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  1. Wow, this is amazing. I got on here to start on thread on how I have failed once again to stick to CORE, and to try and talk about why, because I really want this to work. And someone else is already there. I am perimenopausal as well. I always start CORE, do it for a few weeks, don't lose anything, and then the sugar creeps in. I don't know how to have sugary things occasionally as treats. It happens with the points system too. But I don't want to give up sugar and flour if I don't have to. Is there another way, truly, for bingers and black and white thinkers like me? Kelli, thank you for getting out here with "my" issue before I did, and showing me I am not alone. And to all of you for your replies. I will read them over several times today and try again. I'm amazed and humbled. I'm taking it as a sign that I don't have to stop doing CORE. Or maybe that I can REALLY do CORE. Thanks again.
  2. Hey guys, what a week! Have not had the time to check in from work at all, so I thought I'd better do a quick posting at home. I'm having a tough week with my time of the month; have used a lot more points for extra things this week. But my weight is down as the moon time progresses and I know its going to be OK. I'm getting more used to SiFi and I feel good to be on it. It really feels like a plan I could follow for a long long time and be happy. Thanks for being here. Miriam
  3. I reduced the splenda and added a chocolate SF/FF pudding mix. And used Olive oil, I don't touch canola...they are very good, and a batch lasts all week. I eat them with some FF cheese or an egg....
  4. Wait, I found your post. I'll attach it here for others that read your thread and want to try it! Thanks again. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums//showthread.php?69786-Balsamic-Reduction-Salad-Dressing
  5. Hi Carol! I used a lot of your recipes too, thanks! Glad to hear you are doing so well. What is Charski's Balsamic Reduction dressing? It sounds right up my alley, I love Balsamic Vinegar. Thanks Miriam
  6. Good morning! Yesterday my DBF and I went to Manitou Springs to the Cliff Dwellings Museum. We didn't think we were going to stay all that long but we loved it and wound up walking for most of 3 and a half hours that we were there! I could really feel my legs and both ankles. Oddly enough it is the left, not the right(which is the one that had the surgery) that complained the most. I also got a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders which I wasn't expecting but I'm OK! I'm not outside much and we were at a higher elevation than usual as well (6540 feet or so). Today I have laundry and other housework and I'm also very tired. I had a hectic week at work and am still having shoulder pain (chiro appt this coming Saturday!) Thanks for being here... Miriam
  7. Hi Everyone! I am not caught up on the thread but I just wanted to stop in and say I am doing OK. Just did my WI and I lost 2 this week. Still leaves me up from where I was but the scale has turned to the right direction. The food felt better this week despite PMS and I know I am walking the path I need to walk. It will be OK. SiFi is feeling more natural every day. Thanks Miriam
  8. Sorry I haven't been posting, busy week! I've been struggling. Although I seem to be doing the plan, the scale isn't going down and in fact is up. But I am PMSing and I've been walking much more than usual so maybe its just that whole changeover in the body and its ways. Or water weight. Anyway I am determined to keep doing SiFi for at least 90 days and then evaluate at that point since the scale is sooooo skanky.... I've walked to the bus as well as home from the bus at least once this week and I have been dancing. Life is good. Thanks for noticing I was gone!
  9. Hi Buddies! I'm bloated and PMSey, and I had a really bad dream about a stupid work mistake. It was such a relief to wake up and realize that I hadn't done it! Phew. But I feel strange. And I'm so bloated. My weight is up even further, but I'm really not worried that its from finally getting on the SiFi bus (Karen, that's why I'm doing it, to remove its power...). I really got the program this week, and even if tomorrow's official weigh in isn't pleasing, I just can't worry about it. I have the chiropractor this morning, and the annual summer work party this evening. I went to a clothes store yesterday to get one of those little shrug sweaters because I'm still trying to figure out what to wear. I also wound up buying an outfit that was on sale (18$!) and it was a smaller size than I had expected to fit me, so its time for some closet shopping... I've been really frugal with the WPs and APs this week. In fact last night I finally hit the end of the WPs (my week restarts tomorrow!!) and I still have a ton of APs. This is the first work party where I haven't quizzed the organizer about the menu. I'm just going, like a normalish person, and not worrying about it. I figure I'll charge myself about 20 of the APs or something, and then not worry about it. I'm not even sure what they will have that will be worth eating. We shall see. It's a catered "do" in an art museum, so it should be really fun. I went to Safeway last night (not the regular groc shopping) because I was out of Fat free milk and we had run out of fruit. It was amusing because I used to make Friday junk food runs and the junkiest thing I came home with was SF/FF pudding mix. Things have changed, and you guys are a big part of that. Anyway, thanks for listening to the ramble this morning! hugs Miriam
  10. Hi eveyone! So in the saga of this week's daily weighing, I was up 6 pounds this morning after being down 4 pounds yesterday. LOL. I was wondering if it could be all of yesterdays exercise plus the fact that I'm in PMS week now. Anyway since I get to weigh again tomorrow and my WW WI day isn't till Sunday I was amused. And fascinated to note how much happier I was yesterday. So I have started telling myself that I am really an even lower weigh and trying to be convincing so I can feel it and be it. Anyway I am following my plan and not doubting that it will work. Walking my walk and enjoying my plan. thanks! Miriam
  11. I did dance last night! And the foot is ok, just can really feel that I used it, but it isn't painful. Yay!! Today I will walk back from the bus.
  12. I lurk too but I'm trying to start posting. Wendy, could you post what a 50% rasw menu looks like sometime? I flirt with raw food but I never seem to get there. Just really curious. Thanks!! Miriam
  13. Hi again! Just stopping by to say I'm really enjoying my SiFi program today again. Great tasting foods and I'm listening to my body more. The scale was odd this morning. I decided to weigh myself daily this week since the last few weeks I've been unfocused midweek and then ate too much in the last few days before my WI. So for this week I am disempowering the WI day by weighing myself every morning. Anyway, this morning the scale was WAY down. I mean, I've been getting all my water and started exercising this week, and I've been conscious of peeing a lot, but really - I was 4 pounds lighter this morning than last morning. I wasn't going to record it, but then I thought, well I always record the gains, might as well record this loss. It made me smile, even if its just water. I choose to see it as the Universe sending me a sign about how easy the SiFi program has become for me, how natural to make healthy and delicious food choices, and how glad I am to be here... Just walkin the walk today!
  14. Becky, It's actually round dancing, which is the partner dancing they do between squares. My BF prefers it because he leads and knows the steps, but the cuer tells us what to do. Also we are squaredancers so it was a natural progression for us. My ex-H would only square, he hated round dancing. If I marry again, it will be to someone who squares AND rounds... Anyway, its a fun way to get AP! Have a great day, Miriam
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