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  1. The Core Program seems to be in the midst of a renaissance, given the difficulty many WW members have been having with the "new" program of 2018. Many of the women I know are returning to Core, and quite a few men are, also, because they generally say, it is the one program that provided sensible and healthy options which created weight loss. For myself, I am physically smaller on Core than I am on any other program (assuming the same number of pounds lost). The ability to access Core recipes (and there are so many that are tasty and family friendly) is vital to success, and I, for one, am grateful that there are still some sites that post such recipes. Thank you.
  2. thank you for such a wonderful idea about your first meal today, I hope I can borrow it?
  3. what a sensational accomplishment! You must feel so proud of yourself and the respect you have shown for your health!
  4. sorry to intrude, but this question is such a great one. After many years of being around WW, I, too have seen many who needed surgery to remove excess skin, and many who did not. Although I would have thought, in the beginning, that the younger members would not need it, so that age correlated with how much loose skin there is, I have come to find that's not always the standard. More and more, I think that part of the secret is eating enough protein, and part of the secret seems to be losing it slowly and exercising faithfully while losing the weight. Of course, there are no guarantees, but I have seen that type of behavior seem to make a measurable difference.
  5. wow, you make planning your meals for the day sound so simple! I love the opportunity to learn from all of you. Thanks.
  6. Hello. Have been a member since 2008 or so, but I dying of kidney failure and so, when I came to the site to check on an old Core recipe for core-n bread, I am being forced to introduce myself. This was always a great resource and was responsible for much of my success in the past. I am less than happy about being treated this way, since I am too ill to have much to contribute, but I can tell you this, there is a wealth of information and motivation on this site, and I wish you all the best.
  7. this sounds amazing, especially with Easter right around (no, really, RIGHT around!) the corner. Has anyone tried this with any other variations?
  8. Has anyone else tried this recipe? If you added different fruit, did you eliminate the bananas? It sounds delicious!
  9. Core is such a great way of eating, and so many of us have had so much success and great meals using these recipes. Many thanks to all who have posted, and please let's keep the boards active and full of ongoing success and joy.
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