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  1. Chemicals can be delicious! Okay, not funny! I think December is the hardest month for me because it is the proverbial "season of eating". You can't walk five steps out of your home without seeing something delicious. My biggest strength, as in every other time of year, is not to let it in my house. I can plan for Christmas dinner but I will never be able to resist a plate of cookies on my counter. I also focus on making things I don't like so I'm not tempted. October does get tough when the weather is colder and darker. I really don't look forward to changing the clocks. On reflecting on the upcoming holidays, I can say that I've learned not to make each holiday a binge-weekend. It's just one day and I can do one day of splurging.
  2. I have to get hubby to get the VCR hooked back up. Right now I can only do Fanny Lifter & Transfirmer stuff. That's okay with me. My favorite oldie is Maximum Body Shaping with Tracie Long. I am going to do CAAWT for 10 workouts then switch. I don't know if I've ever done all the ab work reps on tempo! It's a great goal though.
  3. Here to join an activity accountablity group! I am back on the plan after having my last baby. She's 14.5 months now. I won't get a ton of working out in this week but it's a start. 2/20 Sun-0 Mon-The Firm Complete Aerobics and Weight Training Tue-0 Wed-0 Thu-0
  4. Go, baby, go! I still have much love and affection for the classic Firms. I am just getting back into exercise and The Firm, old and new-ish, will be the backbone!
  5. I'm late to the party here but I am halfway through my first day on the new plan and I could have written what Deborah did. I also skipped fruit because it cost points. I have a lot to learn because I had tons of points values memorized from the other plans but I will learn this way too.
  6. I listened to his podcasts and found them boring. I think I'd be more apt to use them if I were running outside. I can listen to any kind of music and run on the treadmill at certain settings with no problems.
  7. Thanks a lot! That will help. I've had a bit of a setback because I had a tooth pulled. I am resting this week and I plan to just re-start the program next week. I'm trying not to get down about it, I just need to heal up a bit. See you next week!
  8. Thanks, guys. Good to know about not needing itunes. Day 2 was hard only because my lower legs were feeling it. Nothing insurmountable at all. Tomorrow is day 3. So far I've had no trouble keeping up. Anyone doing this on a treadmill? I am very overweight so I make the walking at about 3.3 mph and the running at 4 mph. I don't know if this is intense enough but it seems to be a good fit for me right now.
  9. Well where are they? If I can get them to Windows Media Player, I can get them on my MP3 player. I am doing day 2 today. It's so easy mentally to be knowing the 20 minutes will be helping me get to the goal. I have 4 kids and it's tough to find time.
  10. I don't have itunes but I do have an mp3 player. I don't know if I can get podcasts. I use a treadmill so at this point I'm just doing the intervals in my head. Pretty easy for this first week. I haven't looked ahead at the rest of the program much. I did read some notes that say it's okay to repeat a week if you truly feel you can't move on. Frankly, I didn't know what kind of time-frame was reasonable so this at least gives me a general goal. If it takes me a few weeks longer, I'm okay with that.
  11. I had heard of this program and had no idea it was my exact goal. I want to get to running 3 miles. I hope I can keep up with the program. I have exercised on and off for years (mostly off ) so today's first workout felt good.
  12. I have a lovely flat-screen that dh got me for my birthday. I am lucky to have a large kitchen and plenty of counterspace. I have to cable hook-up so I watch dvds. It's a great way for me to catch up on tv shows I missed. I am working my way through the entire West Wing right now. I am always watching the Simpsons and Arrested Development in between.
  13. Ouch! I've missed a few more days.... trying to not give up!
  14. Donna, you are so right! I just got some Brooks Adrenaline 8s too! I got them at Sierra Trading Post so I didn't pay full price. "They" always say, don't develop a long-term relationship with your exercise shoes! STP has tons of discounted, new athletic shoes. I highly recommend them. www.sierratradingpost.com
  15. I haven't done these but I thought you might want to visit the video fitness forum. They are strictly home exerciser and many people are always doing Tony Horton stuff. You should lurk over there. Just google Video Fitness Forum and most of the stuff is under the "General Discussion" heading. I think if you join, you can search for old stuff too, it's a pretty active board.
  16. Didn't forget about you, pinclady! Just got busy. Joanne's advice is great. Also I would say that I never really used their rotation calendar. I know you said you are new to the Firm but I don't know your current activity level. I suppose if I were you, I'd do a C & S (Cardio & Sculpt) and skip two days and do it again. This will break you in slowly and not make you too sore. Don't be afraid to use way less weight than you think you can the first 2 weeks. This will help make sure you don't get so sore. In the TransFirmer kit there is Aerobic Body Shaping (C & S), Cardio Sculpt is from BSS1, it's one of my all time favs. BSS2 has Complete Aerobics and Weight Training and Total Sculpt Plus abs. Any of these would be good starters. I would start with Cardio Sculpt.
  17. It's the P. G. B.E.S.T. Step workout. I think I'm going to pick up Step My Way next.
  18. I finally got a decent workout in again today. I really haven't done much since Sunday! ARG! I will do some weights tomorrow.
  19. I DID THE WHOLE DAMN THING! I am so excited. It has taken me 7 weeks to learn it but I know it and love it. I am not 100% perfect at it but I can do a 98% version until it's spit-shined!
  20. Sittin' here in my own sweat! I love Complete Body Sculpting because the intro tells you to try very heavy weights. It's a bit of a slower sequence and less compound moves. I did use 15s for squats and dips. I did some nice shoulder work with the 12s. As a matter of fact, I used only 10s, 12, and, 15s!
  21. I'm insanely jealous that you have home-grown, grass-fed beef!
  22. I've hit my new record in how far I've gotten on my P.G. step tape. I am so close! I just might shoot off fireworks on the day I get the whole thing!
  23. I think Kimberley said it best, but I want you to know that coming here and asking is the right thing. Staying ahead of the problem will be your best defense. I don't know your exact circumstance of where you work, but can you include the kids in exercise or cooking? That might be a viable option in the right circumstance.
  24. Every once in awhile there will be a day where a person doesn't eat all of their Target points. This should be a very rare occasion. You just have to move on from it. WW doesn't want people under-eating. Do what you want with the point but you can't make it a habit to eat less on a certain day.
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