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  1. Welcome back!! Pick a group you like and join right in. I post on the Delta Force thread...feel free to drop in!
  2. Ditto, thanks for working so hard to keep the boards up and running AND keeping the spammers to a minimum. It's very appreciated for those of us who rely on this site to keep us strong and focused in our weak times (as well as helping us celebrate and keep it up during our strong times)! Agree with Cheryl on your kiddos!!
  3. I totally understand where you're coming from....all of the reasons you listed are like a carbon copy of my reasons that it's taking so long on these last few! I can absolutely understand you wanting to nip the gain in the bud....it's much easier the sooner you can get it in check...you have really been doing extremely well, though, over these last few years...inspirational to see! The same is true for me---just need to tighten up the day to day. I suspect I have a bit of complacency in place here!
  4. Hey Steve! I'm glad that you stopped by! Familiar face and all. VERY slow here, man!! It's nice to see that you are still holding strong! You are doing an awesome job maintaining.
  5. Welcome back...the only try that matters now is THIS one!!! Pick a thread and post away, there's a lot of help and support to be found here!
  6. ALWAYS good that you can earn extra FOOOOODDDDD with activity:bcb_grin!!
  7. I hope your power stays on too, SB, that really sucks. I can't even imagine trying to go that long. It's so painfully obvious how very much we RELY on the power the minute it goes out, huh?! Hope that things settle down now and can back to your normal routine. ESPECIALLY hard with little ones!! Anyway, I'm sure you have the damage tracked, and are ready to move on. After all, you always say, no sense worrying about yesterday OR tomorrow:salut! BTW--that is SO true, and I need to remember it as I struggle with my last ten (leave the maintenance worries until I at least get there)LOL! Trudie--thanks for the offer!! I just might have to stop by!! I agree that many who fall probably don't feel too inspired to post. That is a lot of the reason I haven't posted over on the Delta thread...I just don't feel "strong" enough sometimes!! I have been a bit wishy-washy about buckling down and really focusing on these last 10lbs. Can't let myself stay complacent about it, it's worth more than that to me!! You guys DO give me strength, though, especially when the 20-40 board gets slow. Coming here and taking strength from others (and hopefully giving some back) is the ONLY thing that keeps me sane some days. You all know what I mean, those awful days that sneak up on you, and the anti-WW tries to convince you one or two bad days won't hurt. That's when I jump on here and remind myself I'm far from the only one struggling daily to keep up the good fight!! You guys are ALL awesome, and thanks for helping me to remember EVERY day is worth the fight!!
  8. Wow Steve, that truly does suck! We just lost it over one night here. From about 9:30pm and back on at 4:45am. We definitely lucked out. I can only imagine the difficulties once you have to start living on whatever kinds of foods are shelf stable or whatever you can buy from whichever places still have power! Truly thankful that those types of storms are not our "norm".
  9. I think you have excellent points there my friend! I actually look up members (especially ones that had BIG weight loss results) and see that they haven't been on forever. I really do wonder how they are doing? If they are still in the fight and maintaining their loss? I have even sent one or two a PM only to hear nothing back. It also seems (just like gym/memberships) that we have a lot of late night epiphany having new members who either decide in the morning light that it's just not their time to truly commit to the fight, or decide after one post that there is nothing to be gained by posting here??!!? I just think Trudie is on to something (guilty of reading the Delta's, sorry) she says frequently that weight loss is not for sissies, and I LOVE that. No one here, or anywhere, EVER said this was, is or will ever be easy. It is said when you get "cyber attached" to people and actually wonder how they are doing and how they handle the struggles and then they are just gone. Personally, if I couldn't jump on here some of these nights when I'm struggling, and remind myself how many other people are facing the same daily struggles, I would be about 20lbs heavier, I know it. Everyone here keeps me strong. EDIT--I should add, I'm not trying to be negative to any one time posters. I'm simply stating that maybe give it more than one post before you throw in the towel. It's not easy for all of us to jump right in to a "conversation" with someone after just one post/initial introduction. It's just like anything else, you need to get to "know" and feel comfortable with everyone before you decide there's nothing here for you. No disrespect meant to anyone who posts once, then finds the very next day that no, this is not their time or they are not ready. It's too difficult of a battle to face if you are still on the fence about it. However, it gets much more tolerable with a group who has faced and is still facing the daily struggles.
  10. Hi Steve--I'm still here too! Still fighting the fight EVERY day:salut Still running my treadmill programs. Was on the NordicTrack site again last week, and am considering replacing the classic skier that I used to have. I am kind of in the same mindset as Trudie, I WILL NOT let myself gain this weight back either, so I still fight tooth and nail. Still working on that last 10. I think I have finally gotten past my blah attitude toward them, and have reminded myself that this (current weight) is NOT my goal weight. If this is where I had wanted to stop, that's what I would have set as my goal! Like you said, there seem to be fewer and fewer familiar faces and a lot of one time introductions, then nothing, so I mostly stick to the "age" board, but I'm always reading for inspiration from board to board. There is still a lot of wisdom to be gained, especially from those of you who have been managing to stay at your goals for so many years. Truly, you guys are an inspiration and help remind me that even if a few pounds need to be dealt with here and there, maintenance IS possible. I see from your stats you are still doing very well:bcb_up. BTW--VERY good points made (Will I regret eating this once I swallow it)! EXCELLENT stop and think (on the fly) test!!
  11. Welcome Kristen! Perfect place to introduce yourself....now just pick a group and start posting away!
  12. Yes, welcome aboard! We can all get some good ideas from your experiences now too!! It's always nice to hear how others handle the same struggles we all share!
  13. Welcome Jodi...the first thing to remember, you ARE worth and you NEED to like yourself enough to make this healthier decision you've made stick...don't wait until you're at goal to start liking yourself. Do that NOW and you'll be able to keep from sabotaging yourself. I second what was already said, don't think in the past, don't worry about the future. Getting fat doesn't happen overnight, and neither does goal weight. Keep this fight on a more doable level....one day (one meal) at a time. If you make the best choices possible at every meal, you CAN'T fail! You can do this and you are worth the effort!
  14. Welcome! Plateaus SUCK! Here's to breaking yours and getting the scale moving in the downward direction again!
  15. Same boat for me too, Lillie. The evenings (and weekends) are absolutely killer. I have to say that I don't have any magical words of wisdom, but I find that even trying to allow a "reasonable" snack in the evenings can trigger an all out binge, so I try to make sure dinner is substantial enough to hold me over until breakfast and completely skip the evening snacking to avoid the binge monster. If I'm absolutely starving, I'll sometimes eat some baby dills...a strong enough taste to kind of deaden the cravings.
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