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  1. Today has been crazy...I miss chatting with you all.....Anytime it snows in TN it gets a little crazy! Hope to be back soon!
  2. Esther- I wish snow here was normal....normally we get a dusting of snow 2 or 3 times....so when they even forecast snow...everyone gets excited. Cressa- those cups LOOK yummy! Have you tried all of them? Sandy- I am 34 and I still want my momma.....(perhaps more now than I did as a child) Tanya- how old is yours? Mine is 14 (15 in 2 weeks).
  3. Good morning Katy, Thanks for getting us started. We are waiting for pending snow here in TN. You never know.....We are in a valley so I guess we will have to see. It is a nightmare when snow hits in the middle of a school day. Nancy- Thanks for saying that sounds like you too.....Helps to know I'm not alone Tanya- GOD bless you with your teenage difficulties. I have a teeneage daughter and feel like, at times, I have woke in the twilight zone. Lisa- I love your quote, I love the peace that GOD provides. Rhonda- I have made a scarf and am half way down with a hat with my kniffty knitter....it's takes a little time to get the hang of it but once you do...it is fast. Cressa- Do you have snow? Weigh in was bad...I gained 2 pounds. I am sad But I have regained some 'momentum' and I am back on track!
  4. Tanya-how come your ticker says you have gained 1773.0 ? Is this the weight of your home repairs? jk
  5. Our Walmart just had the long skinny ones, the rounds ones are suppose to be better to make hats (gonna get one soon). I'm not sure if you guys have a Jo-anns fabrics but that's where she got her round one. The one I have is long and skinny and SUPER easy. I have a 3 foot scarf after 1 night so I am hoping to finish tonight....we may have snow tomorrow....no one seems to know.....But I want to wear a new scarf!!!!! WW weigh in is today....I am scared.......First weigh in since the holidays.
  6. Sandy, This woman where I work got a Kniffty Knitter for Christmas and showed it to us Monday. Went to Walmart Monday night and now I am making a scarf.....gonna get the stuff to make a hat It is so much fun and addictive......Takes my mind off food. You could kniffty knit a scarf and hat!
  7. I'm back! I missed you guys and I am sorry I haven't been around. Wallowing in self pity really takes it out of you. I really want to be a part of the challenge thin in 2010? Am I too late? Sandy, I love my ornaments. They came last week. I am sorry for the delay in thanking you. I look forward to seeing them on my tree. (I am a freak and take my tree down Christmas Day) But I have displayed them in my kitchen window and enjoyed them, perhaps even more, because they are displayed by themselves. Really I have no reason for not being on, other that a large amount of laziness and feeling sorry for myself that things don't always go the way I want them to. I REALLY enjoyed getting cards for you guys, my husband would say are these from your new buddies? and I would say YES ISN'T IT GREAT? Thanks for everything (despite me being antisocial).
  8. Jen hope you are ok. Did you get my ornaments? Wishing you a happy new year...


  9. I don't know.... All of a sudden just feel down in the dumps? I am such a happy person, I feel like someone has let all the air out of my balloon?!?!?
  10. Have you ever had this sudden overwhelming feeling of sadness? All you can think about are the things that are so far beyond your control? I know to focus on what I can control, but life just seems overwhelming. I guess I'm just frazzled.....
  11. Hey guys, Stopping in real quick. Christie, Your ornament went in the mail yesterday...they said you should have in 2 days. Cards went in the mail this morning. Come back later and chat!
  12. Good Morning everybody! Made it back from Alabama yesterday, drove most of the 4 hours in the rain. Was VERY pooped and tense and just went to bed. I HATE driving in the rain. Tanya I will be praying for you and your family, I hope all the testing goes ok. Sometimes, I think, testing can be a gift from God. Because not only can you find out what is going on but you can find out what's not going on. (maybe relieve some worry) I hate the hurry up and wait business though...you guys will be in my prayers! Sandy-don't know how you bake things without getting into them....Haven't came that far yet. Lisa-Thanks for getting us up and going! 3 and 1/2 days after today and then a long winter break! wooo hoooo! Christie-sorry for the delay, by the time we made it to alabama saturday, the post office was closed. I am going straight after school to get your ornament in the mail! Pardon the creative packaging! Cards will also go in the mail today...to all my new buddies! Thanks for being GREAT!
  13. sorry I have been out of pocket for the last few days, I have really missed you guys. Rhonda, I am going to Alabama this weekend and I am going to work on my cards, I will enclose a picture of our pet family for Kane. I love Christmas cards too and agree more people should send them. Karen- I love your ornament! Sandy, I am sorry you are having a bad day!!! Hope it gets better soon! So, the greatest thing: we are having Christmas lunches at school and there are parents here we only see one time a year and they all go "OH my GOODNESS you look amazing!" That has boosted my weight loss efforts greatly! I ran ran 5 miles the past 2 days! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I want to lose 5 more by Christmas.....I have this great Christmas outfit that I want to wear.....5 more pounds should do it!
  14. Good Morning Buddies! Today starts our annual Christmas Lunches. Parents and Grandparents come to eat with Children. Each day, for the next 3 days, we will have 2 grade levels and their family in the cafeteria and the rest of the kids eat in their classrooms. It's a wonderful experience and a very old tradition. In a school of 1000 kids, it's a lot of visitors. As school nurse, it displaces all my diabetics and makes it hard to take care of them. It's sort of like one giant Parent/ Teacher conference. I'm excitedly dreading it. Working in a school gives you a different appreciation, You want to think all children all excited about the upcoming holiday but there are a lot you face the coming weeks with dread. We are doing a food drive, so these kids will have enough to eat while they are away. Christie, I have your ornament and I hope you like it as much as I do. I am very excited for you to see it. I am jealous that you guys have snow, we have floods and rain. Our playground is closed....because it is under water.
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