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  1. Does anyone have this recipe ? It was in one of the WW handouts from a past mt. & i can't find mine. Recipe uses angel food cake box mix & a can of blueberry pie filling - just not sure if i had any other ingred. ?? OR how long 2 cook it ?? THANKS!
  2. Does anyone have this recipe ? It was in one of the WW handouts from a past mt. & i can't find mine. Recipe uses angel food cake box mix & a can of blueberry pie filling - just not sure if i had any other ingred. ?? OR how long 2 cook it ?? THANKS!
  3. Looks beautiful, DENISE ! THAN YOU !!!
  4. I am always looking for "breakfast on the run" w/ a cup of coffee. Just tired Morning Minis By QUAKER [found in the oatmeal scetion.] They are almost like "tiny oatmeal cookies" I tired the "peanut butter & oats" I enjoyed it (filling) for 3 pt. 140 cal. 4.5 fat 3 g. fiber total carb - 24 gr.[i prefer to keep my carbs under 20 g. per serving -so i won't do these every day]
  5. plcm111195 : thanks for the info. !!
  6. * I misplaced my slide : i bought a FRUITEIN protein shake from the health food store & had it for br.fst. IT IS 110 cal ./ 2 fiber/ 0 fat. anyone have their pt. slide handy ????? * also - i threw away my box when i bought my wasa crisps.(& put them in a tupperware to keep fresh).......so i don't know the pts. for that either.?????
  7. HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY DENISE ! May the blessings of God overtake you in the year ahead ! Thanks for making BCB what it is & blessing so many of us with this great site !!! we love you !!!
  8. BP is down. knees & feet don't hurt as much, and .....DH says i don't snore anymore !!!!
  9. I love your story & website ! YOU LOOK AWESOME & are such an inspiration ! thanks ! God Bless...
  10. How many CARBS grams are in those ? (& does anyone know if it is less carbs than a reg. bagel ????)
  11. Has anyone tried the Weight Control Cinnamin Apple by Quaker Instant oatmeal ?? let me know if u like it & how many points ?? thanks - Phyllis
  12. I just had my 1st one today (spinach, chick. mushrm) & couldn't find my slide ... so i came here to find out ... & saw this large thread w/ you all bragging on them ! I LOVED IT & was releived it was just 5 pt. - i was thinking ... "this is too good ... it is prob. like 7 pt" ! Not crazy about the high sodium either :-( but It's a nice sandwich for 5 pt. ! (filling) I agree - DELISH !!! (wish i had known it was so good - they were 50% off last week !!!!!) Before realizing that Lean Cusine made these i had tried STOUFFER'S - ("Corner Bistro" - southwest style chick. panini) Also very good , but it was 7 pt i think !
  13. Thin4Him

    WW Snack Cakes

    Found my at PathMark. Just tried the carrot cake. I am not a "lemon fan" - but u all say they are good - Huh ???
  14. Cool thread, Buddies ! I was a F/T Kdg. teacher b4 i had kids, then i was a SAHM for many yrs. & now i am a Kdg. Aide. My dream job would be to design greeting cards. (that would be : work for HallMark, i guess !?)
  15. #5 is "Thomas Jefferson" !
  16. Solve the puzzles by saying them out loud, over and over, faster and faster, repeating the phrase, until you "hear" the answer. Example: LAWN SAND JEALOUS (place) Answer: Los Angeles . HAVE FUN ! 1. SHOCK CUSSED TOE (~a person~) 2. SAND TACKLE LAWS (~a fictional character~) 3. MY GULCH HOARD UN (~a person~) 4. MOW BEAD HICK (~a book~) 5. TALL MISCHIEF HER SUN (~a person~) 6. CHICK HE TUB AN AN US (~a product~) 7. THOUGH TIGHT AN HICK (~a thing~) 8. AISLE OH VIEW (~a phrase~) 9. TUB RAID HEAP HUNCH (~a old TV show~) 10. CARESS TROUGHER CLUMP US (~a person~) 11. DOCKED HEARSE WHOSE (~a person~) 12. THUMB ILL KEY WAKE OWL LICKS HE (~a place~) 13. AGE ANT HUB BLOWS HEAVEN (~a fictional character~) 14. THESE HOUND DOVE MOO SICK (~a movie~) 15. BUCK SPUN HE (~a fictional character~)
  17. Oooooh, THANKS ! let us know which ones u try ! I am using the crock pot more often now that i work every day!
  18. HELP ! Misplaced my slide ... need point help for KASHI "chewy granola bars" (trail mix) calories - 130 fat - 5 g fiber - 4 g thanks , buddies !
  19. ...so, did the egg white work to keep it from tearing apart ??? PLEASE LET US KNOW !!!
  20. BabyPhat : did u find it ? do u like it ? does it really taste like Laughing Cow ? is it the same pts. as L.C. ???
  21. Bumping this up incase anyone else may want to avail themselves to the teachings available on this website.[and since we are getting alot of newbies, that may not have seen this !] It's so WONDERFUL to get new fellow Christians coming to this thread. Please stick around , u guys ! I had bought a set of her tapes months ago, & then misplaced them in my house ! I was so happy to just came accross them yesterday !!! (it shows u how "organized" my house is !! UT-OH !) Plan to pop them in the tape player i have in the kitchen & listen while i cook ! (an OP meal, ofcourse)
  22. Patience26 - Thank you so much ! Plan to try it soon.
  23. Exact points for this "diet coke cake", Please ?? If i use a 9X13 pan, how many squares (servings) and how many pt. per square ??
  24. My DH LOVES "stuffed cabbage" - so i will have to give this easier method a try ! (i think he uses "tomatoe soup" though ?) anyway ... will it fit in a large frying pan ?? so, after i brown the meat & drain , then i add the dry rice & cabbge ? Do u like it better on the stove OR baked ?any opinions ??
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