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  1. Hiya , Does anybody have a recipe to make ( crumble ) apple pie ? Thanks DD
  2. Well again a great result on Wednesday , I lost 800 grs ( 1.8 lbs ) . Gone is a total of 7,1 kg ( 15.6 lbs ) in 7 weeks ! ! And we got the new program explained . It's called Propoints over here and the points are calculated using Fats , Fiber , Protein and Carbohydrates . I've been using it for 2 days now and still have to look up certain things , but I do like it . Can't wait for the weigh inn on next Wednesday ! I hope ALL by BB Buddies will have a GREAT OP day ! ! !
  3. Well I got my second goldstar this evening ! I don't know if it's the same in the US , but here in Holland you get a goldstar for every 3 kg you have lost . I started WW on Oct 7th and so far I have lost 6,3 kg . Also I am looking forward to the next WW meeting . Things cq points are going to change a bit . Something to do with more protein and less carbohydrates . Maybe all of you already use this program ???? If so is it very different then the program before ? To all my bootcamp buddies , have a great OP day !
  4. Hi everyone . I finally got started at the WW class at my town on Oct 7th . Well my scales have lied to me , they show me 4 kg lighter then I really am . Bummer ! First week went great , had a hard time to get enough fruit and veggies . I solved that by eating one piece of fruit every break I had during work ! And it payed off ! I lost 1,4 kg my first week ! ! ! YAY ! Still have a little problem eating at a regular time when I am home , it's easier at work were I have regular breaks . But I'll get there !
  5. Well hello my fellow WW followers ! As you may tell from my name I'm Dutch ( and a bit of a Diva ) hence the name . I've been following WW since 2005 , doing it on my own , no meetings . Lost 25 kg ( 55 pounds ) in the 3 years that followed but gained the last year 10 kg ( 22 )back . So I am startin on Sept 2 going to the meetings for the first time . I want to lose about 30 kg (66). Support is everything , so I found this place and joined ! Hope to meet some great people here . Old weight (2005) was 264 , 2008 = 209 , now 224. Goal = 154 DD
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