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  1. Hello I want to make menus 1 week in advance. That way I shop on Saturday and do meal preps on Sundays.Any suggestions? SW -240 GW - 130:bcb_airbo
  2. hello! I use my I phone as a pedometer and walk 3 miles a day 5x a week. i have friends who find trackers to be motivating once they started useing them. I purchased the WALK AWAY THE POUNDS DVD by Leslie Sansone for $8 at Wallmart and began with the 1 mile walk and worked up to the 3 mile walk. I live in Canada and I needed something I could do inside. We have long cold Winters and tons of snow fall. Im new to this site and was surching for a place to post to help keep me accountable with both diet and exercise. Its addicting to walk with Leslie she is motivational and I highly recomend her DVDs. All the Best!
  3. Hello. I'm new here. Anyone have advise for me regarding an. Eating schedural for me. I work. 11 pm to 7am. I sleep 8am to 4 pm. Thank you

  4. hello: Is there a place people can post WW used items they are selling?
  5. Congratulations! On coming back to WW and beating your addiction! I spent 25 years not trying to lose weight thinking I would only gain it back. I now know that my thinking needed as much work as my body. We can do this, One min. One hour. One day at a time.
  6. Wow! That is what I need! Awesome! Thank you so much.
  7. Thank you for the fast reply. Where may I pick up a Kit? How much will it cost?
  8. Iam new to WW and this site. I made an account a long time ago and well. So now iam back. Where do I find info on the WW program? Thank you. I am wanting to do this on my own at home.
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