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  1. Hello! I'm still fairly new to WW - I finished a 12 week WW at work program and lost 10 pounds (yay!). And I was able to keep a steady weight in the month interim before the next WW at W round started this week. My question is this - I'm 39 years old, my start weight was 152, I'm at 142 now, and I'd really like to finish at 132 (or less!). (I'm 5'5") I know this last 10 pounds is going to be tough. It would be my pre-pregnancy weight before my first of 3 children. So far our WW Leader hasn't really given advice on picking a goal weight, she's emphasized the 5% and 10% numbers. Any advice on picking the goal weight? Thanks, Laura
  2. Hi, I'm Laura and new to the forum. Just joined a WW at Work program last Monday and I'm actually looking forward to my 2nd weigh in, crazy as that sounds, I feel like I'm losing weight already, but scared to check here at home. This is my first real diet and this first week has been an incredible eye opener! I can't believe some of the foods that are so high in points and I thought before that I was eating light! (tuna salad sandwich for example) I'm trying to figure out where to go - do most people join their age group forum?
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