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  1. I know I'm new here, but I have something that I think will help a lot of people. Sort of a long rant before I go to bed, but if you have the time, please read: I've been so stupid. All my life I avoided physical activity. I had an epiphany that you need exercise to do anything in life. It's the foundation of all your existence. Physical reality and physical presence is the core that makes all your lofty dreams and ideals possible. It's sort of like the root chakra. Without that, no other chakra would exist. Or it's like trying to build a house with no ground or soil underneathe; it's just impossible. Without exercising you won't have energy to have much of a life. My muscles were so weak, but after a week of exercising I feel myself getting stronger. It's like I'm being reborn again, it's that profound to me. I actually feel alive!!! I aesthetically could always carry my extra weight somewhat well (as long as you didn't see me naked!), but that doesn't matter at all. I was so inactive, no wonder why I didn't want to do anything. Now that I exercise, I actually have motivation to get a life. And it's really no wonder people didn't respect me. You can't really respect a blob that plays the victim and feels sorry for himself. Despite my upbringing it was my own fault. I knew I needed to do something different. But now I know better, and it's really only 'up' from here. To be fair to myself, I was stuck for so long because I had incorrect thinking patterns which I'll explain in the next paragraph. I just lacked the energy to think of how to change and how to be different. It's like I already 'knew everything' but I lacked the inspiration and motivation to make those changes into reality. I had no drive, no fire. My thoughts were holding me back, that's really why I didn't exercise. What I thought about the world was way different than what the world really is like. I thought exercise was pointless because it would tire me out more so than what I already felt like. It's the opposite. I need to exercise so I have the energy to DO the things I want to do in life! I didn't have the energy before to do anything, so I just sat all the time, depressed. I couldn't LIVE LIFE without that base core. It really is that important and I'm JUST learning this at 26. It wasn't so much that I was overweight, although that is still a problem I'm working on. It was that I was *completely inactive* and just 'lost in my thoughts' all the time. Whoa! Very unhealthy. There were people much fatter than me that always had more energy to do things because they moved around a lot more than me. They just ate too damn much. I've always eaten 'okay', but I totally missed the other half, the Yang to the Yin! Now when I hear all these people talk about how they can't exercise or what excuses they give, I /facepalm, although I understand where they're coming from. I used to think the same things. It's funny how we have the wrong thoughts about stuff a lot of the time, isn't it? You know I wish people were tougher on me, even though this was something I clearly had to realize for myself. I wish people would just scream at me to 'move more! You're killing yourself!' I wish somebody cared about me that much, but it doesn't matter, honestly- because right now I care about myself that much! And really that's the whole point, isn't it. You can't love anybody that doesn't love themselves. I'm finally 'getting it.' Anyway I see most 'dieters' or whatever, have a fragmented view of reality. Each side kind of sees one side of the same coin, the coin of fitness. They either are already active, but they make excuses on what they eat (Ooh I just walked 2 miles, I'm 50 pounds overweight- so that means I can reward myself with a full fast food meal.) Or they eat okay, but they don't exercise, and they wonder why they lack motivation to stick with it. Sure, they are losing weight- but they are also losing muscle and they forget that health is a lot more than having a healthy weight. They also are quite ambivalent about the program, and people like this usually spend a lot of their points on junk. They think because they are on the flex plan, they can have 'whatever they want.' I'm sure you've met people like this before, or you used to be this person! A lot of fat(ter than me) people were more active than me, and went around the world doing a lot of ****. However, their actions lacked purpose and focus. It was like they were a Human Doing and not a Human Being, that sort of thing. It was sort of 'all over the map' and they seemed to get into these rather pointless, emotionally troubling situations that made them eat too much every few hours while they were out and about. Likewise, I had the opposite issue. I would just sort of sit there and count points and eat right in my own introverted little world, but I wouldn't move my body at all! I was too idealistic, they were too disoragnized. I had a plan and a purpose, but no drive. For them it was the other way around. And we were *both* unhealthy. I could go on and on about this sort of fragmented reality. The fatties who were active and 'real world ish' also had too bossy and domineering attitudes. It's like they yelled at everybody constantly and were overly opinionated and easily tempered. Type A personality disorders. I had the opposite issue. I was too meek and I didn't stand up for myself enough, and I wasn't as assertive as I should have been. Type B personality disorders. Both behaviors reek of insecurity as truly self-confident people do not act like a bully or a victim! Although I've had some poor eating habits, I've always been an okay eater, even before WW. I was just not exercising as I thought it was not important. (Not only was I not exercising I wasn't moving really at all.) So stupid. You need both. You need to eat right AND exercise, period! I can't stress this enough. You can't 'half-ass' this program. Whatever half-ass way you're seeing things, fix it! If you eat right but need to move more, then move more. If you're moving enough but you're not eating right, then start eating right. If you're already doing both as best as you can, well then keep it up.
  2. I think that was exactly my problem. I was just interested in losing weight and I gave up when things got hard. But now I'm committed, woohoo.
  3. Yeah it seems kind of time consuming to make your body exactly the way you want it, most important thing is to get all this fat off my belly, I look like I'm pregnant!!! And I figure the more into it I get , the more energy I will have to start being specific. But do you really have to not have processed foods? I've been lurking and reading a lot of threads about that. I've been counting the points for everything, I try to have all the food groups every day (milk, whole grains, lean meats, fruits and veggies) I've been eating slightly less processed foods, but it is hard for me to get rid of them altogether. What are the specific benefits of quitting processed foods? And if I cut back, is that good enough? (NO fast food for me only cause that stuff is loaded with points!) I've quit drinking soda and eating most sweets too, because I just do not have the points in the day to consume empty calories. I have to save them for real food.
  4. Hi my name is Sam, I'm a 26 year old guy. I'm new to the forum. I've been off-and-on weight watchers for about 5 years now or so. I have a problem with yo-yoing though. I lose the weight and then gain it all back plus an extra two pounds, so I like take 25 steps forward and 27 steps back! My ultimate goal weight is 200 pounds, and then I want to maintain that- for life! (I'm 237 right now, started WW again at 244) So any tips to keep myself committed for life would be appreciated although I really know what I have to do I just have to 'do it.' I do have some specific questions regarding body sculpting though.... I don't know if anybody will be able to help, but my question is: How do you get a specific type of body u want? I think when people look 'too nice' like ken dolls or barbie dolls that actually isn't attractive. I am making the changes for my health, not aesthetic appearance, but I would like to look nice like everybody else, so does anybody know a website that can teach me how to get a specific type of body, what u have to do *exactly* to get that? I already understand weight watchers pretty well, but I want as much information as possible. I've already been exercising, aerobics and brisk walking. I understand the generalities very well but I am a total noob when it comes to specifics. If you can help me, thank you so much!
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