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  1. great post!!! I love love love the new program! I've been doing it for 10 weeks and have lost 20.6lbs which feels great... but the BEST thing about the new p+ program for me is that I'm still ON it, 10 weeks later!!!!! It's do-able! I can live my life and change my life, at the same time. I am now on 34 points daily and I'm going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I earn 11 points for a 40 jog and I take them! I sweat and breath harder way more when I'm jogging than when I'm walking fast on the treadmill. I eat everything, my daily, weekly and activity points. I'm 40 years old and have three kids, so I'm always on the go, which probably helps my weight loss. I am definitely eating much healthier previous to joining and I feel terrific. Best of all, I feel optimistic!!! Jackie
  2. This meal is well loved by my entire family - even the kids! We have 5 family members, so I usually use 6 pork chops (one for dh's lunch next day) You'll be able to track the points by knowing how big your pork chop was... I put all of the ingredients into my WW recipe builder and it was 8 points per serving, based upon 35oz of raw pork, all fat trimmed off. Salt and pepper on pork chops. In a large frying pan (I use a cast iron skillet) heat 1tsp of oil. Sear pork on both sides for about 4 minutes each. Take seared pork out of pan and let rest on plate. Add 1 tbsp of butter to pan, add 3 apples (sliced) and 1 large onion (diced) and cook until soft - approx. 6-8 minutes. Add 1/2 can of beer (I used a non-alcohol beer but I've also used real beer before, and I've also used wine or chicken broth in the past.... it's still yummy, no matter what!) to apples and onions and then add pork chops back into the pan. Cook for another 15 minutes or so, until pork is cooked. I serve this with some skinny mashed potatoes, steamed broc and oven roasted squash. So yummy and easy! You could even probably shave some of the points off with the butter but for 8 points you get a really sizable portion! Jackie
  3. I made this in my crockpot and it ROCKS! I loved it, DH loved it, kids loved it. It's super easy and the left overs rock too! Jackie
  4. this sounds so yummy! I'm going to try this next week. Jackie
  5. this sounds AWESOME! I happen to have three whole sockeye salmon in the freezer..... I can't wait to try this! Jackie
  6. I want to make this SO badly but cannot find enchilada (sp?) sauce! waaaaa!!!! I have all of the other ingredients. Any suggestions?? Sometimes, living in a small town is crappy! lol Jackie
  7. Thanks you guys!! I use this page to calculate my BMI (Body Mass Index) I won't explain it to you though..... only b/c if I attempt to explain it, I may just botch it up!! Check out this page and there's lots of info on BMI on the web. Sorry I'm not more helpful!! http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmicalc.htm Jackie
  8. that is incredible! Your old pair of jeans are my GOAL jeans! LOL You've done wonderfully well! Jackie
  9. Good for you! That must feel AWESOME! Hmmmm, methinks I should start looking through my closet! lol Jackie
  10. geez, I came here to get a "few" recipe/meal ideas and I now have a menu planned for weeks!! This looks so good! jackie
  11. ooooooh, I have to try this one! Thanks! Jackie
  12. This is soooooo easy and everyone always raves about how I cook my veggies..... tee hee {blush} LOL I often use different combos of veggies, depending on what I have/feel like. My fav is broccoli and mushrooms or broccoli by itself. Thai Veggies diced garlic Broccoli Mushrooms 3 tbsp fatfree chicken broth 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tbsp fish sauce pinch sugar pepper NO SALT! fish sauce is very salty In a stir fry pan, heat chicken broth to boiling. Add garlic, stir fry for about 30 secs, add veggies. I like my veg very crisp, so I'd only cook these for a couple of minutes (until the broccoli is bright green). Add oyster and fish sauce, add sugar, add pepper, quickly stir fry to blend. That's it! Try it! You'll LIKE it! lol Jackie
  13. yep, this sounds yummy. I use oyster sauce quite a lot and love how it adapts to the flavours of a meal. I'll try this with bulgur too! Jackie
  14. Geneva, this sounds so GOOD! Can't wait to try it.... I'm planning my week's menus, can you tell? lol Jackie
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