Do I really need food or am I just doing it because its whats going to "help" at that time? I so far tonight have over come these urges to give up and I want to succeed in doing it the rest of the night. With this positive attitude I believe I can...and I WILL. This is my life my goal and I will not let anyone or MYSELF get in the way. Each day each situation each bite is a learning experiance and a positive step. It is a step to get me stronger and help towards my goal. I will and can do this and overcome anything! Stay strong I tell myself stay strong!! andddd I will and am! yay! haha
  15. Morning Coffee w/ Fat free creamer 1 pt Breakfast 3 egg whites 1pt 1 cup mixed blueberries and strawberries 1pt Toast 1pt On toast was 1 tsp promise butter 0pts and 1tsp jam 0pts Lunch Tomato soup 4pts Mix green salad w/ vinager 0pts Snacks Small apple 1pt Yogurt 2pts 10 baby carrots 0pts Sugar free chocolate pudding 1pt Dinner Chicken 3pts Broc/Cauli 1 cup mix 0pts Sauce 1/2 cup 1pt Moz Cheese ww stick 1pt Snack nature valley granola bar 4pts Daily Target: 21pts Used: 21pt Left: 0pts Allowance: 35pts Activity Earned: 2pts Water: 10 ounces plain 8 ounces plain 32 ounces plain 32 ounces orange crystal light packet 32 ounces plain 16 plain 12 plain Exercise: Julian Michaels 20 min circuit= 1 activity point
  16. Does anyone know where to find exercise routines for the elliptical or stationary bikes online to follow? Thanks in advance!
  17. Morning Coffee with Fat free creamer 1pt Breakfast Gritz w/ 1tbs apricot jam 3pts MidMorning snack Plum 1pt Lunch Salad w/ a can of tuna(plain) 2pts 1 cup blueberries 1pt Fudge pop 1pt Afternoon Snack Yogurt 2pts Dinner Mix green salad w/ shrimp and 1/2c beans 3pts 1 1/2 tbs balsamic vinager 0pts Cocktail 4pts Night Snack Trail mix bar 3pts Daily Point Target: 21pts Used: 21pts Left:0pts Water: 32 ounce bottle of water with a blueberry white tea crystal light packet 32 ounce bottle of plain water 16 ounce bottle water 16 ounce bottle water Exercise: 25 minute firm video= 1 activity point earned
  18. Good Morning BCB! My name is Kelly and I am 22 years old. All my life I have battled with my weight. I have been to my highest of 180lbs and to my lowest where I was truly happy of 110lbs. Through the years I have gone up and down up and down. Its like a never ending cycle and I know I only have myself to blame. I have been looking around the website lately a lot. Ready posts by members seeing what its all about. Finally this morning July 12, 2009 I decided that today is the day that I start my program again and I decided this morning was when I would be signing up for this site which I did! YAY! haha I have been off and on program saying Ill start now or Ill start tomorrow or Ill start again in a couple days because life is to complicated or because I have this event but ya know what...No matter what life is always going to have complicated situation there will always be an event but that is no reason to go off program to to sabatage myself. I have to stop making excuses for myself and just do it. I am a stress eater I have come to terms and also a bordom eater. When I get upset or stressed or I find there is nothing to do I eat. When this happens I tend to go on binges where I will eat everything there is in site. I will jump from one food to the next pasta to a sandwich to chips to ice cream to candy to cereal back to a sandwhich. Its actually really disgusting and I am tired of it. There are other ways around stress like exercise a walk writing coloring something...There is always something to do if bored. Eating not being one of these options unless truely hungry. I am ready to step up and be accountable for my actions. I am ready to step up and have a new understanding and a new relationship with food. I am ready to step up and be who I want to be in the body I want to be in! I just know I am going to need someone or someonessss to just help support and kick me if need be. I know when it comes down to it its only myself who can help me but you all seem to be a type of family here supporting each other and helping. I would like to be a part of that. Not many people in my life understand why I feel I need to lose weight or need to watch what I eat. They dont understand that its what I want. Here is my plan: ~Stay within daily points and allowance each week ~Exercise ~Drink water ~Stay positive ~Post each day My starting weight is 120lbs...Thats a daily point target of 21. My goal is to be down to 110lbs. Its not that far off but the way I have been eating is bad and I need to get myself back into it. After all this isnt a diet its a lifestyle and I need to start that lifestyle and understand that this is the way it is. I am ready to step up to the new...I am ready to begin and continue through all complications and events and temptations. One good decision can lead into another and another. I can do this I AM worth it! If there is anyone that wants 2 start a buddy system of dail check ins please let me know I would love it!!
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