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  1. Thanks so much to everyone who responded. In the weeks since I started this thread, I gained 4 lbs in one week and, at my weight in today, I lost 1lb. For the most part, I'm back on track. I'm such a reader...lol....the latest author I've discovered is Dr. Daniel Amen and his book 'Change Your Brain Change Your Life'. I'm big into understanding how the subconcious works. I'm learning meditation from a co-worker (who is a Buddhist) and we'll see how that goes. My plan is to not look back, but to only look forward. Thanks again everyone for sharing and for your encouragement. It really means a lot.
  2. I've hit a major roadblock on my weight loss journey. Since July '09, I've lost 92 lbs. I still have 60 lbs to go to get to goal weight. Ever since I hit the 85 lb mark, I've been struggling very bad. In the past two months, I haven't been tracking like I should, I eat when I'm not hungry (and not bored, or stressed.) It's like on some level, I feel like something is keeping me from continuing to do well. I've come such a long way and I don't want to go back to being so unhealthy, fat and miserable. Has anyone else struggled with this and if you have, how did you pull yourself out of this self-destructive pattern and what caused you to sabotage your weight loss?
  3. It took me almost two months to read that book and it has changed my life. It made me come to terms with my overeating and the roll food has in my life. I've been a member of Weight Watchers since July 2009 and, to date, have lost 89 lbs. While WW has taught me many things about how to eat correctly, portion control, etc. Dr. Phil's book has made me look inward and given me understanding. Has anyone here read this book. What did you think of it?
  4. Thanks everyone for responding to my question. I will check with the receptionist later on this week. I'd like to give it a month on my own and see how I do. I've successfully lost 100 lbs twice in the past 14 years only to regain the weight plus a little more. I am older and wiser and understand that I'm one Big Mac away from falling off the wagon. My friend has agreed to do a weekly weigh in with her so I will continue to have accountability. I will also continue tracking what I eat each day and sticking to the allotted points allowed per day and ride my exercise bike faithfully.
  5. I've been attending WW since July of '09 and have been successful. I've lost 82 lbs to date. For the past two months I've been weighing in weekly but not staying for the meetings. I have a very good leader but, after months of attending, I feel like I've gotten the same information 10 different ways. I feel strong enough to go it on my own. Do you think this is a good idea? Also, if I take a break from WW, how long can I be absent before I would have to rejoin as a new member or can I continue on as a member who has come back? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
  6. That right there says it all. I can totally relate to everything you said in your post and I'm so glad you post on this forum. I feel like you are inside my head...LOL...it's kind of creepy, actually.
  7. Here is a recipe I got from a friend. I haven't worked out the points yet, but it is delicous! BLT Dip 1 cup fat free sour cream 1/2 cup low fat yogurt 1/2 cup lite mayonnaise 8 oz package of low fat cream cheese, softened combine all ingredients then top with crumbled bacon, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce Serve with toast points, bagel chips, bread sticks or veggies Tastes just like a BLT sandwich!!!
  8. Ali Katt

    True Support

    AWESOME post, CW. Thank you so much for those words of support, encouragement and letting me know I am alone in my struggle with food. I will print your post so I can read it when I need to be reminded I am not alone.
  9. Thanks for the link Rollercoaster. I will give the original recipe a try.
  10. I've been elected to bring this dish for Christmas dinner at my Dad's house this year. I can't use my old fat laden stand by recipe so I'm looking for a WW tried and tested recipe. Does anyone have a good one to share?
  11. Before I make this egg nog, I have a few questions. Is it safe to eat eggbeaters uncooked? How many points is in a 8 oz serving? I love eggnog and would love to try this recipe since drinking the high fat stuff is no longer an option for me.
  12. I love the sandwich thins by Peperidge Farms. Oatmeal is my favorite! For those who haven't yet tried them, please do. I think you'll like them.
  13. I always round UP! For instance...1 tbs of coffee creamer is 35 calories. I count that tablespoon as 1 point. I hope I'm not doing any harm in rounding up. I'm more than pleased by my progress at WW. Since joining on 7/17/09 I've lost 53 lbs!
  14. Thanks Luanne. No one at the location I go to knows a thing. I'll call the number on the back of my program materials.
  15. I weighed in this morning (I lost 3 lbs!!!!!) and asked the leader at the meeting (not my regular meeting or leader) if WW would be open on Christmas Eve. Neither she nor her assistant knew. Does anyone here know if meetings will be held on Christmas Eve day?
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