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  1. Thank you so much Fluffy. I appreciate your honesty and your welcoming nature . I am trying very hard to put my health first
  2. I haven't been on Weight Wathers for years because I was always HUNGRY! Two years ago I had a hysterectomy and have gradually gained 20 lbs. For 6 weeks I have counted calories to no avail. Still gradually going up. I thought a calorie is a calorie? Just like a point is a point? I would like your opinion on the new 360 plan. Also, those of you who do Weight Watcher online. Do you like it? Going to meetings with my familys schedule is pretty much impossible. I have had blood work and its all good. My thyroid is on the low normal but not low enough for medication so I know its all about the choices that I am making. So any words of wisdom that you could give me I would appreciate very much. I always enjoyed this site in the past for all of the openeness of participants. Be Blessed everyone and Thank you.
  3. I substitute Almond milk with calcium added for my cereal. Total cereal has calcium added. I do purchase goats milk from and amish family. It's delish! I also use oj with calcium in my fruit smoothies.
  4. Thanks, for the ideas. I have been out of the loop for awhile and trying to get back into it. These should help.
  5. Another tip is to freeze your ripe bananas with the skin on. I do this when I have bananas I don't plan on using. Just pop them out of the freezer and let them thaw. Once they are thawed the blend right up with your mixer.
  6. I am looking for cafe or bistro style recipes if you have some please post. Thank you!
  7. Has anyone tried topping this with sugar free cherry pie filling for like a black forest cake. I haven't tried this recipe yet but am going to try it this weekend. Thanks. It sounds wonderful.
  8. I have also used polenta chips as an alternative to tortilla chips. I bet you could probably make them bigger like a tostada. Polenta is a staple when I follow the core plan.
  9. I would like to have your carrot cake and muffin recipes if you don't mind. Carrot cake is one of my husbands favorites and I am just getting back into core. Thank you for your support.
  10. When a recipe calls for flour alot of times I substitute quick oats. I add approx. 1/4 more wet ingredients to compensate and let batter sit 5-10 minutes. It makes some baked goods heavier but still core.
  11. Has anyone tried adding the dry instant chocolate pudding or xanthan powder to make these thicker?
  12. Thanks for these ideas. They sound great. I am getting my grocery list ready now.
  13. I love crunchy granola bars. But I can't have soy. The ones from the stores have soy protein in them. Please post recipes if you have them. Thanks
  14. I purchased corn tortillas at Aldis. They are in the refrigerated section. I used them in place of the noodles. I have also used a polenta mixture kind of spread around. This too is very good. Thanks for this recipe.
  15. I tried this with canadian bacon instead of sausage. Very good. I also blended some extra black beans in a food processor and added it to the soup to make it a bit thicker and to add more fiber. Thanks for the recipe. We also had FF sour cream, diced up avacado and salsa on the side to stir in. Would have been great with some baked tostitos scoop but I didn't have any.
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