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    I cleaned my kitchen, took a shower & decided to take the 2L bottle of Diet Pepsi that was getting nice & cold out of the freezer. It had a bit of ice in it so being cautious I opened it in the sink. Suddenly - BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the lid blew off - all over the ceiling, walls, dishwasher, stove, cupboards & me!!! Meanwhile my dog stole my brush and was having a great time destroying it. I put him in his kennel with my hair dripping Pepsi and I realized the little bugger had my bra and a sock in his kennel. UGH!!! I had to go in his "house of no entrance" and somehow get my underwear. I decided to get the bitter apple and give him a squirt as I wasn't in no mood to fight with him this morning. Back in the kitchen to wipe everything in sight off!!! I'm exhausted and my hair is still as a board with my lovely new Pepsi hair mousse. :bcb_mad2:bcb_mad2
  2. I eat either a high fibre cereal w/ ff milk or 1 egg with 2 slices of chicken bacon (mainly on weekends when I'm not working), tuna with whole wheat toast, or steel cut oats. It all depends on what I am in the mood for. I don't stick to one thing for breakfast as I get bored eating the same thing every day. I typicaly have a banana or a mango (some piece of fruit) with breakfast too. My mom is the same and she is very small. If she eats breakfast - she's hungry all day. Maybe it's heredity LOL.
  3. Every morning I eat breakfast and no matter what I eat, as soon a I eat breakfast I am hungry all day. If I eat breakfast closer to noon, I'm not bad for the rest of the day. I know breakfast is very important so I do eat it though most times I'm not hungry for it. Needless to say this is really annoying me . Does anyone have any advice?
  4. I bought WW Brownies, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, & Chocolate Chip Cookies. Let me just say they are terrible. The brownies and cookies are the worse - they smell like chemicals and taste awful. I'd much rather make my own at 2pts per serving. On another note I bought Skinny Cow fudgesicles and those are terrible as well. Not much chocolate flavor and bland. The Skinny Cow sandwiches are good but not the fugsicles.
  5. TY Angel: I looked up the calories and I had 2.5 Cups (I was hungry ) so I'm giving myself 2pts.
  6. This is my new love and I'm wondering - since the WW Points book states 0pts for 1 Cup - what if I have more than 1 Cup? Do I count pts for spaghetti squash and if so, how? Thank you
  7. I know exactly how you feel. I am 39 (soon to be 40 shhh) and this is the 4th time I join WW all with much success in the past. I decided to give myself the gift of health for my 40th year. This will be the last time I join WW as I will use it as a guide for the rest of my life. It took at least 5 restarts in the past year and I'm happy to say I'm on week 4. You can do it!!! Just take it one day at a time. Journal and stay OP for one day and do the same the following day and soon you will realize you've been OP and you feel so much better.
  8. Greetings Everyone : This is my 3rd time joining WW with success in the past. My heighest weight was 296lbs down to 228lbs and now I find myself at 286lbs. Very disheartening. It was as though when I started to gain the weight, knowing I had lost quite a significant amount, I gave up. I kept focusing on the past success and the thought of starting all over again was so discouraging I had a very difficult time sticking to the WW plan. I'm happy to report after approximately four restarts in the past year - only lasting a day - I have been OP for almost a week now. It's like I lost the will to try knowing I would be starting all over again. I am made a decision not to weigh myself weekly. I am going to weigh myself monthly. I don't know if any people weigh-in monthly but I feel this would be most beneficial to me. So here I am - again. Hopefully for the last time. I'm doing this without attending meetings as I have no time with a very busy work schedule. I will be taking much inspiration & encouragement from all the beautiful people on this site. It's a good feeling to be back.
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