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  1. I find that not saying anything is good. I had a lot of comebacks if my in laws were going to say anything. They have in the past but when I started to lose the weight and it really showed they never brought it up. eventually my MIL made a comment about how she was proud of me. This was coming from a family where I feel tolerated, not always liked and where no one compliments any one but are quick to take cheap shots at each other.
  2. Have you asked the store for the nutritional information. If it's made at the bakery they can give you that info. I googled bakery cupcakes and there is a whole range of nutritional info. http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/search/?q=cupcake It would be best if you can get the info from where it's bought from.
  3. We prefer the name brands like Kraft or Skippy. I like the natural but most of my family including my 4 year old won't eat it.
  4. Processed foods have a lot of sodium and chemicals to make them last longer. I'm working on cutting out soda and eating healthier. I'm working at getting more of the good health guidelines into my diet and slowly seeing results from it. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?194705-Interested-vs-Committed This thread has a great list to fill out to stay committed. Good luck.
  5. Yoga booty ballet is a good series. They are fun and have strength and dance. I have turbo jam but haven't used it yet. I have heard that the biggest loser yoga is a great workout.
  6. There are some games on the wii fit plus that are not exercise but some that are. I love the yoga ones. The bike is my favorite, and the run. Hula hoop and step workout as well. But when I'm done I play some of the just for fun balance games. I like the wii fit, I'd like to get the active game as well. But right now its a great supplement to my usual workouts so I don't get bored.
  7. That is a great motivator. I printed it out.
  8. I was using weight tracker.com but mostly I use the trackers that are free at the meeting. I like the idea of just a calendar.
  9. I used the NI for the hearty honey cinnamon cereal and using the electronic points calculator it says one serving is 2 points and 2 servings equals 6 points. I guess that's because of the fiber cap. For safety sake I would count only the 4 fiber grams.
  10. If you are getting hungry at 3pm and this is your normal then you have an advantage. You know you are going to get hungry. So get ahead of it. At 2 or 2:30 have a healthy low point snack. Some veggies and a hard boiled egg. 2 points. Protein will help you stay satisfied longer. You can eat a lot of veggies as well. then you won't get to that hungry give me food momment.
  11. I do 5pm to 5pm because I weigh in at 7pm and if I don't start my day then I will go home and eat more than I should. I can't end my week on the day I weigh in. So I start the week right after a weigh in.
  12. I find the balance games aren't effort. So they don't count for any exercise for me. When I want a workout on it I start with a couple yoga moves, then do the step workouts a few times and then the island run. I like the step so I might so a few more of that before finishing. I like the free step because I can watch something else and keep doing the workout.
  13. I had a box of them a while back and they ended up being 2 points each. For a large one it would be 3. I think it was the presidents choice ones, so at least that would give you a guideline.
  14. I count everything as light exercise so that I don't over estimate. But that's me. I sweat when I do the wii fit workouts. and after the hour I did yesterday my butt is sore. I don't feel as sore when I do an hour and a half on the exercise bike. My favorite is the island lap run and the step exercises.
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